The MYZONE Challenge



As you may or may not know at Little Red Rooster we love a party or two, (really?). Since we like to indulge ourselves, we thought we should balance the scales pre-party season and get our sports gear on, get our head in the game and get fit for our very first MYZONE Challenge.


Naturally there was no better way to do this than using our very own MYZONE’s! Throw in the Little Red Rooster penchant for a bit of competitiveness and of course a challenge was set, the teams split and so it began. We had from 1st September until 8th November to get as many MYZONE MEP’s as humanly possible, and that is exactly what we did. The winners would then choose a charity to give £1000.


When we were first split into Team Keef and Team Mick (Vic vs Henry!) this instilled the competitive spirit into many of us Roosters…although it may have not been there before, it certainly was now. The idea of beating your colleagues must be some sort of incentive right?



We saw plenty of blood, sweat, tears, vomit (Lewis), cheeky tricks and countless actions of bribery, not to mention the targeting and taking down of team members. But Team Keef had a secret weapon. Lewis Hopkins. Although it was a slow start for our Lewis and no-one targeting him as he was ‘not a threat’ to the other team, he charged to the top in the last few weeks and overtook some key runners on the leader board. We personally enjoyed the name of each workout, including but not limited to: ‘Send for help’, ‘Not okay hun’ and ‘Death by circuits’. A special well done to Lewis!



It may have taken some time and last minute gym sessions to get everyone involved but it was an absolute success for both teams. Time to announce the winners…


Team Keef!



Team Keef chose SeeSaw as it’s charity, which will be receiving £1,250. Based in Headington, Oxford, SeeSaw is a local bereavement charity which provides first-hand and face-to-face support to children and families dealing with loss or grief. SeeSaw provides quick, same day responses and ongoing bereavement support up until the age of 18. Since it was established in Oxfordshire over 15 years ago, the charity has supported over 4300 children, young people and families. With many close links to the charity, and it also being Smeg’s charity of the year it seemed the perfect fit and a very well deserved receiver for our funds.



If you are looking to jump-start your January fitness, why not try your hand at your own MYZONE Challenge using MYZONE’s handy ‘challenges’ section… you never know, you might just enjoy it as much as we did!


Read more about MYZONE here!

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