Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but The Container is so delightful: A guide to our new London coop


With Christmas lurking just around the corner, the weather is dark, damp and bleak, but step one toe into our toasty haven that we call The Container and you’ll forget the cold outside. Ok, it’s not exactly a Tardis, but we’ve found we can comfortably fit eight people in this work-space.


So, where is our new crib you ask? We are based on Rivington Street (still in Shoreditch!) and live in a lovely building called Black & White, run by TOG – The Office Group. TOG is a shared work-space group and has over 15,000 members working across 30 buildings, 28 of which are in London, with more on the way. The Black & White Building provides some great facilities including meeting rooms – perfect for our PR summits – co-working areas, events spaces, lounges, and a ROOF TERRACE, which I’m sure will get plenty of use from LRR in the Summer.


Now, I bet you’re wondering what the space looks like. The majority of the walls are painted white, but it doesn’t feel like a student room in any way, because the artwork throughout the building changes every month or so, a mini TOG Modern if you will. Overall, I would say the space is clean cut and organised, with labels for everything if you get lost or can’t find a mug.


Picture – The Container & Roof Terrace


A brief history of Rivington Street 


Before 1906 Rivington Street didn’t actually exist, it was previously one of those patches of green dotted throughout Shoreditch, once called farm-land. Today Rivington Street’s cobbled paths can lead you from Shoreditch High Street to Old Street in a matter of minutes. Along the walk you will find several cafés (and that one odd cat café), pubs, art galleries, bookshops, restaurants and boutiques. So, we urge you if you’re ever free of time and in the Shoreditch area, have a stroll through…you won’t be disappointed.



Picture – Ben Eine’s ‘Scary’ is in the tunnel archway of Rivington Street


Where we go for lunch


Think The Goodfellas where everyone is either called Marie or Paulie, but serving you a selection of pasta dishes, jacket potatoes and Italian inspired toasties. Ok, it’s not all authentic Italian cuisine, but there’s no doubt you’ll get your carby fix in Francos, especially for someone who lives life in the PR lane. Kim and Aggie might have a bit of a mare in here, but I say don’t judge a book by its cover. The most expensive thing on the menu is Pollo Limone priced at £6.20, this devine dive delivers its customers hearty food at its best.


 Picture – Franco’s 


Tunes we listen to


Now we have our own office space, we are free to blast our own music, currently through our B&O Play S3 speaker. There’s a real eclectic mix of music that can be heard emanating from The Container. From Motown mornings to pop classics in the afternoon, and everything inbetween. Some of the LRR team seem to be against the festive music…but we have still managed to sneak it in, since it’s Christmas season in the PR world and we need inspiration!


  Picture – B&O S3 Speaker


After work drinks


Chillin’ out maxin’ and relaxin’ after work you can often catch a Rooster at the Merchant’s Tavern cradling an Aviation – a blue gin based cocktail, garnished with a cherry. Aside from the gorgeous drinks, the food is something out of this world. The spacious dining room beyond the bar area features a combination of tables and comfortable leather-studded sofas, serviced by willing and super-friendly staff. Give this place a visit if you are looking for a fine dining experience or you just want to be Carrie Bradshaw/Don Draper for the night sporting delicious cocktails.


Picture – Merchants Tavern 


So, there it is, a brief roundup of the new London office and the surrounding joints that we tend to hit up. We look forward to you joining us soon!

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