Podcasts killed the video star


It’s 2004 and in an article called Audible Revolution the Guardian reports on a “new boom in amateur radio”. Unsure of what to call it – audioblogging? guerillamedia? – the journalist lands on a term we’re more familiar with today: podcasting.


Fast-forward 14 years and any Serial-loving, S-Town-addict will be baffled as they read the Guardian journalist speculating over whether this new form of media will ever really take off, and wondering if one day people might actually be able to make a living from it. But it wasn’t until 10 years after that article that podcasts really hit the mainstream.


Today, we’re spoilt for choice with over 18.5 million podcast episodes available for download, and that number is not looking to slow down. Here at the Coop, we’re always sharing our podcast recommendations in the office, and with more and more of our conversations starting with “I heard this thing on a podcast the other day”, it only felt right to gather our top picks to share with you!



The Lost Boys Pod – loved by Senior Account Executive, Emma Younger


The Lost Boys Pod follows all 121 episodes of Lost with two Indy journalists, one who has never seen the show before and the other who has seen it several times. Both hardcore fans and Lost newbies can listen along as Jack and Jacob dissect a new episode each week, in a very, very funny manner!


For me, Lost was the first TV show I ever got into and I sort of grew up with it. Although I was only 11 at the time it aired, and I had to beg my parents to let me watch it, I was completely hooked by the characters, the show’s mythology, the brilliant writing and the way everything is cleverly intertwined.


Lost is renowned for its pop-culture references, some I’d never picked up on before, but now I have some very random and somewhat useless facts about the show – perhaps something will come handy in a pub quiz one day!



Table Manners – loved by Senior Account Executive, Lewis Hopkins



The divine goddess that is singer Jessie Ware and her mother Lennie are most definitely the hosts with the most on Table Manners. Now in its fourth series, the podcast serves up a smorgasbord of tasty guests, including Nigella Lawson, Russell Tovey and Loyle Carner, with conversation just as delicious as the food the mother/daughter duo cook up. Each week a famous face is invited over to Jessie’s house for a natter, some grub and a glass or two of pinot noir; the perfect laid-back vibe for celebrities to reveal the juiciest of stories.


I’m a mega-fan of the Mercury Prize-nominated artist and am not ashamed to say Twitter alerts are turned on so I don’t miss an episode. It is the perfect way to unwind late at night and offers the best food inspiration for future dinner parties.



Sound Matters – loved by Junior Account Executive, Sasha Regazzoni



Sound Matters is an award-winning, one-of-a-kind journey through time, culture and art. Presented by the compelling Tim Hinman and supported by our very own Bang & Olufsen, the podcast explores the multifaceted nature of sound.


The podcast’s 23 epic episodes “look at and listen to the sound around us”. These rather mystic and sensorial narrations provide a wholesome audio experience, in line with Bang & Olufsen’s almost-centenary philosophy. The beauty of this series is the variety of content, which follows a natural journey around the world, from New Dehli to Tokyo, in conversation with leading creatives about their personal experiences.


My favourite episode is the most recent, which brings listeners into the world of meditation with legendary artist and cult director David Lynch. The 25-minute recording immediately transports you to his studio in Los Angeles, where you can “dive through the subtle levels of the mind and intellect” with mesmerizing and atmospheric sounds.



Grazia Life Advise – loved by Junior Account Executive, Devon Cairns



Ever dedicated to the PR life, I often immerse myself in some easy and enlightening listening with one of LRR’s most-loved publications – Grazia. The 30-minute podcasts hosted by Rhiannon Evans, one of the editors at the title, is set out like an interview. Rhiannon speaks with “women worth listening to” asking for their six best pieces of advice they’ve ever been given – and their one worst piece!


The first episode with award-winning author of ‘Everything I know about love’, Dolly Alderton, comes highly recommended from me. Dolly’s advice to be “polite and friendly” is simple but effective, and something I can get behind.


In another episode, Rhiannon invites her first male guest on the show: Tan France from the epic Netflix show, Queer Eye. France share his words of wisdom from his grandpa, who lives by the mantra “learn everything, do everything”. For me, the podcast seeks to inspire my most mundane days with its half-hour snippet.

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