Victoria + Albert Baths host exclusive trend forecasting event in association with Colour Hive


Last week, Victoria + Albert Baths hosted an event in partnership with the colour and trend experts behind Mix magazine – Colour Hive – at its London showroom in the Design Centre at Chelsea Harbour.



First up, what is Colour Hive? Colour Hive is a London based creative agency recognised internationally for its accurate colour and trend forecasting solutions for the design industry. Colour Hive forecasts its trend predictions well into the future rather than scouting for ideas already on the high street. It enables them to formulate the right trends at the right time, enabling companies to keep on track, streamline and create focused product ranges. The company publishes a magazine monthly, Mix Magazine, on the latest trends and colour forecasts and remains the only design magazine focused in this area.


In the last 5 years, trends predicted by the team have emerged in interiors, architecture, fashion and general every day products. These included ‘Burst’, ‘Beast’ and ‘Play’.


Colour Hive has identified four key trends for AW18/19. The four trends are Rapture, Beyond, Filter and Control. Rapture and Beyond were both used to create stunning lifestyle displays in the windows of the Victoria + Albert Baths Showroom (head down to the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre during London Design Week to check them out!)


According to Colour Hive, Rapture is about personal belief in an age of uncertainty. This trend is about finding meaning and delight in the natural world and having an interest in our natural roots. We will see an increase in both artsmanship and craftsmanship as a result. The Rapture palette has rich, earthy tones, grounded by the darker colours with an ochre and burnt orange adding warmth to the palette. Raw and untouched materials will be key alongside carefully crafted materials such as transformed fibres, carved woods and stitched and dyed textiles with a high level of care. The key colour here for AW18/19 will be pumpkin orange – which us roosters are very excited about!

Beyond is about recapturing sensory experiences though new eyes, becoming superhuman and leaving us more aware and in tune with our environment. The palette is extremely versatile with light pastels, bright neons and an earthy brown. We will see iridescent effects, moulded and embossed materials and anything evoking a sense of depth. Colour Hive predicts that the pale lilac within this trend will be 2018’s colour of the year so watch this space!


Filter focuses on the positive outcomes of the challenges our planet is facing. We will be turning the negatives of climate change and pollution into positives. Taking inspiration from mould, dust, smog etc leads to the creation of colourful visuals. The palette consists of a bright yellow, shades of brown, green, khaki, stone, tan and a vibrant red/orange to highlight.


Finally, Control looks for answered to some of the challenges we face in knowledge, skills and intelligence. We see an increase in evidence-based and expert research that we know we can trust. There is a synthetic feel to the colour palette here, with bright yellow, red, pink and a deep green and dark grey to maintain stability. A vital material will be gridded structures, bringing modularity and order to through fully engineered and planned design.


Six key colour groupings to look for in 2018, will include new neons and powdered pastels (much to the joy of our Nicole Marsden!), a green revival, default primaries, cool mist blues and enriched earthy tones.


To find out more about these predicted AW18/19 trends, please head to the Victoria + Albert Baths showroom, 3rd floor, North dome at the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre during London Design Week to speak to the experts themselves!

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