Little Red Rooster praises remarkable women this International Women’s Day 2019


Little Red Rooster praises remarkable women this International Women’s Day 2019



Here at the Coop, we’re passionate about design, technology, fashion and everything in-between. We are also incredibly passionate about inspirational women. As an agency co-founded by a woman and comprising of 20 driven and knowledgeable females, it’s only right that we’d want to champion International Women’s Day. If we turn our attention to the communications industry, whilst it’s encouraging that two-thirds of the work force is made up of women, many of the senior positions are held by men, so there’s still work to be done. That said, we have a wealth of agency owners and business leaders in the PR industry that provide many women with role models and aspirational mentors.


But, it’s not just women inspiring other women. Many females provide inspiration to men, including our very own male Roosters. We caught up with Lewis, Simon, Thomas and Sam to find out which women inspire them and why. First up, senior account executive, Lewis Hopkins reveals his favourite feisty female:


“Miriam Margolyes is a national treasure and we must protect her at all costs. First and foremost, she is an uber talented actress having appeared in Harry Potter, Call The Midwife plus The Age of Innocence to name but a few, but on top of that she is a fierce and fearless LGBT+ advocate and all-round hilariously boisterous lady. I find her to be an inspiring woman because she refreshingly doesn’t give a ‘monkeys’ about what other people think about her, whether it’s her age, sexuality or colourful opinions on other actors (don’t mention Winona Ryder) she doesn’t hold back.


Pictured Miriam Margolyes


For four decades Ms Margolyes has been a star of silver screen and stage but in recent years is most known for ‘Miriam’s Big American Adventure’ documentary series where she travels the US and regularly holds the political far right to account in the most terrifically British way. Miriam proves that bold is beautiful and should rightly be celebrated on International Women’s Day, apparently the Queen once even told her to be quiet at a Buckingham Palace function. You go girl!”



Next up, Simon Osborne-Walker, senior account manager discusses his inspirational female figure:


“I first heard about Artemisia Gentileschi before I saw any of her art. The absolute badass of Baroque art, Artemisia (1593-1656) was a respected painter at a time when women had no recognition in the arts. She went through trauma – having been raped, she took the man to trial and was tortured by thumbscrew to ensure she wasn’t lying – and she channelled her anger and heartache into paintings. This was a lady who could shape oils into emotionally charged masterpieces. Just take a look at Caravaggio’s ‘Judith Beheading Holofernes’. Study Judith’s face and body language. Then find Artemisia’s interpretation of the same scene, ‘Judith Slaying Holofernes’. Fierce and powerful.”


Pictured Artemisia Gentileschi


Here at the Coop we’re passionate about all types of music genres, with a penchant for Rock n Roll. We especially love daring female rock chicks, like Debbie Harry and Joan Jett. That’s why senior account executive, Sam New’s choosing struck a chord:


St. Vincent


“Musician St. Vincent is my woman of choice. A trail blazer in instrument innovation, she recognised that the guitar was created for a masculine body and took it upon herself to invent one that complimented the female physique. According to research by our client Fender, almost 50% of all new guitar learners are female, in what is largely perceived to be a male dominated industry.”


Last, but by no means least, senior account executive Thomas Reed explains which inspiring woman captured his attention and why:


Pictured Zoe Strauss

“American street photographer Zoe Strauss inspires my photography when I’m out and about shooting over the weekend. Her work, which looks at themes of odyssey, journey and homecoming, shines light on disadvantaged and marginalised people in Philadelphia. The way she documents her subject’s hardship in a raw and honest manner is incredibly refreshing in a world of airbrushing and Instagram.”


What we think is clear is that in every walk of life, you’ll find strong, determined and powerful women in abundance. As fashion aficionados, where would we be without Vivienne Westwood or Stella McCartney? In the design world, pioneers such as Petra Blaisse and Cecilie Manz have created icons for the home which will be loved and used for years to come. And, if it weren’t for Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr inventing wifi during World War Two, you might not be sat here reading this blog on your phone.

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