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Hello Lewis, let’s start with how you got into PR…

My PR career, and life at Little Red Rooster, started almost four years ago when I spotted an internship opportunity online shortly after I had studied journalism at Cardiff University. I had always been interested in working in media. I became hooked on news channels from an early age and would regularly pick-up magazines such as NME, Games Master and FourFourTwo as soon as I had a bit of pocket money, so PR seemed like the perfect career to dip my inquisitive toe into.


When I first started at LRR there were only six of us in a little office above an optician in Twyford. Now there are over 20 us in Soho, Twyford and Berlin making it a pretty darn exciting time to be at the agency.



What excites you most about your job?

Nothing gives me more of a buzz in the workplace than when a magazine comes flying through the letterbox, landing on my desk, and me manically flicking through the pages to hunt down a Pantherella sock in a GQ fashion shoot or a Master Lock Bluetooth padlock in a Good Housekeeping Christmas gift guide. After almost four years at LRR this thrill hasn’t faltered at all; it is what keeps me on my toes and drives me even on the bleakest of Monday mornings.


In addition to that, I absolutely love getting out and meeting new people. At LRR we are encouraged to book in as much face to face time with journalists, stylists and social media influencers. There is nothing like a good old natter over lunch with a glass (or three) of Pinot Noir.



Describe your happy place?

My happy place is, and I am yet to do to this but desperate to, one of those Viking River Cruises. A small glass-bottom boat, usually filled with OAPs, floating around Scandinavia. This serene voyage, with a book in hand and a chance to visit Stockholm and Copenhagen would be a dream come true. Failing that, Glastonbury!



What makes Little Red Rooster different from other PR agencies?

Having only spent my PR career at Little Red Rooster so far this is a tricky question. But from having spoken to people that have joined the agency from elsewhere I would say we are different in that everyone at every level of the company, even founders Vic and Henry, is encouraged to go out and meet journalists face-to-face. I would never want to work at an agency where the only form of communication with a journalist was via email. PR should be about making personal connections, socialising and talking about a brand/product in-person otherwise we all become so disconnected.



What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

“What other people think about you is none of your business”. RuPaul Andre Charles told me through the TV. Essentially, life is too short to take everything too seriously and to worry about what people not relevant to your life think. I believe to take everything with a pinch of salt and just keep on smiling through.



Do you have any advice for someone wanting to work in PR?

Learn those bylines! Read magazines and newspapers religiously, and not just the ones you are most immediately interested in but something outside of your comfort zone, you never know when you might need to contact a journalist at Caravan Club. This knowledge of exactly what journalist compiles the shopping page in The Telegraph’s Stella supplement or technology column in Saga will impress in any interview.



Choose your ultimate dinner party guest…

Miriam Margolyes is a national treasure and we must protect her at all costs. She refreshingly doesn’t give a ‘monkeys’ about other people’s opinion about her, whether it’s her age, sexuality or colourful opinions on other actors (don’t mention Winona Ryder) she doesn’t hold back. Her legendary shocking stories on Graham Norton’s sofa lead me to think that isn’t a better dinner party guest that the divine Ms Margolyes.



Choose your last meal…

Starter – Oysters and a hell of a lot of Tabasco.

Main – Sourdough margherita pizza with a heavy helping of anchovies.

Dessert – Raspberry pavlova.

Soft drink – Ginger beer.

Alcoholic drink – Argentinian Pinot Noir.

Three courses and two drinks may be a little extra but there you go.



Describe your work wardrobe?

Nike trainers, white socks, slightly longer than three quarter length Dickies workwear trousers and an eye-catchingly bold shirt. Think ‘Fear and Loathing’ meets charity shop millennial.

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