Wine and Food in EC2


In our new office, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to local bars and eateries. We thought we’d give some of these places a test-run and see how they fare when put to the Little Red Rooster test. It’s worth noting that we’ve visited these places, purely for the benefit of educational discovery. We are all very, very serious here in the roost, so we can promise you that absolutely no fun was had whatsoever. Promise. Below are a few of the places which we think you should check out, if you’ve the chance to!


 Fox Fine Wine


This lovely little bar is a world away from the hustle & bustle of Moorgate’s busy streets. We made our way in past the mid-century charm of the 1950s shop front and then, feeling as if we’d entered somebody’s living room, we sat and couldn’t believe our eyes at the array of fine wines on offer, many by the glass. The cauldron-sized vino offerings made it a most pleasant stay. I think a return trip may be in order!

The grub was also top-notch – a proper gastro-dining experience with a smorgasbord of delectable cheeses and cured meat.


Moshi Moshi


Stepping into this Japanese restaurant seemed as if we were very far from its dreadful location atop of Liverpool St. station. The aesthetic of the space is impressive, with curved oak dominating the room. We were even more mesmerised when we saw the waitress bring out the sushi platter on a miniature, wooden ship.



Now onto the food, which was incredible! The tuna sashimi would melt in your mouth as if it was butter melting in a pan. The Gyoza dumplings went down a treat, as expected. However, we were really impressed by the freshness of ingredients. It was clear from the theatrical preparation, as the chef orchestrated the dishes in a centre station, that they really valued the ingredients they were using. Some of the spicy options certainly delivered on their job, giving us a great excuse to crack open a crisp Asahi dry beer.


The Modern Pantry


Adjacent to our office building, we’re offered an exciting alternative to our desks, where we’re instantly greeted by the most welcoming and accommodating bar-staff who would explain their niche style of bar food; seemingly similar to a tapas style, the food was exceptionally tasty considering the size of the dishes. An honourable mention must go to the Salmon Ceviche, with pomegranate, lime and avocado, whilst also noting their selection of sourdough bread which accompanied their scrumptious selection of cured meats. All perfect accompaniments to their Gin & Tonics, using locally distilled gin from Bermondsey. The Modern Pantry is absolutely perfect for anyone looking for an archetypal London bar.


Singer Tavern


A stone’s throw away from our London coop, we often find ourselves enjoying the Singer Tavern. The atmosphere is vibrant, the bar being extremely popular amongst all the local office workers as evenings quickly turn into nights. With an extensive range of ales and beers on tap, there is more than enough selection for the pickiest patron. Speaking of Patrón, tequila is definitely not something that we’re proud about the next morning.


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