“Your internship is better than my actual job”


Internships are synonymous with very bad press and horribly long hours but my internship at Little Red Rooster was further from the stereotype than I could ever imagine! From the start, I loved LRR’s enthusiasm and it was so encouraging to find out a number of the team had started off as interns themselves.




Tell us a little about your internship with Little Red Rooster PR, what were the main tasks that you were trusted with?


So much more than making coffee and filing! I know from many friends’ intern experiences that this is sometimes to be expected. However, at LRR I had a variety of day-to-day tasks to get stuck into.


In my first week alone, I was lucky enough to get the chance to write a press release and a blog post. It was so exciting to see the press release featured on various online publications and the blog post go up on the LRR website.


In my second week, I was invited along to one of our client’s events, EU Exposed. I was tasked with assisting on the front desk, checking in journalists and showing them the various different brands on offer, ensuring they saw all key products on show. It was such a great opportunity to get some first-hand experience chatting to journalists and to get a better understanding LRR work with.


To round this off, there was an open bar afterward. This is where the line my friends said ‘Your internship is better than my actual job’ kicked in!


I was also given the responsibility of following up with journalists from EU Exposed to talk about potential products they were going to cover. In addition, I had the chance to sell-in products alongside the team to try and secure coverage; it felt great to get on the phones and learn a little bit about how to pitch.


Other tasks I was given ranged from helping organising events, to mounting coverage and writing coverage e-mails.


What have you learnt over the course of your internship?


Prior to joining Little Red Rooster, I had recruited for PR for just under a year, so I had a little bit of knowledge and insight, but of course, it is nothing like doing it first-hand.


I’ve learnt the names of hundreds of magazines that I didn’t even know existed. Who knew there were so many magazines about bathrooms?


In all seriousness, I’ve absorbed a wonderfully extensive amount during my internship. I’ve learnt about media outreach, writing press releases, various PR terminologies and how to put together a PR plan.


What was the biggest difficulty you faced during your internship?

Prioritising and organisation can sometimes by challenging. I underestimated the amount of work that goes into planning campaigns and ensuring the smooth running of a PR agency. The range of things I was given to do in a day absolutely put my organisational skills to the test.


What advice would you give interns starting in PR?

Read as many magazines and newspapers as you can; don’t be scared to get on the phones and be prepared to work hard!


In your opinion, how important do you think internships are?

For PR I think internships are hugely important for getting your foot in the door. PR is super competitive. When I was job hunting, I was constantly faced with the all-too-familiar contradiction of ‘you don’t have enough experience for this role / internship’ that is just as frustrating as it is understandable. However, once you have even just a few weeks of your experience added to your CV, it makes all the difference in the world.


Good luck to all those embarking on a new internship!


Emma Younger, PR Assistant

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