Little Red Rooster’s low down on the iPhone 7 launch


It’s that time of year again, when the tech world tunes into another episode of ‘What’s going on at Apple?’ It’s been a whole year since the iPhone 6S was unveiled to the world, and eleven months since rumours of the iPhone 7 started circulating. So the burning question is – what happened at Apple this year?


Well, a lot apparently. After kicking proceedings off with Tim Cook and James Corden pootling around in a car, joined by everyone’s favourite hat stand, Pharell, it was down to business. Something that Apple have been doing quite a lot of over the twelve months. Mr Cook beamed as he informed the world that 17 million people had downloaded Apple Music, making use of its 30 million track library and another 140 million are subscribed to the thriving App store, which now plays host to lovable rotund plumber, Super Mario.

The first big announcement of the night was the Apple Watch Series 2. After 18 months of being in the watch industry, Apple already find themselves the second most profitable watch company in the world behind Rolex, no mean feat. The follow up Watch has been reengineered to be water proof, utilising a nifty system in which speakers are used to push water out of the wearable. Nice.

Under the hood it sports a dual core processor, better graphics performance and built in GPS, all of which create a pretty impressive wrist based system. Being the canny marketeers that they are Apple haven’t missed an opportunity for a good old fashioned partnership. Announcing a new line of Hermès straps and the Nike +, a slightly passive aggressive sports wearable that will be foder for the fitness crowd.


Then it was time for the main event, rumours and rumblings of what this would embody have been rustling around the internet since Phil Schiller exited stage right at last year’s iPhone announcement. So, what had happened?

The new design was hyped and hyped, although in truth not much has changed here except for the emergence of a new ‘Jet Black’ finish, which we have to admit does look as fly as a flamingo on Air Force One.


One of the biggest mutterings in the tech world was the possible removal of the headphone jack and Apple did not surprise us here. The ubiquitous 3.5mm jack that has connected music to mind for decades departed in favour of the lightning adapter, leaving premium audio fans all over the world scratching their heads as to what they were going to do next. Luckily, the benevolent folks at companies such as Audeze, Denon and B&O PLAY have got you covered here, with an array of wireless and lightning adapter options.

Away from the entirely expected, the device will be IP67 water and dust resistant, meaning it can be fully emerged in water so no more leaving your phone in a bowl of rice after accidentally dropping it down the loo. Displays become livelier, with a 25% increase in the brightness of the Retina Display. There was still no increase on the pixel count, though.

Excited chatter of an improved camera saw us talked through the dual camera feature that allows for 2X optical zoom and a tenfold impact for digital zoom. Both cameras feature 12MP sensors and have enough prosessing power to perform 100 Billion operations in 25 milliseconds.

Finally, the much maligned storage limitations of iPhone were also seen to be addressed, with Apple doubling the memory of the entry level model to 32GB, a nice touch that will win Apple applause all round.

There we have it, another year goes by and the scurry for Apple products begins. With an ever increasing market and the kind of slick production and delivery that could get you places in Hollywood, Apple are sure to be embarking on another year of riches.


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