Go West: How the humble cowboy boot became this season’s biggest trend


Whether it’s a square or pointed toe, low or high heel, ankle or calf length, there has been one trend sweeping the globe for the last year – the cowboy boot. A conventional footwear item that once started out on the ranch has now taken over the wardrobes of the masses, making it impossible to scroll through Instagram or stroll down the high street without spotting a humble Western boot. Therefore, we’ve done our homework to find out where the trend started, where it has been and where it’s heading next…


After a little Google into the history of the cowboy boot, we found that they originated almost 150 years ago in Kansas with Texan cowboys. The clever bunch found that a straight topped boot with a one-inch heel did the job perfectly and they were able to ride off into the sunset impeccably (after adding a lone star detail for a bit of pizzazz, of course). Designs then evolved throughout the late 1800s to create a European cavalier style of boot before eventually becoming a fashion item in the 1930s as a result of the rise in Wild West movies and radio shows. Not until the 1950s, when the popularity of country music skyrocketed, was the pointed toe added, making the Western boot what we know it as today.


Fast forward another 70 years of cowboy boots being pigeon-holed into their niche market and fashion designers started to take note of the boots’ versatility. Over the last couple of years, fall catwalks have been dominated by the Western trend. The likes of Calvin Klein, Fendi and Isabel Marant have all styled cowboy boots in various ways, sparking them to influence the mainstream and other designers to jump on board.




Trickling down into the mainstream, cowboy boots are now dominating festivals around the globe. Not only was Palm Springs based festival, Coachella, awash with the statement V-shape fronted footwear but festival-goers worldwide are now reaching for their Western boots as a conventional yet stylish alternative to the traditional welly, pairing them with everything from the festival go-to denim shorts to floaty prairie dresses. The lovely Xenia Adonts recently opted for the latter look at Coachella, rocking her Ariat Heritage R Toes with an enviable midi dress.


Xenia Adonts


Elsewhere, the trend has been injected into a plethora of street style looks, with almost every influencer donning a pair of cowboy boots over the last year to liven up the most basic of outfits. Varying from doing as the cowboys do and pairing them with a pair of jeans to sprucing up a classic Autumn coat, a Western boot is a key staple to the Instagram feed.


Lucy Connelly


If you’re looking to get on board with the trend that doesn’t seem to be dying out any time soon, look no further than Ariat – the world’s largest manufacturer of cowboy boots which we are lucky enough to have as a client. With an extensive collection of designs, it’s safe to safe there is something on offer for everyone. We’ve pulled together our current favourites below:


Ariat Juanita, £230

Ariat Heritage R Toe, £160

Ariat Terra Bella, £200

Ariat Cowtown Cutter, £230

Ariat Lovely, £150

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