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Not only has Little Red Rooster been securing stellar coverage for its clients on the national shopping pages and in the supps, the team has taken the business media by storm with no less than 15 articles appearing on air, in print and online. (Bravo, business media hounds in Berkshire and Soho.)


When the focus is driving brand awareness in the business pages, our results mantra stays the same. We don’t land coverage for the sake of landing coverage; we focus on achieving results for our clients that genuinely move the dial and make a long-lasting difference. Whether that’s a media strategy centred on grabbing the attention of investors, improving competitor share of voice or driving paid for subscriptions.


Earlier this month, we hosted a dinner with the CEO of Fender, Andy Mooney, and some of the our favourite business and tech journalists from BBC News Online, Metro, Wired, The Sun, Independent and NME. The dinner at the lovely Soho House Hotel served as a thank you to some of the journalists who have produced some stunning pieces on Andy’s remarkable career, the heritage that surrounds Fender, and future innovation plans for the business.


Having a CV to die for certainly grabs the attention of any national business desk, but landing that stand-out, double-page feature requires compelling storytelling. That’s where we can help.


The success we’ve had for brands such as Fender, Primephonic and Soda has been driven by establishing a strong viewpoint on the market and identifying potential opportunities and threats. You only have to look at some of our recent coverage discussing the revival on the high street for guitar outlets and how much of a threat Spotify poses to the genre of classical music.


Being bold about the competition and potential flaws in their service or inability to meet the demands of their customers helps to break through the noise.


The second element of business PR needs to focus on news hitchhiking – what is the one hook that your CEO feels confident and comfortable to have a viewpoint on? We work closely with our clients to help shape their messaging around Brexit (yes some dare to), data, compliance, technology or talent. There is no one-size-fits-all to this approach; it very much depends on the client’s goals, industry or stage of business.


Another way we are evolving this year’s Summer Showcase event is by inviting along CEOs from client brands and opening up a new stream of business media one-to-ones. We know how precious senior leader time is and having a full day of potential interview slots for business hacks will drive huge value for our clients. We look forward to seeing you there on July 10th at One Marylebone.

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