Meet our new Junior PR Consultant: John Rotter


2017 kicked off with a bang here at Little Red Rooster and it hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down, with new clients aplenty and office expansions to boot, the coop continues to grow. The very latest addition to our London cacophony is new Junior PR Consultant, John Rotter.


John joins the Roost after completing a gruelling three years of an Advertising and PR degree at Middlesex University. His love of Drama and Theatre Studies at school became the foundation of his current passion for creating meaningful stories and engaging with people. He’s thrilled to be working on the diverse range of brands that we look after here in the roost.


We thought we’d catch up with him and find out what makes him tick…


Where’s your favourite holiday destination?

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Pula, Croatia. There’s sun, sea and an abandoned fort. Plus, amazing music festivals too.


Do you prefer dogs or cats?


This is a question that most people will tip-toe around and stay on the fence. Not me. Dogs. Not even close. Cats make me sneeze and hate me. For all the love I try to give them, all they provide me with is pain and suffering.


What’s the best gig you’ve been to?


Jamie T at the Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth 2015. He’d disappeared for 4 years prior and just did a three leg tour without promotion. I felt privileged to be there.


Top 3 albums?


Stone Roses – Stone Roses
Jamie T – Panic Prevention
Frank Ocean – Channel Orange


Top 3 Bands?


Stone Roses
Ian Dury & The Blockheads


What’s your favourite fashion designer now?


It must be Jonny Banger’s brand ‘Sportsbanger’. It was described best as “scumbag chic”, which makes me love it for the oxymoron alone. His designs are either nuanced rehashes of famous brands, commentary on pop-culture or ironic humour. I think the fact he stands as an ambassador for the DIY culture just makes his pieces even more relatable.


Best location in London for lunch?


Brick Lane Beigel Bakery, just because of their incredible Salt Beef Sandwiches. Trust me, the beef melts in your mouth like Salmon!


Favourite cocktail?


Old Fashioned


Who’s your most loved and most hated celebrity?


Action Bronson – Not only is he an incredible rapper, he’s also a chef! Whenever I watch his videos, it’s either him throwing someone 10ft from the stage into the crowd, or he’s concocting an exquisite dish with Mario Batali.

Donald Trump – He’s literally just a celebrity. It’s like Piers Morgan becoming Prime Minister.


Your desert island essential?


VHS copy of Mike Bassett England Manager. VHS player and TV optional.


The brand you’d most like to work on?


Oculus Rift, because Virtual Reality is the future and I’d love to be able to show off its potential across a broad range of media that it could influence – advertising could be the most effective it has ever been!


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