The Freshers Essentials List


The Fresher’s Essentials List:

It’s that time of year again where thousands of blissfully unaware young adults are packing their bags to set sail on one of the most exciting journeys of their lives. The reality of university is that it is just as much about your nights out as your days studying. So, here we have brought together a handy set of tools to keep new fresher’s powering through; from hungover Thursdays, to the all-nighter essay writing sessions after that ‘quiet one’ the night before.

SMEG Kettle

Everybody needs a kettle… like shoes, or biscuits. You want stylish, you want simple, you want stamina. But “where do I find a kettle with such incredible characteristics?” we hear you cry. We have the answer, the SMEG 50’s style KLF01 kettle. Whatever your hot drink choice, this sleek Italian design means that boiling water has truly never looked so good! With a range of colours to choose from, you’ll find yourself coming up with excuses just to make a brew, but let’s be honest, nothing surpasses a nice hot cuppa in the morning!


Denon AH-GC20 noise-cancelling Headphones

An essential for any uni student. Whether it’s simply relaxing to the Stone Roses, or some background Bach whilst revising, trust us when we say these could be the most important thing you buy! These cans from Denon claim to cancel outside noise by an astonishing 99%! Along with soft memory foam earpads and wireless technology, what more could you really want from a pair of headphones? These factors surely make them the ideal library gadget for your upcoming year.


Ruark Audio R1 Radio

This beautifully compact audio system is the third generation from classic British audio makers, Ruark Audio. The Telegraph named it the ‘Aston Martin of DAB radios’ and it isn’t hard to see how! Its smooth walnut finish, combined with the new and updated ‘RotoDial’ control system leaves you with an easy-to-use, vintage looking masterpiece. You’ll be loved by all when they realise that not only do you have an outstanding Bluetooth speaker, but also the best looking, (unless someone has the R7).


SMEG Toaster

Toast is a fundamental part of any new students’ life, but too many times price trumps quality and consequently the toaster breaks too soon, or burns your toast. Our solution? The SMEG 50’s style TSF01 2 slice toaster. With six levels of browning to choose from, burnt toast is now a thing of the past. Also from SMEG’s 50’s style range, it will match the kettle together creating a master of the kitchen. Getting up for early lectures never seemed so easy!


Proporta x Ted Baker portable charger

How do you make a day of seminars and tutorials really drag? Rush into uni after a night out and remember that your phone is on 13%. Up steps the Ted Baker portable phone charger from Proporta. Suddenly worries of your phones battery life are non-existent and you have one less thing on your mind. Seen here in a groovy ‘Ethereal Posie’ print. The pocket-sized power bank will do ‘exactly what it says on the tin’ and never leave you isolated with a dead phone.


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