Staying stylish sustainably


Consumer interest in adopting more sustainable practices, switching to eco-friendly materials and reducing our carbon footprint has soared. Analysis of Google trend data showed that searches for ‘sustainable fashion’ has increased by 46% in the last five years, whilst searches for ‘ethical fashion’ has increased by 25%. The fashion – and many other industries – are finally being shaken into taking measures and actions to make their brands more eco-conscious.


It’s clearly at the forefront of both consumers and brands minds. A study run by Nielsen, which polled 30,000 people, found that 60% of millennials were willing to pay for goods they believed were ‘sustainable’ and in the last year, we’ve seen many high street brands commit to more eco-friendly practices such as the launch of H&M’s (admittedly ninth) Conscious Exclusive collection, other brands such as J Crew and adidas have publicly announced benchmark years to become 100% sustainable.


Despite what you may assume, being sustainable doesn’t have to be pricey. As such, we’ve picked out our favourite brands that have long been making efforts to be more environmentally friendly and adhere to sustainable practices.




Now, we may be biased about this one but there’s no denying neubau makes incredibly stylish eyewear but, the best part? The brand created its very own material which is made from the oils extracted from castor seed plant and now used in the majority of its frames. Inspired by the Viennese district of the same name (think Vienna’s answer to Shoreditch), neubau offers a hugely versatile range of frames from classic styles to more unique designs – such as the recently Walter & Wassily collection.






It’s literally rubbish (their words, not ours)! You’ll fall in love with the quirky patterns, bold colours and striking contrasts from Batoko instantly. A British swimwear brand Batoko crafts all of its cossies from recycled plastic and rubbish found in the seas surrounding the north coast of the UK. The brand only releases a couple of new collections a year, so you need to quick to get one before they go!





Whilst adidas has vowed to make sure it only uses recycled materials by 2024, but Brazilian brand Veja is already steps ahead. Veja has built its brand quickly through a distinct commit to both design and social responsibility. As well as being a Fair Trade brand, all of Veja’s sneakers use organic cotton, wild Amazonian rubber (which protects approximately 1.2 hectares of rain forest!) and each pair is crafted in Brazil.






With many coffee chains, and even countries, starting to ban single-use plastic and coffee cups, the time is ripe to invest a reusable cup. There are tons of brands to choose from but Huskup actually makes its products from natural rice husk – not plastic like many other brands! There is a variety of cool colours, patterns and styles to choose from, as well.





Whilst it has become famous for its signature cotton tees and outerwear, Rapanui has a number of impressive socially responsible and sustainability practices under its belt. The brand uses only organic cotton, which is grown in fields that use water that falls during monsoon supply – pretty clever huh? In addition, the brand uses renewable energy throughout it supply chain, reducing its carbon footprint in the process. Finally, as less than 1% of clothing is recycled, Rapanui offers a store credit for any old Rapanui t-shirts you may no longer need.


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