The portable personal trainer: myth or Myzone?


The saying ‘take care of your body and your body will take care of you’ has never rung truer. 2019 has been officially branded as ‘The Year of the Wellness Revolution’ and since January, we have been bombarded with new wellness trends. Digital detoxes, clean sleeping, gut health, ‘mindful’ workouts and slow fashion are just some of the most popular crazes, not to mention the ongoing debate about veganism and food exclusion.



Indeed, the Wellness industry is now worth an estimated $4.2 trillion, permeating almost every daily routine you can think of.



Earlier this week, research from the University of New York confirmed and clearly demonstrated the link between physical activity and brain health. For years, studies have also shown the impact of fitness and activity on brain health, nerve health, muscle health – you name it, exercise seems to be the key to a healthy life and the remedy to a not-so-healthy one. Recently, The Telegraph reported that the ‘couch potato’ lifestyle is causing over 500,000 deaths a year and that a brief 10-minute brisk walk cuts arthritis and premature death.



Here at the Coop, we like a party as much as the next person, but we also understand that health and fitness is key. For years now, founders Vic Ruffy and Henry Griffiths have kept Coop fitness in check with cool incentives and motivation from leading fitness company, Myzone. Since 2011, Myzone has led the forefront of fitness innovation, becoming the fitness industry’s leading wearable tech solution. It has brought the term ‘wearable tech’ directly to fitness facilities, making it relevant and user-friendly for operators and end users alike.



Myzone is now, unsurprisingly, enjoyed by over one million users worldwide, and represented in over 7,000 facilities in 65 countries.



Myzone has always strived to provide one of the most unique, comprehensive and effective health and fitness platforms. Offering a heart rate accuracy of over 99%, Myzone has revolutionised the way we challenge, compete and motivate ourselves during exercise with its MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt.




Creating an effort-based reading from your personal resting and maximum heart rate, the Myzone MZ-3 belt gives you a clear colour reading to help you keep your fitness goals in check. This will tell you if you are in the peak zone, the cardio zone, the aerobic zone or the fat burning zone to help you plan workouts and achieve specific targets. Five simple colour codes, starting at grey and ending on red, provide you with instantaneous feedback on your work out intensity, thus earning you highly addictive Myzone Effort Points (MEPs). You can earn MEPs for virtually any activity, whatever your age or fitness ability.



Myzone also offers a social experience, allowing you to compete against friends on a level playing field, which creates that all-important motivation – just the thing to keep you going even when a fitter work colleague is hitting the gym every lunchtime. Not that we’re competitive at Little Red Rooster. Much.



This month, Myzone has taken the next step in becoming one of the front runners in fitness tech, keeping users committed, motivated and on target. The new MZ-Fitness Test accurately monitors your fitness – ‘fitness’ is something that’s usually measured imprecisely in every day life, from hitting a new PB to running an extra 10 minutes after your normal run. Myzone can now quantify your fitness level and track it accurately over time. It allows you to see improvements in your recovery time so once you have performed more than one MZ-Fitness Test, you will begin to see your historic data, and this will also be shown as a % result to show your fitness levels changing.



The second new feature is MZ-Motion. How many times have you checked the Health app on your phone, and been staggered that after a moderately active day, you seem to have taken 23,000 steps in 24 hours? Myzone wanted to change the standard delivery of ‘steps’ by focusing on duration rather than a single movement. It only records continuous movement you make to give a fuller picture of your daily activity – even when you are not wearing your MZ-3. Every minute of movement provides you with one MZ-Motion. Utilising the phone’s accelerometer, which detects movement, it records incidental activity when the phone is in motion.



These two new features have enabled Myzone to become an entire Health Package. The Myzone collection now consists of wearable tech, including the MZ-3 tracker, sports bra, bodymetric scales and compression top; a fitness monitor to track your fitness accurately; a social experience which motivates you to keep active and encourage your connections to do the same; and Zone Match Classes which challenges you to control your heart rate, matching it to a series of zones while you exercise by pushing harder or letting of. In addition to all of that, Myzone also allows you to create personal ‘Goals’ and ‘Challenges’ for yourself.



We are dubbing it ‘The Portable Personal Trainer’, providing you with the support, motivation and facilities to do fitness however you want to. In a market that is bursting at the seams, Myzone has risen above the rest of wearable tech to additionally provide the most inclusive and innovative fitness platform around today.



But hey, if you think the 99.4% accuracy is too good to be true – why don’t you try it out for yourselves?

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