Walk your way to a body like Victoria Beckham!


We were recently in the amazing situation where Victoria Beckham was trying out one of our client’s products. Proving hugely popular in the US, the LifeSpan Active Workstation could redefine your working life making work, work.
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The Treadmill Desk (as modelled by Victoria above) is used by the likes of Google, Microsoft, Nike, The White House, and even the US editor of Cosmopolitan. It enables you to work and walk at the same time, increasing physical activity while at work, without impacting on your busy schedule. It is also a great way of increasing your work efficiency!

A huge raft of current independent academic research shows the negative impact our sedentary lifestyle is now having on health. Sitting could potentially be as deadly as smoking, with hours of uninterrupted sitting being surprisingly bad for you. Researchers at the American Cancer Society found that even if you exercise nearly every day, those health benefits can be undone if you spend the rest of your time seated. People who spent lots of time sitting gained weight even though they exercised regularly. Equally, you are at a higher risk from many chronic diseases, even if you meet the NHS standards for exercise.

The worst offender is the workplace. The Mayo Clinic, found occupational related daily activity now burns 23,000 fewer calories annually than in 1960. Offering alternatives to the traditional workplace, active workstations significantly increase activity levels without taking time away from a busy lifestyle, giving people more energy and helping work more effectively. Some of the most famous historical figures all understood the benefits of working standing up, and who are we to argue with the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, Ernest Hemingway and Winston Churchill, all of whom worked standing up at their desks!

Many of us sit in an office chair for hours on end doing all sorts of weird and wonderful jobs and it’s about time we take the next step. It may seem like there is no alternative to slumping at your desk filling out numerous spreadsheets or writing endless emails but there is a way around it. The Active Workstation is definitely the best way to transform yourself from a ‘couch potato’ to an ‘office envy’.


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