Little Red Rooster’s Favourite Festival Moments


The beginning of summer not only marks the annual unprecedented British heatwave, but also signals that Festival season is fast approaching; here at Little Red Rooster, we’re more excited about the latter. Long gone are the days when Coachella would undersell its tickets, and a weekend pass to Glastonbury was £1 as opposed to this year’s £250, but that won’t stop us digging out our denim and dusting down our Ariat boots.

While a few long weeks may stand in the way of you and that unforgettable music-filled, alcohol-fuelled weekend, here at the Coop we are looking back to festivals-gone-by. In fact, it’s been reported that 79% of festival attendees in 2018 bought their ticket as the music allowed them to relive their past. So, if you’re feeling nostalgic, why not take a look at a some of the best festival moments ever, as narrated by our Roosters.



Adele at Glastonbury – attended by Junior Account Executive, Sophie

“My friends and I once volunteered with Oxfam at Glastonbury in 2016. It was so much fun but also really rewarding. Apart from volunteering for three, eight-hour shifts, we were pretty much free to do what we liked! For me, the biggest surprise was Adele. I’ve never been much of an Adele fan but watching and listening to her perform live left me, and thousands of other people in silence – and gave me serious goose bumps. Stunning.”




Solange Knowles at Latitude Festival – attended by Account Executive, Devon

“I’ll admit, when Honor asked me to write about my most memorable festival moment I had to make the hard decision in not siding for my first ever ‘festival’ experience. This would of course be the infamous Harwich Sea Festival & Lifeboat Day that I attended back in 2009 at the ripe age of sixteen. It was jam-packed full of top artists, including Bananarama and X Factor contestants of that year – Jamie ‘Afro’ Archer and Danyl Johnson, to name a few. But lest we forget I’m actually here to talk about my most memorable festival memory. Throwback to the summer of ’18 (not much of a ring to it, I’ll admit), I was stood amongst a crowd of adoring Solange Knowles fans at Latitude. All I can say is the whole performance was utterly enchanting;  she completely exuded the love of her craft. I was balancing on the shoulders of a stranger, having consumed enough liquid to give me the confidence to stay swaying high up in the air, whilst taking in this breathtaking show and thinking how great life was in that moment. I was then knocked back to reality when one of my friends in our troop annoyingly announced she had lost her phone – it was inevitable really.”




James Blake at Bestival – attended by Senior Account Executive, Thomas

“The year is 2015, I’ve just begrudgingly stumbled my way through my university finals and I’m celebrating a half decent degree result with my friends in the hedonistic fields of Bestival. Kicking the festival off in style, James Blake took to the stage on Thursday night, whipping the crowd into frenzy with a sound track of deep, wobbling and welly boot shaking bass. Blake took us on an exquisite journey through melodic dubstep and deep house before finishing on his critically acclaimed ‘Limit To Your Love’. At this point, we had a two-liter bottle of cider under our belt, spirits were high and we were left ready and roaring to go for the weekend ahead.”




Haim at Reading Festival – attended by Junior Account Executive, Frankie

“My best festival moment was seeing Haim play at Reading Festival in 2014. I was absolutely obsessed with the band (and still am) but none of my friends wanted to go. I ended up going to see them on my own, getting right to the front of the stage and had the best time ever just dancing away on my own!!”





Florence and the Machine at Reading – attended by Junior Account Executive, Toni

“Reading Festival. 2012. The year the world was predicted to end. And it nearly did, when Florence and the Machine took the stage. I was hoisted onto someone’s shoulders as the chorus of Dog Days are Over began. Shivers down my arms, I looked behind me to see hundreds of people screaming the lyrics in unison. Arms in the air. Synchronised. 16 years old. Life made.”






Chic and Nile Rodgers at Glastonbury – attended by Senior Account Executive, Lewis

“Nothing comes close to Chic and Nile Rogers at my second Glastonbury, 2013. The two-hour extravaganza at the West Holts stage was an absolute disco delight. Not only did the legendary Mr Rogers perform Chic’s greatest hits but the setlist included some of his very best production work including Sister Sledge, David Bowie, Madonna, Duran Duran and Daft Punk. Ahhhhh freak out!”.




Turin Movement Festival – attended by Sasha Regazzoni

“I’m going to throw it all the way back to my first ever festival, because let’s be realistic, nothing could ever top your first live musical experience. Of course, I had been to the odd concert, but in 2010 I went to Turin’s Movement Festival and it opened up a new world for me. I was 14, the world of techno was my oyster, and I was too young to confess to my mum I was into deep-techno rave scenes. So, I did what every 14 year-old would do – I lied and said I was going to the cinema with my friend Martina and later having a sleep-over at her house. If only she had known I was already on a train to another city and would return home the early hours of the morning after. Oh, how I long for those good ol’ days.”


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