Plan the ultimate New Year’s Eve


There’s a huge amount of pressure involved in planning the perfect New Year’s Eve. In a vast metropolis such as London, where options seem to be never-ending, making an assertive decision can be overwhelming. Worry no more, fellow readers, as Little Red Rooster has thought to make life simpler for you and to round up all the most exciting, buzzing ¬– or understated, if you fancy a “chill” one – events around town.


Whether you’re planning an intimate karaoke get-together, hosting a soiree at home or retreating to a ski resort for the holidays, keep reading for brilliant NYE inspiration.


The Big Night Out

If you fancy staying up until the early hours, dancing until you drop and boogieing the night away, you might want to check out these parties. First up, for anyone London-bound, E1 and Percolate are hosting a big bash featuring a pretty impressive trio of DJs in Wapping for a celebratory mix of house, electro, soul and techno.


If you’re in the mood for a slightly alternative night of dancing, why not try out the NYE Silent Disco at Banking Hall, to shimmy your way into 2019 in a pretty epic Art Deco surrounding.


Elsewhere, if you’re in the vicinity to Manchester, why don’t you check out Canal Mills NYD event in Leeds. Some phenomenal DJ’s are headlining this epic party, which is sadly the last one ever! Make sure you don’t miss it.


Of course we wouldn’t want to run out of phone battery, lose our friends amongst the sea of clubbers, and end up eating a hotter-than-the-sun Filet-O-Fish on the edge of a pavement, sobbing. (Never happened, honest.). So a Cygnett power bank is a big-night-out essential. And just to be extra safe, we recommend protecting your phone with a super-durable Mous case, to avoid shattering your screen as you twirl your way through the dancefloor.


The House Party

If this year your plans involve celebrating at home with close friends, popping off some fireworks, downing bubbly and pumping out good tunes, here are a few tips to host a smooth but banging New Year’s Eve party. Firstly, get your hands on some great speakers to get the party going – we recommend Bang & Olufsen Beosound 1 for adding a touch of Scandi design to your home gig. Go for an Edge or A9 if you have a sizeable space to fill, you lucky thing.


Another essential party element is lighting, of course, and Nanoleaf is just what you need to bring disco vibes to your living room. Connect Nanoleaf to your music device and dance away in sync to the colour-changing light panels.


Lastly, keep your booze cool in an iconic Smeg fridge.


Karaoke Night

Karaoke is always a great idea, whether it’s at home or in a bar. This might not come as a surprise to some of you, but we at Little Red Rooster are big fans, which is why we know our stuff when it comes to the best Karaoke bars in London. For this NYE, Stoke Newington’s Karaoke Hole is at the top of our list. With Geri Haliwell (okay not THE actual Spice Girl) headlining this gig of ’90s and ’00s bangers, what else could you possibly want from a night of singing and dancing?


If you’re going for the more private option – which, let’s be honest, would be a good idea for rather a lot of us who can’t sync our mouths with our brains – get yourself the ultimate entertainment hub with the Roxi music system. You get an enormous choice of tunes to stream, and the Roxi just needs connecting to your TV – add speakers for the full party experience. You’re bound to have a rocking New Year’s Eve, singing your favourite tunes at the strike of midnight!


The Ski Trip

Sometimes you just need to get away from the fast-paced city life and retreat to a blissful mountain chalet. Don’t you agree? If you’re lucky enough to be bolting off for a week of ski, spas and European food, here are a few tips for you.


In terms of best places to go to, Italian Rooster Sasha just has to be that little bit partial. The Italian Alps are underrated, but so, so worth visiting. From smaller resorts such as Bormio or Sestriere, to the breath-taking views of the Dolomites, you’ll be in for a real treat. Plus, if you’re in Italy, you can reward yourself after a long day of skiing with the most delicious carbs the planet has to offer. We mean pasta, of course.


Most importantly, make sure you have booked something in for NYE, as it is very likely most restaurants will have booked up months in advance.


Secondly, new snow kit is indispensable to look great on the slopes. You want to swoosh down the mountain in style, plus the reflection of the white snow can be awfully blinding. What you need is a stunning pair of ski goggles by adidas Sport Eyewear. These bad boys will keep you looking like a pro as you slip down the icy piste!


And finally, here is what you will need when you wake up with that Prosecco headache on the first day of the year… A Barisieur coffee-alarm clock, of course! Start 2019 off on the right foot with a strong brew to sort your hangover, without even having to get out of bed. You can thank us later!



See you on the other side.

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