The cycling saviour, Quella’s new Evo


British summertime, the height of commuter season, when cycling, the favoured hobby of the masses is here. Allowing people a dosage of fresh air and a chance to enjoy the warm weather, all from the serenity of the saddle. Quella has the answer to all your cycling problems with their latest release, the Evo –  Described as the ultimate hybrid crossbike, designed to conquer all situations.

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Back in 2012, Cambridgeshire based bike manufacturer Quella set out to redesign cycling, whether this is commuting, road riding and even tackling country trails. The Evo is the only bike on the market with a high grade Columbus Cromor frame showcasing the highest levels of quality and durability. This crossbike exercises Quellas ability to create a model that can replace three bikes with one impressively designed hybrid.

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In a very competitive industry, Quella offer a stylish, refreshing cross bike that embodies reliability and a stunningly contemporary British design. Delivered in the perfect package of premium quality and a personable service.

The Quella Evo is modifiable to directly suit consumer needs, by changing the handlebars, tyres or adapting the gearing to create the most effective and efficient bike possible. Weighing in at 10.5kg, this stylish bike is both versatile and durable, bridging the age old gap of creating a bike that serves many purposes, whilst sacrificing as little as possible.

The Evo is in league of its own, something that will undoubtedly appeal to cycling enthusiasts, boasting no compromises, the Evo really is the best of both worlds. The Evo helps reinforce Quellas vision to build stylishly designed, premium quality products, delivered with a personal service that is second to none.

The Quella Evo is now available for purchase, with prices starting at £599 from

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