Fender and LRR ‘Play’ at The Scotch of St James


Fender guitars are synonymous with rock n’ roll royalty. You may not realise it but if you asked all your favourite rock idols from the 60s to the modern day it’s more than likely they used a Fender guitar. From Jeff Beck to George Harrison to Eric Clapton to Jimi Hendrix (the list goes on) they have all used Fender guitars throughout their career, both on stage and in the studio.




So where better to celebrate Fender’s innovative new guitar learning app, than at the Scotch of St James in Mayfair! Drenched in rock n’ roll history, the Scotch was a popular meeting place for 60s legends such as Rod Stewart, Stevie Wonder, the Rolling Stones, The Who and it’s where Jimi Hendrix played his first UK gig back in 1966.



On the 6th November journalists and influencers joined Fender and the Little Red Rooster team for an evening of drinks and food, plus the chance to rock out in style using the Fender Play app. With four Play stations situated around the venue, guests were invited to choose either an acoustic, electric, bass or ukulele guitar, and channel their inner rock god using the app.





A new video-based app, Fender Play equips you with everything you need to learn guitar and promises to get complete beginners playing recognisable riffs in just 22 minutes. With a plethora of musical genres to choose from, you can learn songs from your favourite rock, blues, pop, folk or country music artists including Joan Jett, U2, Jimmy Eat World, Johnny Cash and many, many more.  Simple and easy to use, the app works to fit around you and your schedule, offering bite-sized lessons and keeps track of your personal guitar learning path so you can just pick up where you left off each time.





To round off a fantastic evening, guests were treated to an intimate gig from Frank Carter and Dean Richardson of Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes. Introduced by Fender’s CEO, Andy Mooney, who had flown over from LA especially for the event. Frank and Dean performed five of their hits, with Dean accompanying Frank’s powerful lead vocals with his Fender California Series acoustic guitar, leaving our guests feeling musically inspired and queues were forming back at the Fender Play stations after their performance.





We don’t know about you but this weekend we will be booking in some time with the Play app, and you’ll certainly find a few roosters strumming their favourite Rolling Stones riffs on an iconic Fender Stratocaster.

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