Pantherella: How to tackle a rebrand



If you’re a heritage brand with a great history and an even better product, how do you ensure you stay relevant and how do you authentically update the brand?


One of our fabulous clients, Pantherella, did just that. First opening its doors in Leicestershire in 1937, it began trading as Midlands Hosiery Mills, making luxury fine-gauge socks for men. In 1945 the company name changed, and Pantherella Fine English Socks began trading. Supplying the likes of Harrods since the early days, the brand continues to be stocked in the world’s most famous department store.


We caught up with Sophie Holt, Graphic Design, Social Media and Communications Manager, to find out more.


What is your role at Pantherella?


I will have been working at Pantherella for five years this May – time flies when you’re having fun! I’m responsible for all the graphic design, branding, communication and social media for the Pantherella, HJ Hall and Scott-Nichol sock brands.


What was the decision behind this year’s rebrand?


After a chance meeting with top designer, Michael Johnson, we were offered the opportunity to work with his team on refreshing our brand. The Pantherella logo has not changed in over 80 years and so we felt it was time!




What are the challenges for Pantherella right now and the challenges facing the industry as a whole, and how does the rebrand help with this?


We always need socks, but it seems that this little accessory is having a real ‘moment’ right now. This means that many established apparel brands are adding socks to their offering. As a stand-alone sock brand, we need to make sure we stand out and compete with these larger, better-known clothing brands. With that in mind, we thought that the time was right for us to rebrand.


Can you explain the thinking behind your new logo?


The ‘signature’ reflects Pantherella’s commitment to quality – humble of its past but engaging with the present. The typeface was chosen because of its bold, proud structure and dynamic personality. We felt this best summed up the style and quality of the brand and prepares it to be a global brand in its own right going forward.



How are you growing the business going forward?


I’d say that the main change we have made recently to try and grow the business, from my perspective, is the investment in our Social Media channels – this is more about time than it is about financial investment, but we have moved from a sporadic unplanned approach, to a strategic one and this is already having a positive effect on online sales.

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