Meet the Rooster: Sasha




Hello Sasha, Let’s start with how you got into PR…

I got into PR a little randomly. When the highly distressing university-application time bore upon me, I had my heart set on the renowned London College of Fashion, where I aspired to learn all the necessary skills to embark on a career in fashion journalism and become the next Anna Wintour. However, when I excitedly turned up to the LCF open day and my mum convinced me to sit through the PR & Communication course presentation, I realised I was far more suited to the more versatile and hands-on field of public relations. A degree, several internships and a bit later, here I still am!



What excites you most about your job?

I think PR is an exciting industry. I have always known I’m not the type of person who would do well in a static sort of job, and planning events has always been really appealing to me. Now that I have a couple of events under my belt, I can certainly say there is nothing quite as thrilling as seeing your hard work pay off in the form of people having a great time!



What makes LRR different from other PR agencies?

LRR is a one-of-a-kind agency. Compared to my previous experiences elsewhere, I think LRR sets itself apart for the dedication that each member of the team has for their clients. LRR is a competitive and highly driven environment, fuelled by the Roosters’ ardent passion for what they do. Not many agencies can say that for themselves!



Describe your work wardrobe?

A lot of black and, apparently (according to my colleagues), I bring surfer Billabong vibes to the office.



Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to work in PR?

Intern, intern, intern. I can’t stress how valuable it was for me to get experience in different companies and industries. I took skills and knowledge from each and every internship I did before applying for a full-time role and I don’t think I’d be half as capable as I am now if I hadn’t! There are still many things I learnt when I was a very fresh PR baby, in a tiny fashion agency on Brick Lane, that are incredibly useful to me today.



What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

My good ol’ dad once told me I should never underestimate myself. I think that in the professional world, this is key to staying confident and not letting the big dogs take advantage of you.



Who or what inspires you the most?

I am constantly inspired by everything that surrounds me, living in London and in such a digital, image-saturated age allows me to be constantly connected to art, photography, design, music, culture, politics and travelling, which then permeates into everything I do.



Describe your happy place?

I think it has to be that feeling you get when you’re on a long holiday in a brand new country and you’re strolling through the streets of Tokyo or San Francisco, taking in all the quirky little things the locals do and stumbling across the best dinner spot ever, tucked away in some unknown neighbourhood you ended up in by mistake.



Choose your last meal and dinner guests…

Let’s start with dinner guests because I haven’t made my mind up about what we’re eating… as usual. Bearing in mind I would, of course, have the power to bring the dead back for my dinner party, it’s going to have to be a strong female squad consisting of: Michelle Obama, ’cause she’s a queen; JK Rowling, as she’s been my hero since I was 11 and I wrote her a letter expanding on how my life would drastically deteriorate if she didn’t write more HP books; Agatha Christie, for some improvised murder investigation games at the table; and Annie Leibovitz, for a few pointers on using my analogue camera. Oh, and Jean-Michel Basquiat will come late to the party for a wild NY-esque night.


Okay and this is what we’re eating…


A platter of Tuscan cheeses, hams and olives – Aperol Spritz

Seafood Crudite’ and salmon and avocado tartare – a nice Sauvignon

Fresh truffle pasta – Bruciato red wine

Bacon cheeseburger with fries and gravy – Bruciato Red wine

Tiramisu’ and Apple Crumble – Amaro Montenegro

Peppery Gin & Tonic



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