The Way of the Rooster: Our blueprint for better PR



It might sound like the title of a martial arts movie, but ‘The Way of the Rooster’ is our personal mission statement for delivering better PR. You see, we’re a small agency that needs to deliver big results. That’s what defines us and sets us apart from the competition.


Vic and Henry formed Little Red Rooster because they wanted to break away from the ordinary. The pair saw an opportunity to create something different, fresh and exciting. They envisioned an agency that had the unrivalled skill set of a smaller specialist agency but allied to the scope and reach of larger consumer outfits.


It’s about approaching everything with passion, expertise and a whole lot of personality. If that sounds like hot air, you best believe honesty, integrity and authenticity are the other cornerstones of ‘The Way of the Rooster’, which works a little something like this…


One-to-one relationships

Despite people’s increasingly digital interaction with the world around them, we fervently believe that a personal approach delivers the best results for our clients.


There’s no better way to engage with global media and important influencers than by seeing them face-to-face, which is why we go the extra mile to build lasting relationships with those that matter and meet them in person.


The team take time to get to know exactly who it is they’re dealing with, right down to their favourite fashion designer, restaurant dish or go-to drink, that way we can ensure a brand is relevant. By playing client Cupid we know the product and person are the perfect match.


Our black book of contacts is exclusive, extensive and kept firmly under lock and key. We’re careful with the data and never ever share it, no matter who or what.


Be the best

We love the Rolling Stones and the agency is named after the Howlin’ Wolf song of the same name, but should we ever need some boxing bout entrance music Joe Esposito’s ‘You’re the Best’ would fit the bill.


What better way to channel our inner champion, crane kick the competition into touch and never settle for the minimum our clients expect?


Any agency can get coverage by blindly pushing out a press release via a paid-for digital distribution list and see what sticks. But we aim to make sure that coverage is outstanding and comes from a list of media targets pre-agreed with the client.


If you think that sounds tough on the team, they thrive on it and things can get a little bit competitive as they battle it out for the best piece of coverage each month. It takes a special sort of someone to be a rooster after all.


Our strict KPIs extend to other areas of the business, such as events. By confirming over the required number of attendees we endeavour to make sure the Little Red Rooster mantra of “under promise and over deliver” is always met.


It’s all in the detail

Knowing our clients, their products and respective industries inside and out is vitally important to us. Anything else would be disrespectful and, well, we probably wouldn’t be in business for much longer.


That’s why we pack the coop with passionate professionals that have built up an intricate understanding of the brands they represent for another very good reason – our close relationships with the media are built on trust and it’s something we value deeply.


We don’t fudge the details and where possible try to answer every media enquiry immediately. On the rare occasions we’re not quite sure about something, rest assured we will get on the case straight away.


Make it happen

Little Red Rooster likes to empower its employees so they feel comfortable going the extra mile and getting things done. After all, you can always find a reason not to do something and that’s not how we work.


Speaking up when seeking a solution can be scary, but our Berkshire and London offices promote a collaborative environment and the relatively flat staff structure means nobody should feel intimidated asking.


There’s more than one way to crack an egg, so staff are encouraged to see things from different angles, think on their feet and sometimes attempt the unconventional.


By following ‘The Way of the Rooster’ we’ve become a boutique agency that smashes the big guns for impact and value, delivering devastatingly great coverage for our enviable roster of clients and their best in class products.


Some of those brands have been with us from the very start, which is testament to how we operate and only goes to strengthen our belief in broadening exposure through sanity – not vanity – PR.


We don’t write cheques our ass can’t cash, guaranteeing a measurable return on our work and their investment.

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