London Design Week 2019: An introduction to Colour Psychology


Victoria + Albert Baths – Ravello bath – – RAL Gloss 6005 


This week, more than 100 showroom events are taking place in Design Centre Chelsea Harbour as part of London Design Week, with a programme full of discussions, inspirational talks, new collections, history lessons, workshops and more.


Yesterday, luxury British bathing brand, Victoria + Albert Baths held a special event in its Chelsea Harbour showroom, to sit proudly alongside the official launch of its new RAL colour service (find out more about this here). The event focused on an introduction to Colour Psychology and was hosted by interior designer, Great Interior Design Challenge judge and co-host of The Great Indoors podcast, Sophie Robinson and journalist, author and colourphile Martha Roberts, of The Colour File. There were more than 100 guests in attendance, ranging from aspiring interior designers to top tier journalists and influencers. Sophie and Martha captured the audience’s attention throughout the talk, where they discussed how colour can transform the way a room looks and feels. The inspiring pair discussed how colour has a huge impact on our day-to-day lives; not just in our homes, but in the food that we eat, to the clothes we wear.


Colour is such a powerful tool which can drastically change the mood of a space in the colours we use. A general rule is that using warm colours such as red and orange make a room feel cosier, brings joy, fun and encourages conversation. Meanwhile, using tranquil colours such as blues and greens create a sense of calmness and creativity.


Sophie and Martha also talked about individual reactions to certain colours. This was then broken down into personality groups – spring, summer, autumn and winter. These have nothing to do with what time of the year it is, but how the colours of each season raise an emotion within you. Each season is an illustrative tool for the colour palette, and individuals can be a mix of two seasons.


Firstly, spring people are forward-thinking individual; they are sprightly, uplifting, optimistic and energised. In terms of interiors, these people are excellent at designing children’s rooms for their fun approach to design. Moving onto the summer profile, it’s all about soft colours and colours fading – think of a hydrangea bush and you have your summer palette. A summer person is cool, calm and measured. In regards to interiors, these individuals love elegant styles and are highly organised, with great attention to detail.


Autumn brings a huge burst of colour; bonfire night, harvest and the changing trees. It’s surprisingly a very energetic season, with warm, intense, earthy colours. These individuals tend to be busy, enthusiastic and passionate, with a strong connection to nature. In terms of interiors there will be clutter in the room, lots of books, gallery walls, and a huge love of nature and heritage.


Lastly, winter is cold, extreme and uncompromising. Winter personalities tend to be leaders in their field. When it comes to the home, it’s one way or the other – extreme maximalism, or extreme minimalism.


In terms of trends, these come and go, but each individual has a personal reaction to certain colours.  Perhaps before considering colours for a room, think about who it is going to be used by and what is it going to be used for; this will then help you decide on your scheme.


Keep your eyes peeled for further highlights on the blog throughout London Design Week, where we’ll be rounding up the key launches from the show and the hottest trends you’ll be reading about next season.


Victoria + Albert Baths – Hampshire bath – – RAL Matt 1007

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