Designed without compromise: Ruark introduces the MRx


Here at LRR, we firmly take the view that good design is essentially timeless, and none of our clients exemplify this better than Ruark Audio. Recognised as the quintessential English purveyor of stylish sound systems, Ruark’s approach to design is to get it right in the first place – then to ever-so-slighty tweak external industrial design while making dramatic internal technological changes.


2018 sees the family-run British audio brand’s first completely new design in over five years, and as you would expect from the audio firm, it’s something rather special.



The MRx embodies the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail that are hallmarks of all Ruark models and further demonstrates the brand’s ongoing process of industrial design. The juxtaposition of sleek, clean, real wood or soft grey exterior with the textured, British-sourced fabric creates a speaker that is truly exquisite. Its beauty lies in its simplicity – both in its sophisticated design, but in its ease of use, too.



The same attention to detail carries through to the technology inside, making MRx a class-leafing performer. Sonically, Ruark has worked tirelessly to create a system which will exceed expectations, producing an expansive sound that makes music all the more enjoyable. For those who like sound throughout the entire home, the MRx also benefits from multi-room capability; simply hook it up to the company’s existing R2 or R7 models and you’ve got yourself an entirely Ruark-connected home.


The end result? A wireless speaker system which combines Ruark’s timeless mid-century styling with its most technologically advanced sound capability to date; which will enhance both a single room and an entire family home; and whose sound quality belies its compact size and defies expectations.


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