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Little Red Rooster doesn’t operate like other agencies. Because we’re a small company with big clients you’re afforded opportunities you simply wouldn’t get at a boring corporate behemoth. We’re always on the lookout for extraordinary PR talent, so ask yourself this:

• Does the thought of working with premium clients and the country’s top journalists and publications excite you?
• Want the option of life in the Shire or the hustle of the big city? We have offices both in Berkshire and London, for the best of both worlds.
• Are you a results-focused team player unafraid of friendly competition with your colleagues?
• Do you like being really, really busy?
• Can you handle arguments over the music playlist every day?


current vacancies


Account Executive – London

Senior Account Executive – London

Account Executive – Twyford, Berkshire

Senior Account Executive – Twyford, Berkshire


For Berkshire job enquiries, please send your CV to

For London job enquiries, please send your CV to

For Berkshire internship enquiries, please contact

For London internship enquiries, please contact