The Coop Takes Over Bang & Olufsen’s London Design Festival Press Party





Last night, team Rooster hosted an exclusive press party at London Design Festival with Bang & Olufsen. The event consisted of a bespoke installation in the influential design district of Brompton and was the first UK event celebrating the collaboration between Bang & Olufsen and Michael Anastassiades, the designer behind the recently launched Beosound Edge.



Working with Bang & Olufsen concept manager Kresten Bjorn Krab-Bjerre, guests were allowed to understand the deeper inspiration behind Beosound Egde, gain an insight into Michael’s design references, and view a demonstration of the incomparable audio abilities of the new home speaker.





What made the demonstration, and the whole event, even more exclusive was the bespoke composition put together by Mauro Hertig, a well-renowned and influential modern composer. Mauro’s conceptual works and site-specific works make his sound exceptionally unique. His focus lies on different manifestations and explorations of pulse, the manipulation of musical memory and the fluid relationship between score and sound.





With six Beosound Edge speakers across the space, and each playing a different part of the composition, guests were allowed to explore the space to experience the different qualities of sound.  Edge’s unique “rolling volume” function allowed for guest interaction with the installation throughout the course of the event.



The installation itself is a real thing of beauty. The event was held across four rooms in a former bank, fitting as the Beosound Edge’s design took inspiration from the classic British £1 coin. The name of the installation, 1/6000, derives from the probability of flipping a £1 coin and it landing on its edge. This combination of a product inspired by an iconic design, and a venue which backed up the inspiration, created a very clear understanding around the concept for the product.



During Michael’s speech he himself stated that the “classic” inspiration behind Edge derives from the trend towards fewer physical experiences in modern living. From a lack of photo albums to the rise of music streaming services, physical interaction with products that kick-start emotional journeys are depleting rapidly – the form and function of Edge pushes back against this change.





The hugely successful event is just one of the activities that Bang & Olufsen has implemented throughout London Design Festival 2018. Tonight, the brand is hosting a talk with luxury title Design Boom, and Thursday sees yet another late-night champagne reception for press and members of the public.



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