Do women really rule the roost on Instagram?


According to research, women rule the roost on Instagram. The results from social scheduling company Hopper, found that female users get five times more likes on average than men. Apparently men are also 10 times more likely to like and/or comment on female users’ posts than those of other men.


While Instagram has always been a predominantly female platform, these findings highlight how tough it can be for brands to gain the cut through and traction they require, to drive sales, brand awareness and that all important brand love, amongst the male market.


The research highlights Little Red Rooster’s belief that successful social media campaigns must be targeted, precise, fully integrated and most important of all, relevant to the target audience, if they are to generate the results that brands are looking to achieve.


It’s not new information that women and men respond differently to marketing, whether that be adverts, PR or social media, and with Instagram becoming an ever more popular marketing tool, with over 600 million active users, it’s important for brands to know how to target each gender in the best way via the platform.


Here at Little Red Rooster, we believe there is no such thing as a dominant sex on Instagram – in fact, across a number of our clients we are directly challenging this notion by engaging equally with both male and female influencers.


While you may have to dig a little further to find them, across fitness, fashion, design, tech, music, interiors and other lifestyle sectors, there is an abundance of male influencers as well as their female counterparts. You haven’t got to look too hard for the most stylish guys on Instagram – Nickelson Wooster (721K followers) and Adam Gallagher (2 million followers), or the fittest – The Rock (82.5million followers), Kenneth Gallarzo (443K followers) and Ricky Warren (32K followers), or the most design savvy – 2 Lovely Gays (14.6K followers) and Ryan Korban (90.6K followers) to name a few.


The question is, what is the best way to engage with these male influencers? At Little Red Rooster we believe passionately in building authentic relationships with influencers that demonstrate a genuine passion for the brands we represent. In our opinion, expensive paid for partnerships with influencers who are not fully engaged with a product or campaign, provide very little return on investment as the content generated by these deals is often unoriginal, forced and quite clearly promotional.


In stark contrast are the genuine influencer relationships which Little Red Rooster works hard to build for its clients. Take model Ricki Hall for example. Ricki is an avid B&O PLAY fan with over 350K followers. As such we invited him to become part of the B&O PLAY collective, a group of like minded individuals with a mutual love for the brand, who test out all the latest products from the brand and share their musings and style the products for their instagram followers to enjoy.



Just this one post featuring the Beoplay H4 headphones from Ricki received over 6K likes and 50 comments. This post is one of many from Ricki and was not paid for or contracted in any way. A perfect example of how targeting the right influencers with a genuine love for a brand can pay off multiple times over.


Another example of an organic relationship that Little Red Rooster has fostered is between our client Scott-Nichol socks and Adam Katz Sinding, founder of fashion photography blog, le21eme. Adam was invited along to the Scott-Nichol stand at Pitti Uomo in January and was gifted a pair of socks. Adam has a long standing love of the brand and as such shared the following Instagram story with his 459k followers.



The brilliant facet of posts like these is the fact that as Adam states, they are not ads, but are instead organic product endorsements from influential individuals that genuinely love our brands.


So the next question is, how do you build genuine relationships with influencers if you are a boutique brand or a brand that your target audience isn’t aware of? Here at Little Red Rooster we pride ourselves on being consummate story tellers. We work closely with our clients to identify each unique brand story and ethos. It is this combined with a bit of Little Red Rooster magic, that we utilise to entice media and influencers alike to take a first look or in some instances a second look at a brand that they may have previously discounted.


Hosting face to face briefings with influencers, in much the same way as we do with traditional press is our tried and tested method of converting influencers into genuine brand advocates. In our opinion, nothing beats a face to face, personal approach. In our experience, if an influencer is prepared to take the time out to meet with you one to one, you are already halfway towards turning them into a brand ambassador.


So back to the original question, do women rule the roost on Instagram? Certainly brands must learn to identify and target each gender in the best way possible across the platform and this can take more time, research and knowledge of specific influencer communities when targeting the male market. However, here at LRR we believe Instagram is just as powerful a tool for reaching males as it is females, its just all about a targeted, intelligent approach. It’s not just about great photos, regular posts and the right hashtags! Instead it is about working with the right influencers, at the right times and for the right reasons.

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