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The very first handheld mobile phone was produced in 1973, and it wasn’t until 1992 that smartphones became available. Looking back at the clunky flip phones with black and white screens and huge aerials that we were used to, who would have thought that, today, it would be common practice for phones to be unlocked by facial recognition, digital assistants carry out our daily tasks via voice activation and foldable phones would actually become a thing?


Jazzy designs and AI innovations aside, one of the most overlooked developments in the mobile phone industry was the introduction of applications. Initially, apps were meant to allow us to do basic tasks – like check our emails and calendar – from the convenience from our phone. But now, there’s an app for just about everything you can think of.


A quick run around our office and we found that the team has an average of 68 apps on their phones, and looking at all of our amazing clients, 47% of them offer an app that enhances the service they offer. So, we gathered some of our Rooster favourite apps to share – which covers everything from health and fitness, to AR shopping and sleep tech!


FreeStyle Libre Link, used by Junior Account Executive, Toni Austyn

As technology has advanced, the health industry has been innovating right up alongside it. As a Type 1 diabetic, the bane of my life was pricking my finger daily to test my blood sugar levels. Luckily for me and thousands of Brits, the FreeStyle Libre Link app was invented with an accompanying sensor. Every two weeks, I attach a small white monitor (no bigger than a £2 coin) which sticks a thin plastic sensor into my skin.


It continuously monitors the glucose in my interstitial fluid and stores 8 hours of data. How do I scan it you ask? With my phone, just like a contactless banking transaction. After swiping the phone on top of the sensor, it tells me what my blood sugar is, whether it is increasing, decreasing or maintaining a steady level and at what speed it’s changing. It also tells me how long I have kept my blood sugar in my target zone, my estimated average blood sugar for the day, week and month.


To say it is life saver is an understatement.




Freeview app, used by Account Executive, Ellie Sell

Living in the countryside and working in London means a lot of train time to kill every day, so to pass the time I love to binge watch series to keep the extremely dull commute a little bit more exciting. I’ve managed to watch a whole season of Grey’s Anatomy in one week before. On-demand TV services have progressed (thank goodness) from when I started watching TV on demand back in 2006, which means I can watch any show any time, whether I stream it live or watch it on-demand.


It has to be said, my favourite app to marathon watch TV series on is is the new Freeview app. It allows me to watch live channels for when I’ve got a minute at home, or download new programmes for my journey – the best of both worlds. I was not one to watch the Bodyguard when everyone else did last Summer so I’ve been addicted to this recently. The app is a great way to find the best UK TV content I want to watch in one place, and it has collated top picks for what has been popular over the last few weeks.






Myzone, used by Senior Account Manager, Kayleigh Williams

My first memories of proper exercise take me back to secondary school, when my forged injury forms didn’t get past my eagle-eyed P.E. teacher and I begrudgingly partook in hockey, rounders and netball – though I could never quite remember all the rules. Essentially, I’m not a natural athlete, and when it comes to staying fit and healthy, I need as much motivation as I can get. My current go-to ‘get up off the sofa and over to the park for a run’ pack includes my holiday countdown clock, a playlist featuring a lot of 90s R&B, and my Myzone app.


The Myzone app plays the most important role, with it linking up to a fitness belt – the Mz-3 – while you train and monitoring your heartrate with a 99.4% accuracy (being closer to your heart rather than around your wrist helps it achieve this). Going one step further than other fitness straps, the Mz-3 gets to know your resting and peak heartrate, so it can measure exactly how much effort you’re putting in – meaning the days of me doing a halfhearted 10 minute jog and pretending I’d earnt two weeks off are gone!


For me, the most motivational feature is the newly added Fitness Test, as this gives me a really tangible way to consistently measure and improve my fitness, while following the other Zone Match challenges take my outside of my comfort zone.






Brain.FM, used by Senior Account Manager, Izzy King

I’ve struggled getting a full night’s sleep since my teens and although I’m not usually an advocate of looking at my phone before I hit the hay (I’ve read too many articles over the years telling me not to do so), I swear by the ‘sleep’ function on This app offers a selection of calming sounds to drift off to – be it thunderstorms, rain, beaches or jungles. Just imagine a full sound machine on your phone! Simply choose your preferred sound, select how long you want to sleep for – 6, 7 or 8 hours – and away you go. There are also nap, focus and meditation settings, but this – plus a little spritz of This Works pillow spray – and I sleep like a baby



Primephonic, used by Senior Account Executive, Lewis Hopkins

Until a few months ago, I was a relatively clueless about the classical music genre. Yes, I had heard of Mozart and yes, I liked a Hans Zimmer track from the Batman: Dark Knight trilogy but that is about as far as my knowledge stretched. I absolutely couldn’t hear the difference between a Bach work to a Beethoven.


Then we started working with Primephonic and I was granted access to the streaming service to really dig my teeth into the genre. The music app, completely devoted to classical music, is handily loaded with #101 playlists to educate those not in the know. Each #101 is introduced with an insightful composer bio which then runs through the most famous tracks from that composer. Essentially, each hand-curated playlist is a crash course in a classical genius with hidden gems to unearth as well. Mastermind specialist subject here I come!




Bang & Olufsen AR, used by Junior Account Executive, Honor Payne

As the main handler of Bang & Olufsen press samples, I have daily contact with some of its most sought-after products – and to say that I’m a fan is an understatement.


This year, Bang & Olufsen launched its very first augmented reality (AR) app to help home owners and office managers digitally visualise what a Bang & Olufsen product would look like in their interior spaces. This demo experience can be used in any room, allowing customers to create their dream B&O product portfolio. By pointing their camera towards the desired location in their living space, they can grasp a glimpse of what a B&O product would look like in situ.


So, until I am older and richer, I will be using this app to visualise what five Beosound Shape speakers might look like in my sitting room. I might chuck in a few Edge speakers around the house, too – just because I can.



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