8 products to help you smash your New Year’s resolutions in style


You’ve made it through the first working week of January, well done you. And since overindulge December now feels like a distant memory, I’m sure the strain of that Dry January vow is starting to take its toll.


I’m afraid we can’t bring back December, but we can sure make January a bit easier for you with our pick of the best products to ease your return to the daily grind, and help you smash those New Year’s resolutions. From fitness aids to savvy saving ideas, we’ve got the low down on the tools you need for resolution success. Because #NewYearNewYou right? Groan!


Get fit

Come January we all want to work off the Christmas pounds but on this dark January day I bet the thought of a treadmill is making you shudder with dread. If you’re looking for the right tool to kickstart your fitness motivation a MYZONE MZ-3 belt could be just what you need. MYZONE is a wearable fitness tracker that shows and rewards effort when you exercise. It analyses your personal handicap based on your maximum heart rate and creates bespoke targets just for you. Unlike many other trackers, MYZONE doesn’t discriminate between exercise styles meaning you can score MEPs for virtually any activity from ice-skating to weight-lifting, jogging to horse-riding- all of which are logged on your personal profile. What are you waiting for?!



Drink more water, it doesn’t sound that hard does it? But I must admit that, like most, I am guilty of not drinking enough. The thought is certainly there, and my car is full of half-drunk bottles of mineral water, but after recently discovering the dangers of drinking from plastic water bottles and not forgetting the sheer scale of damage that plastic waste has on our environment, I have decided that enough is enough. Whilst there are tons of reusable water bottles on the market, my favourite has to be Stay Sixty. The double-walled stainless-steel helps keep your water, juice or protein shakes fresher for longer and the removable base allows for fuss-free cleaning. The bottles themselves are beautifully crafted and the pantone inspired colourways are also highly on-trend.



Add some retro-chic to your 2018 New Year’s resolution health kick and turn those greens into goodness with the Smeg hand blender. This new member of the Smeg SDA family can blend and chop its way through even the toughest fruits and vegetables for lump-free soups, dips and purees. Get some inspiration here.


Get saving

The first step to saving those precious pennies is to protect your most prized possession; that shiny new smartphone. Protective casing in the past has often looked bland and boring, but things have changed. You can now get your hands on a phone case that not only looks great but also offers the ultimate protection. Treat yourself to a super stylish protective phone case from Proporta, Snakehive or Greenwich and say adios to expensive screen replacements.

Stuck in an expensive streaming subscription of 1000’s of channels when you only watch a few? Why not switch it up to subscription-free Freeview Play? Freeview Play offers live and on demand TV all in one place and you can also access programmes from BBC iPlayer, the ITV Hub, All 4, Demand 5 and UKTV Play as well as over 85 digital channels and HD channels. And as ever with Freeview, there’s no monthly fee.




Say goodbye to that expensive home security system! You can now turn any old mobile phone you have lying around into a sophisticated monitoring camera with the Manything App. Whether you want to keep an eye out for intruders, check on deliveries or just keep your pets company, Manything allows for all and will send you a notification when unknown activity is detected.




Treat yo’self

Of course, there’s no better way to beat those January blues than some self-indulgence. Why not reward your first successful month of resolutions with that gift that Santa forgot? We won’t judge!

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