Ruark Raises The Roof With John Lewis


Although notorious for being wetter than winter, the British summer defied the odds yesterday for an exclusive press lunch we hosted on behalf Ruark Audio,  in conjunction with fellow British icon John Lewis . Ruark’s longstanding relationship with the high-street store, combined with the news that once more the flagship Oxford Street shop would be turned into a seasonal “pop-up”, equalled a match made in heaven. The Summer of Sound  is a rooftop bar, with a number of hosted studios the public can book into for food and drink. The superior studio has to be Ruark’s, boasting the biggest space and the most fashionable design. The pod is complete with an English countryside meets modern botanical aesthetic, with incredible music provided by the brand’s MRx speaker.


Ruark Audio John Lewis Event


Yesterday afternoon, team Ruark hosted a private press lunch with guests including Jennifer Newton, Jacky Parker, Amira Arasteh, Clare Piper, Cate St Hill and Max Langridge.  The event was the perfect opportunity for guests to be wowed by the incredible quality of the MRx. The first new model from Ruark in over five years, MRx is a connected wireless speaker that mixes rich sound with incredible style. Its launch has been monumental, and our guests were very impressed. “Ruark’s MRx delivers a room-filling sound. The studio may have been small, but the volume was turned down to a relative level. I have no doubts about its potential performance in larger spaces.” Says Max Langridge of Pocket-lint.


Ruark Audio John Lewis Event


The impressive capacity of the rooftop meant that the atmosphere was buzzing throughout the afternoon, both inside and out. The lunch was hosted by Butchies, the official food sponsor of the event, and we think we can speak for the entire nation when we say you can’t get much better than honey-chilli infused halloumi fries. Speaking of the atmosphere, freelance journalist Amira Arasteh commented: “I really liked the relaxed atmosphere. It meant everyone could get to know Richard from Ruark who came, and hear more about the brand and its products. It made for a less pressured feeling and allowed for organic and authentic conversation to flow. Being fed specs, albeit important, can be fairly dull, but this was far from that”.


Ruark Audio John Lewis Event


Whatsmore Amira, alongside all guests in attendance, were immediately drawn to Ruark’s very own piece of artwork it created for the event; an incredible ‘flat-lay’ installation of the entire Ruark range, from R1 right through to R7. The synergy throughout the collection cannot be denied, and the rest of the studio reflected the brand’s signature style.

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