LPG endermologie celebrate the brand new CELLU M6 Alliance at Harrods Wellness Clinic


LPG endermologie, France’s best kept beauty secret, celebrated the UK launch of its brand new tenth generation technology, the CELLU M6 Alliance, with two days of exclusive appointments at the prestigious Harrods Wellness Clinic this week.



Although hugely popular in its home country of France and globally, with over 300,000 people enjoying endermologie on a daily basis, LPG has finally brought its fight for natural beauty to the UK with a vengeance.


The two day event gave an array of press and influencers the opportunity to enjoy endermologie’s all new non-invasive and non-aggressive three-in-one skin fitness solution. The new and improved technology improves the skin from within: smoothing uneven areas such as stubborn cellulite, fighting resistant fat and firming the skin with an entirely redesigned patented head. The CELLU M6 now combines a motorised rollerball with suction technology to provide the most bespoke sessions yet, offering each individual an entirely unique treatment.



The CELLU M6 Alliance acts as the perfect alternative to artificial cosmetic surgery. LPG’s fight for natural beauty focuses on being the best version of yourself and improving yourself from within. After all, what’s the point of eating organically and attending weekly yoga classes to then fill your body with harmful poisons?


Ever passionate about what they fight for, we were lucky enough to have the endermologie team fly over from France for the occasion, hosting one-on-one discussions with both press and influencers. Being amongst the first to enjoy the new treatment, attendees were able to have any questions about the CELLU M6 answered straight from the horse’s mouth from Nelson Philippe – grandson of LPG’s founder, and now Chief Executive Officer of LPG.



As a team who all receive a copy of Caroline de Maigret’s How To Be Parisian on their first day at the coop, LPG and endermologie make the perfect partner for Little Red Rooster’s first ever beauty client. Enjoyed by the beautiful French women we all aspire to be here in the UK, along with the likes of Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo who prove male grooming is certainly alive and kicking, we could not be more excited to introduce the clinically proven treatment to the British audience.



The hugely successful event at Harrods saw the likes of journalists from The Times, Vanity Fair and Country & Town House, to name a few. We were also lucky enough to have some well-loved names here in the UK, such as Frankie Gaff and Victoria Clay, jump at the chance to experience the new CELLU M6.


Whilst everyone’s feedback from their treatment mentioned their struggle to stay awake due to how relaxing and pleasurable they found the experience, all attendees were immensely impressed by the new technology and were able to see visible results after just 40 minutes in the Wellness Clinic’s beautiful treatment room. Those who were fortunate enough to have experienced endermologie’s previous technology raved about the CELLU M6’s redesigned head and its ability to specifically tailor sessions to individuals, accelerating results.



The all new and improved endermologie CELLU M6 Alliance is available at wellness centres, spas and gyms around the country, including the Harrods Wellness Clinic and the renowned KX Spa in Chelsea. A full list of stockists can be found here.


For more information about endermologie, please contact endermologie@littleredrooster.co.uk






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