AW17 Interiors Trends


Little Red Rooster has been keeping its eyes on the various interior design shows for AW17 and we are excited to share the season’s hottest trends.


From new colour combinations of pink and green, to marble, ‘raw’ white, bouclé and terracotta; next season’s trends are an exciting bag. That said, what all of these have in common is an air of simplicity and refinement that will elevate any living space or look.


So, how best to style and introduce these trends into your home?


Pink and Green


First up for AW17 is pink and green. While we may have once argued that “pink and green should never be seen,” these shades proved to be the strongest colour combination at Maison & Objet in January.


Blending soft pastel tones is an easy introduction to a pink and green colour palette, and for those feeling brave, go for bold, bright hues. Take it one step further by opting for jewel-like tones of emerald green and ruby red, creating a dark and dramatic impact.





Marble décor is another crucial trend for AW17, the key to which is simplicity. Always ensure the look is clean, crisp and minimal. It’s easy to introduce accent colours – most commonly pinks and blues – but refrain from a pastel overload to keep it looking high-end.


Also important is to avoid too many metallic accessories, as this can cheapen the luxurious aesthetic of the marble. Make sure you mix up patterns and textures – you can often source wallpaper and tiles in the same marble hues, mix-and-match them for variety.




Once the fabric of choice for country bumpkins and most commonly found on a classic Chanel jacket; bouclé is slowly emerging as an interiors trend in its own right. Found on fabrics and upholstery – curtains, sofas, chairs, bedding and blankets – bouclé was discovered on the stands of leading fashion houses at this year’s Maison show – most notably Missoni Home and Roberto Cavalli.

Try taking minor elements from a traditional bouclé pattern – intricate weaving, a minuscule hint of metallic, warm colour palettes and rich textures – and integrate them into a neutral décor.




Brass accents have long been found in kitchens and bathrooms, but have more recently been found in the home. Perfect for adding both an industrial or luxurious touch, it works particularly well with rich, dark colours for an opulent look and can be subtly paired with marble décor for something more unique and feminine.



Raw’ White


The ‘hygge’ trend may have been and gone but many design principles of the Danish trend remain popular. Think neutral colour palettes with elements of the natural world, such as wood or stone, with a hint of the industrial. For the best result, keep accent colours to a bare minimum and ensure you let in as much natural light as possible.  The key to this trend is mixing simplicity and ruggedness with bright and white spaces and rooms.






Terracotta shades make a surprising appearance in this year’s trend report; perhaps representing a yearning for a warmer climate or another example of global décor trends being introduced to the UK.


Opt for raw, clay-like walls with wooden or metallic accessories and simple shapes and patterns to achieve this trend. Alternatively, introduce the look in smaller forms – tiled floors, unique lampshades or small, decorative objects. One thing’s for sure, terracotta, though surprising, makes a sensual and welcomed final addition to our autumn/winter interiors trend report.



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