Hello Steph, let’s start with how you got into PR…


Looking back, it was when I had just completed my song writing degree at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance and my dad told me I needed to get a ‘proper job’. So, after asking friends if they knew of any jobs, my CV was passed to a PR agency in the entertainment sector. I turned up to the interview still completely confused on what PR entailed but got the job as an intern! After my first day, I realised I was picking things up so quickly, mounting 40+ pieces of coverage a day and was named a PR wizard after my first week. I loved that I felt I was adding so much to a company even though I was at the bottom of the chain. From then on my passion grew with the excitement of colleagues gaining great coverage, organising press days and the buzzy environment of PR. Fast forward 3 years and I have worked across three completely different sectors including entertainment, consumer food and drink and now I am very settled in the interiors sector, where I spend my days imagining how I will redesign my home with all the amazing brands I work on!


What excites you most about your job?


Nothing gives me a bigger thrill than seeing my clients in an amazing article that I have worked my socks off to get them in! To top it off, I love coming in knowing I am working with the best of the best in their fields. I really do enjoy working on each and everyone one of the interior brands at Little Red Rooster.


Describe your happy place?


Going on holiday and exploring new countries, when your only worry is that you’re not burning from too much sunshine!


What makes Little Red Rooster different from other PR agencies?


I have never heard of or worked in a PR agency before where every single member of the team is super passionate about their clients and will go above and beyond to achieve such fantastic, unbelievable results!


Do you have any advice for someone wanting to work in PR?


Work for brands that you are interested in and that you can become passionate about. At the end of the day, if you’re a vegan you’re not going to want to sell in a pair of fur boots or a turkey at Christmas!


One more thing – work bloody hard. Then you can play harder!


Choose your ultimate dinner party guest


Well, after watching the Spice Girls at Wembley last weekend, I remembered how much they inspired me as a passionate singer in my younger years. I feel like we would get on so well and even have a little singalong!


Choose your last meal…


Anyone that knows me knows that I would die for a curry so my last meal without a doubt has to be at an Indian restaurant… and yes I am the annoying person that always asks my boyfriend if we can get two curries and share, because I get the fear of his meal choice turning out to be better than mine!


So, it would usually be a mix of a Chicken Jalfrezi and a Chicken Tikka Bhuna, Pilau Rice, Garlic Naan, Bombay Aloo, a greedy amount of poppadum’s that I always tell myself to not fill up on even though I without fail always do, with a ton load of onion mix and mango chutney. The curry would be washed down with a pint of Kingfisher or two, or a Diet Coke if I am feeling a little on the larger side that day and wanting to cut down where possible!

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