Bee inspired by Silken Favours’ ‘Seasonal Love’ collection


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We are so excited to show off the latest cushion collection from our gorgeous fashion client Silken Favours and its inspirational founder, Vicki Murdoch.


Seasonal Love is an adorable mix of British floral and fauna, depicting the individuality of spring, summer, autumn and winter, through intricate illustrations of birds, animals and flowers.


In classic Silken Favours style, the hand-drawn prints are influenced by the natural world, with Vicki creating a series of soothingly hypnotic patterns for the home.


Aside from her mirrored designs for the four seasons, we’re especially smitten with the ‘Bee’ cushion for the Friends of the Earth ‘Bee Cause’ campaign. This delightful addition to the line-up was created in collaboration with ‘MyChelsea Hotel’ in a bid to raise awareness about the drastically declining bee population, which is threatening our environment, our food and supplies our economy.


Using intricate pen and ink techniques, Vicki has depicted bumblebees surrounding wild flowers and fruits, to celebrate the contribution these cutesy pollinators provide to our planet.

Silken Favours takes a playful and warm-hearted approach to its subjects, which range from kittens riding unicorns to flying pigs. Vicki’s mother, Gail, then adds a final enchanting touch to each design by writing a poem to accompany it:


Team player extraordinaire, honey purveyor

Queens of the comb

Pollen distributor, all-life contributor

Appraise bee and Praise Be!


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