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Sustainability continues to be the hot topic of conversation – and not just for the fashion crowd. The interiors market is awash with brands producing greener products in cleaner ways, each doing their bit to help preserve our environment. We’ve taken a look at our favourites!



Ark One


Top of our list is our brand-new client, luxury flooring brand, Ark One. Officially launching in September, Ark One sources 100% sustainable flooring, set up by a team of professionals with two decades of experience, including the former creative director of Element7.  Ark One is offering something completely different. Surprisingly, many high-end flooring companies don’t use ethically sourced wood in their flooring. Ark One, however, can confidently trace back every piece of wood to the tree it came from, while for every tree cut down, they replant two. It also uses every single part of the tree in its production process, alongside only natural oils/glues/varnishes.




Ark One has curated a portfolio of carefully selected partners to bring its customers the very best flooring possible. The company is proud to be the sole UK partner of Austrian flooring manufacturer Mafi, offering a full range of Austrian engineered ecological wood flooring. Mafi has long been an industry leader in sustainable manufacturing and remains at the forefront of eco-friendly flooring production.



Bisque Radiators


Another luxury interiors client of ours, Bisque Radiators, has an eco-friendly collection made from recycled aluminium. Each radiator in the collection is made from old coke cans and cars, which are then cleverly transformed into a radiator. As well as being extremely energy efficient, aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat, meaning it can heat up and cooler down a lot quicker than a cast iron radiator – making the collection very cost effective!




With more brands making a conscious effort to create sustainable products, such as Farrow & Ball and Earthborn use water-based products and breathable paint. In addition, wallpaper brand Print Pattern Archive, uses minimal packaging and branding and their branding is fully recyclable.


If you are interested in finding out about more sustainable brands, have a read of Kate Watson Smyth’s “Do less harm” directory on her Mad About The House blog. If you would like to make the inside of your wardrobe as sustainable as the wardrobe itself, head over to our guide to the best sustainable fashion brands.



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