Meet the Roosters: Lucy, Office Administrator/PA to Director


Being a PA in PR takes more than just mastering spreadsheets. In the latest instalment of our ‘Meet the Rooster’ series say hello to Lucy Pritchard, our youngest member and the girl who’s job it is to know Vic and Henry better than they know themselves… not to mention the small matter of delivering events such as the Summer Showcase.



Hello Lucy, let’s start with how you got to be a PA…


It all started in 2015, when straight out of A levels I undertook some work experience at Little Red Rooster not knowing what it would hold or how long it would last. Following a three-week stint, I was invited to become a fully-fledged Rooster. This meant I did not take the usual route via university, and started out younger than the rest. But I was still able to gain a qualification via the PRCA-accredited Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship in Public Relations while being employed at the coop. It was a whirl-wind year but I gained experience in both every-day work and a thorough knowledge of PR. I thoroughly recommend this to anyone! Throughout the experience, I realised that organisation was my forte. Once I had finished the apprenticeship with the qualification under my belt (hurrah!), I began the transition to being office administrator. Now, I thrive on spreadsheets and processes, so what better way to use this than managing events for Little Red Rooster? My job has continued to evolve and now I am also PA to one of our partners, Vic; anything I can to do make her life easier, I’ll do it.


What excites you most about your job?


Being able to come into work and not knowing what the day will bring. There is always a buzz in the office and a new task to achieve. Obviously, I could have said the people, but this goes without saying!


What is your most memorable career moment?


Without a doubt it has to be our highly regarded Summer Showcase in 2016. While completing the apprenticeship I had the task of organising an event and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to ‘showcase’ my skills (if you’ll pardon the pun). With a lot of hard work, organisation, planning – and a little help from Henry – event day was upon us. I was stressed to say the least. The last three months came down to this one day. The event was a hit and (almost) everything went smoothly, all the apprehension turned into pride and to receive a toast from everyone for curating the day topped it all off. The clients were happy, the Roosters were joyous and the journalists arrived in their droves. By the end of the day, I was about ready to collapse…but not before a knees up with the team of course!


B&O Play at Little Red Rooster’s Summer Showcase 2016


Describe your happy place?


Coppa Club, a triple rum and coke in hand, and a plate of sticky chorizo sausages (seriously – have you tried them?!).


What is it like working for Vic and Henry?


I know them and how they work better than anyone. LRR started not long ago with just a team of four and now there are 18 of us, so they are like proud parents when we all get together! Working closely with both of them I get to see their individual drive and passion for PR, and it is great that they both still get to do all of that in their own way, alongside running the company of course.


What do you think makes Little Red Rooster different from other PR agencies?


Little Red Rooster is all about working hard and achieving great results, out of the ordinary. We have excellent attention to detail, with fun personalities that come together to create an idyllic coop. Everyone here works hard out of choice, not because they have to, gaining brilliant results, while having fun along the way.


The Smeg London Flagship launch event, Regent Street, St James’s

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?


Love what you do, or just leave it!


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