LRR Father’s Day Gift Guide 2017


Father’s Day is rapidly approaching and as many of you probably know, Dads are notoriously difficult to buy for. What do you buy someone who insists they don’t need anything? However, there’s no need to fear – we’ve rounded up a range of the best products which ensure that your Dad will be impressed with the seemingly huge amount of thought you’ve put into Father’s Day. We’ve got presents for the work-a-holic, the car fanatic or even the Dad who is partial to a bit of luxury now and again.


Do you have a Dad whose car is his baby? You know, the kind of Dad who won’t let you eat, or even drink in the car. We have the product for him. The Smart Polish Pro Waterless Wash and Wax means cleaning the car is exceptionally easy. This magic mixture does away with the need for annoyingly tangled hosepipes and will leave his car with a show-stopping shine. This innovative product doesn’t just help with the annoyances of car-washing, it will also save your Dad time. Car washing normally takes on average an hour, but Smart Polish Pro will ensure that the process is four times faster. What’s more precious than the gift of more time (and a gorgeous looking car)?


If you’re willing to push the boat out and invest in a quality option with a bigger price-tag, then the Ruark Audio MR1 Mk2 Bluetooth speakers are an obvious choice for the Dad that is a sucker for a post-work sing-along to The Rolling Stones. He’ll undoubtedly be amazed by the exceptional quality of sound produced by these miniature marvels. The speakers are beautifully designed to offer a remarkable sound experience without dominating your home. This means Mum can’t moan about them taking up too much room in the living room. Win-win?



Alternatively, if you’re ready to spend a little more but not quite sure about the inevitable constant playing of The Rolling Stones on full blast (but come on, who wouldn’t enjoy that?), then the Smeg ECF01 Coffee Machine is the choice for you. Not only is Smeg a brand which is well-known for being spectacularly swanky, it is also notorious for its commitment to quality products. For the busy, work-a-holic Dad, this product is invaluable. The appliance can go from nought to espresso in less than 10 seconds, and the thermoblock technology means it can seamlessly switch between brewing coffee and jetting out hot steam. He’ll never be late again! As if that isn’t enough, the stainless-steel top also functions as a passive cup warmer, so your Dad will never have to reluctantly down a lukewarm coffee ever again.




For Dads that seem to have everything, maybe a new pair of sunglasses is in order. The Silhouette Adventurer Aviators are stunning. These splendid specs are the obvious choice for the up-coming sunny months. Not only are these sunnies a fashionable addition to your Dad’s summer wardrobe, they are also exceptionally durable as they are crafted from lightweight titanium. So, no matter how clumsy your Dad may be, it’s unlikely that your investment will ever go to waste.


At a lower price tag, the Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlock is a brilliantly practical present. This ingenious product means that your Dad will no longer mess around with long lock combinations and ridiculously fiddly keys. The Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlock is operated through your Dad’s smartphone, and can be used to secure pretty much anything; from bike sheds to garages. The accompanying app offers military-grade protection and can be used to offer remote access to friends, family and even couriers so he will never miss a delivery again.



If none of these products are for your Dad, then you can’t go wrong with a classic pair of good-quality socks! Right? Why not stray from the predictable pair of cotton socks and treat your Dad’s feet? The luxurious cashmere Monogrammed Pantherella Waddington socks are not only extremely comfortable but they can also be personalised thanks to Pantherella’s bespoke monogramming service.



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