MYZONE: Choose Your Colour


Summer is now in full swing and, for some of us Roosters, it feels like it is slipping away too quickly. Introducing the new MYZONE Sports Bra, launching in September to keep that bright feeling running right into Autumn. The new neon line-up of aqua, pink and yellow will bring all those glowing summer memories back, but the sweat-resistance material will keep you cool without chaffing and digging – you don’t want a flashback of when you underestimated that heatwave and opted for long sleeves.


As with the MYZONE red and black sports bra, the best feature is the ease of simply clicking the MYZONE MZ-3 fitness tracker into place so you can record you work out information while you are making the most of the sweat resistance material to get your effort points up!


The new colours will be available in sizes XS-L and will be sold on Amazon for £49.99. What will your colour be?



As the MYZONE ethos is all about effort, it analyses a personal handicap based on your maximum heart rate and creates bespoke targets just for you – evening out the playing field. You might finish behind Jessica Ennis-Hill in an endurance run for example, but if you exerted greater effort you will come out top because you’ve worked harder.
Streaming real time data including heart rate, calories and percentage of effort, it is easy to track your progress on the app via the five simple colour codes, where the harder you work, the higher up the colour scale you go, earning you highly addictive MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs).


And unlike many other trackers, MYZONE doesn’t discriminate between exercise styles meaning you can score MEPs for virtually any activity from ice-skating to weight-lifting, jogging to horse-riding- all of which is logged on your personal profile.
Dubbed ‘social media for physical activity’, the MYZONE app has several features including:


• Dedicated groups and networks for shared goals
• WhatsApp-style messaging to connect privately with friends
• Instagram-style photo uploads
• Integrated music streaming through Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play Music
• Notifications when you have reached the World Health Organisation’s recommended guidelines for exercise the only fitness tracker to do so

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