The Ultimate Guide to Packing for a City Break


There is always so much stress when packing for a short break. Have you packed enough? Too much? All the essentials. Fear not, we have compiled a packing guide for the ultimate city break.



Usually when going on a city break it’s only for a few days, so a cabin case is ideal for this. A personal favourite is the Antler Juno II cabin case in a daring pink, should you lose this it will be easy to spot. It also has a packing capacity of 39 litres, which quite frankly for a city break should be more than enough packing space.




Now for the tunes, you’ve got to make sure you’re entertained for the journey. The new Denon GC-30 headphones are ideal for travelling with their state-of- the-art Active Noise Cancelling Technology. Say goodbye to screaming children and hello to Gossip Girl re-runs.






No city break would be complete without pre-dinner relaxation, whether this be singing to Taylor Swift in the shower or Back Street Boys as you’re getting ready to go out. The Bang & Olufsen A1 portable speaker is the ideal travel size and still carries amazing audio quality.




A must for not only city breaks but any holiday: a silk eye mask. Ideal for shutting out the world whilst you want to get some shut eye, either on the go, for a swift afternoon siesta. – doesn’t hurt that it looks lovely.





The ideal phone case for those that only want to take the essentials to wander a city, let’s be honest who wants to lug around the kitchen sink with them? Snakehive offers the perfect solution to this with a luxury leather phone case that has pockets for your cards. Available in a range of colours, but we love this pastel pink one.






One of the worst things about travelling is creasing your lovely clothes in your suitcase. This portable steamer from Soda Says is the ultimate solution. Say goodbye to terrible hotel irons (that’s if there even is one).






A must for a city break is documentation to prove you were there. You need to post as many Instagram stories as humanly possible, whilst making all your work colleagues incredibly jealous. In order to make this happen you’ve got to make sure you have phone battery. This Cygnett portable power bank can give your phone a full charge on the go up to four times, and it comes in a striking lilac.






Now all you need to do is figure out where you want to go. Off to trip advisor we go.

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