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August 2016, is a time when the world is glued to coverage of the Rio Olympics. The dedication and success the top athletes have in various sports is an inspiration to us all to stay fit. Getting your five-a-day and staying active is vitally important to our health. Little Red Rooster is here to help you keep fit and stay healthy with a selection of products you can benefit from.


MYZONE MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt   


Having problems tracking the effort you put into your workouts? MYZONE has the answer with the release of its MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt. This product is extremely versatile as it can be attached to a sports bra, compression top or work simply onto an elasticated strap. It sets personal targets and calculates the effort you put in to each individual workout session with an impressive 99.4% accuracy. It is used alongside a smartphone app to provide you with live data streams, an online logbook, challenges and an interactive leader board to compete with your friends.


Smeg Slow Juicer SLF01  


 The latest addition to Smeg’s 50s retro style collection is the SLF01 Slow Juicer. It is cleverly designed to juice fruit and vegetables with the skin still on which means that vital minerals and vitamins are retained. Available in four gorgeous colours, this is the perfect and prettiest product to help you get your five-a-day!


B&O PLAY H5 sports earphones


Listening to music during a late night run or a sweaty workout at a gym has never been so easy with the new B&O PLAY H5 earphones. The main benefits of these earphones is the handy wireless connectivity to your music player and the magnet built into each earpiece allowing you to wear them around your neck. Sweat proof, dust proof and splash proof earphones will give up long after your body does!


Ted Baker Smartphone Running Armband from Proporta


The fantastically floral Ted Baker Smartphone Running Armband is perfect for when you are running, cycling or working out in the gym. This super-soft neoprene mix with an adjustable velcro closure, allows you to achieve the perfect fit and experience total comfort during even the most rigorous of workouts.


Quella Evo   

Price: £599.00

For all the cyclists out there, the Quella Evo is the bike for you. The impressive Evo hybrid has been cleverly designed to fuse three different types of bike in one, meaning it is suitable for multiple uses and seasons. This is possible because of the adaptable tyres, handlebars, gears and brakes. Two colours are available: midnight purple and orange, so there really is no excuse to not look fabulous on your morning cycle to work.

q5 EVO

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