We keep the coop fit with cool incentives and motivation


The saying ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ has never been truer, according to a new study finding a clear connection between brain and brawn. While this might not be true of everyone – Chris Hughes of Love Island fame we’re looking at you – the truth is the University of Manchester has stated something we’ve known for a while, so at Little Red Rooster we keep the coop fit with cool incentives and motivation from Myzone activity trackers.


We don’t just adore Myzone as a client, but because the system acts as a digital gym buddy displaying in real time how much effort is going into each workout. All staff are gifted a device, which comes in the form of a heart rate tracker chest strap that connects to a smartphone app, and because every session shows up on the app we also get to have a nosy at how heavily everyone is grafting to sculpt those guns.



We jest about the ‘guns’ part of course, but by setting colleagues a points target to achieve every month it helps the team stay fit and happy. Most importantly we all have fun doing it and Little Red Rooster foot the gym bill. However, if they fail to reach their gym goals we cut their cardio creditline (evil laugh).


Rather than calling it a no brainer, we’d prefer big brainer, as the benefits of exercise for employees and the connection to cognitive development are there for all to see. Put simply, bosses should encourage staff to get fit because it keeps the mind sharp and ready to the tackle any challenge.


Don’t just take our word for it – Isabelle King from our Twyford office is firmly on board. “I’ve never particularly been a gym-goer because in your early 20s the thought can be intimidating and you’re still far more self-conscious than you ought to be,” she says.



“But you soon start to realise the importance of keeping fit for a healthy work/life balance and it can actually leave you feeling far more energised and ready to tackle the day ahead. It’s even rarer for an agency to encourage you to do so, which is why their support is significant.”


If you’re wondering how we suddenly got so fanatical about fitness, look no further than founders Henry and Vic. The pair strapped on a Myzone heart rate sensor some while ago and soon found themselves in serious competition with each other to score the most points – it turns out ski trips, horse riding and even dog walks with our creative director Keef are great for working up a sweat… who knew?


Not content with competing against each other, things were soon extended to encompass the entire team and the Myzone Challenge was born. Naturally, pitting ‘Team Henry’ against ‘Team Vic’ in a battle of the rooster offices meant the rivalry was, shall we say, friendly but fierce. After all it’s no different when the team are trying to land coverage of the month.



A Victory for Team Vic (the clue is in the name I guess) ensued and the winners were awarded £1,250 to donate to a good cause of their choice, eventually going to a fantastic local bereavement charity for children called SeeSaw.


To counter losing a few pounds on the scales, there is the opportunity to gain some in your back account instead. Step forward Lucy Pritchard from our Twyford office who bagged herself £100 for putting in the effort during the quarter. “We have to get 750 points minimum on Myzone to keep our gym membership,” she says. “Sometimes it’s achieved in a few hardcore sessions, but other times it takes numerous gym trips to even get close.


“Each quarter we have a competition where whoever has the most points wins a prize. Might I just add I won the first one. The competitive aspect motivates you to get more points and the fun of trying to be top dog pulls the whole team together.”



The Myzone system allows you to workout anywhere at any time by saving all activity data to the chest strap sensor, so even if Little Red Rooster has the gym fees covered the great outdoors can be your playground too, which came in very lucky for Thomas Reed from the London team.


“The points target can be a walk in the park (quite literally) or sometimes be a right slog,” he says. “Last month, when work and personal life was especially busy I barely had time for the gym and ended up running around Twyford on the final day of the month to hit it.


“I’m heading to the US next month for a three week holiday and using Myzone has been a big motivational help in reaching my ridiculous target of a six pack in two months. Results to follow.”


Good luck with that one, beefcake.

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