Master Lock House Party


Last Thursday, all American super-brand Master Lock, security connoisseur for over 90 years, hosted an epic house party to showcase its extensive range of gadgets to both press and social media influencers. Little Red Rooster kitted out a traditional yet quirky three-storey Georgian townhouse just a stone’s throw away from King’s Cross station to launch the Select Access Key Safe, explain the legendary heritage of the brand plus allow attendees to relax over a game of beer pong and a slice (or eight) of pizza!


Master Lock

Master Lock House Party

Fun fact, Master Lock founder Harry Soref worked with infamous escapologist Harry Houdini after he met with the company’s architect as he was unable to breakout from a pair of handcuffs. Soref advised Houdini on trick places to hide padlock keys between his fingers and under his tongue during stage shows. The brand is recognised around the world as the authentic, enduring name in security gadgets and Master Lock continues to develop innovative and high-quality products.  A leader in security solutions for sports, home, school, work and travel, Master Lock has recently launched a new wave of Bluetooth padlocks and lock boxes to sync up with the connected home trend.


So, let’s get right into it with the new release, the hotly anticipated Select Access Key Safe! The simple and secure lock box ensures parents and children will never have to hide keys under a doormat or flower pot again. Ultimately, parents who are concerned about their family accessing the house after school or a night out won’t have to worry. With the Select Access Key Safe you can store a large number of keys or access cards as the gadget boasts the biggest internal capacity on the market. Once the correct code has been entered, simply turn the handle to open the storage chamber to access a multitude of keys. Master Lock’s spacious innovation means that only one safe needs to be wall-mounted and combination codes can be easily managed. A flip cover hides the keypad from would-be thieves and also protects the key safe from the wonderful British weather. At the event, journalists were able to appreciate the attack-resilient and heavy-duty nature of the robust box.


Master Lock also provided exclusive hands-on time to both press and influencers for its soon to be released Digital Security Chest. More about this next month on official launch. Watch this space!


U Lock

Master Lock U Lock, best for bikes


To celebrate these launches Master Lock and Little Red Rooster invited a number of key media from the technology, security, lifestyle and design sectors to come along to a colossal house party and put the products to the test in a home and festival environment.




We supercharged the morning attendees’ day with tea, coffee, croissants, fresh fruit and juices. Journalists were treated to an intimate session where they were able to get hands-on with all available Master Lock products, not just the newbies. Proving very popular were the Bluetooth Smart Padlock and Bluetooth Key Lock Box located in the ground floor living room. With both connected products you are able to manage the app with your smartphone and fully monitor who is given temporary/permanent access. Another little gem from the day was the Fire & Water Resistant Security Chest that was submerged in the master bedroom’s luxury ensuite in the freestanding bathtub. The Security Chest protects your family’s most important paper documents, media, and valuables from fire and flood damage. Attendees included BBC Five Live and Country Homes & Interiors.


Trade lunch


After an informative morning session, we readied ourselves for trade journalists from ERT, DIY Week and PSI to arrive for their one-to-one Q+A sessions with the marketing and sales team from both the UK and France, the latter is where Master Lock’s European HQ is located. They were given an in-depth tour of the event space followed by a sit-down discussion about everything and anything Master Lock.


Carry Straps

Master Lock Carry Straps being used to ferry beer from boot to car




The sun was beginning to set on an illuminating afternoon. It was now time to prepare for the party, we kitted out the kitchen area with beer pong and a smorgasbord of pizza. But it wasn’t all about that, the guests were treated to a succession of talks from the Master Lock team about new product releases and the rich history of the brand. The evening session was filled with a variety of press from The Sun, MTV, TechRadar, Saga, Esquire, Pocket-lint, Build It, ITV plus many more. Additionally, a bounty of influencers came, saw and conquered the beer pong plus shared their experiences via social media with a mammoth amount of tagging involved, creating a buzz on the evening. Everyone that attended was treated to a goody bag filled with Master Lock products to take away with them into the night.


Going into the late hours everyone was able to wind down, enjoy plenty of pizza and even have a boogie. You can’t deny Little Red Rooster and Master Lock know how to through a mega house party!

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