iPhone X: is it worth the hype?



It goes without saying – but we will anyway – the new iPhone, announced in September, was one of the most widely anticipated launches in the world.


With the much-talked-about device now available to buy and hordes of people camping out to get their hands on the newest device, how does it shape up in comparison to previous iPhones? Or indeed to the likes of Samsung and HTC?

Apple isn’t always at the forefront of technological innovation but when it does adopt these new technologies, it does so seamlessly, and the results are impressive.


The iPhone X introduces a plethora of features and a sleek modern design. Boasting a stunning edge-to-edge screen, it’s one of the biggest changes Apple has made to the iPhone’s aesthetic in years. The X will also support wireless charging and employs a super tough, stainless steel finish.


Although previously being dismissive of OLED technology, Apple announced the new screen has this technology on board, giving the model its incredible display.



For the budding David Baileys out there, the iPhone X has dual 12-megapixel rear cameras, with many of the first reviews noting the camera system now competes with the best in the industry, such as Samsung and other Android devices. Most interestingly, Apple’s camera now allows users to create more effectively focused photographs using the background blurring mode, which Google Pixel 2 introduced earlier this year. A review in the Telegraph noted that Apple had now surpassed Google’s own innovation, with the background effect much sharper.


However, perhaps Apple’s most talked about addition is the inclusion of facial recognition technology. This will not only replace authentication for Apple Pay but also be able to detect your face in the dark, using a formula that matches your face for guaranteed accuracy. Even if it didn’t work during the live demonstration, a source speaking to Forbes claims that now Android phone makers are clamouring to copy Apple’s face-scanning technology.


At £1,000, it’s an extraordinary amount for the new iPhone, but it’s a price people are willing to pay!



The new iPhone X can be purchased from your local Apple store or online at www.apple.co.uk


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