At Home with Ted


Ever wondered what Ted Baker’s pad looks like? Well, just last week we offered you the chance to have a snoop round as we threw open the doors to the penthouse suite of the London EDITION to host ‘At Home with Ted’. This exclusive event played host to Ted Baker’s wide range of AW17 homeware collections, from bedding, rugs and tiles to candles, luggage, bikes, fragrances, gifts & stationary, jewellery and accessories. This was the very first time all of its homeware and accessory ranges were displayed together and in situ.


The new AW17 ranges incorporate the very best of Ted – distinctive prints in a sumptuous colour palette of pinks, burgundies, teals and blues. Its intricate patterns transition throughout all products in the collection, allowing you to subtly co-ordinate your home while still injecting your own personal sense of style.



The event played out in three acts; first up, we hosted a morning session between 8-10, where guests enjoyed pastries and fresh coffee while perusing the apartment. A private lunch was then held between 1-3, where our guests could get up close and personal with the Ted team and ask anything and everything about the new ranges. Those in attendance included Katrina Burroughs (Sunday Times Home), Barbara Chandler (Homes & Property), Claudia Baillie (Elle Decoration, House & Garden), Sophie Baylis (KBB), Michela Colling (Ideal Home), Jess Hurrell (Cosmopolitan), Angela Kennedy (Good Housekeeping), Giselle Wainwright (LOOK) and Dominique Ayling (TV Life). Many of our guests were astonished to learn there were Ted employees who had worked for the business for almost 20 years! Finally, we hosted a cocktail session in the evening. Luckily, the sun came out for the end of the day so our visitors could enjoy chilled glasses of Prosecco on the balcony, taking in spectacular views over London.


Over 93 guests were in attendance from all corners of the media – ranging across interiors powerhouses such as Elle Decoration, House & Garden, Homes & Gardens and Livingetc to lucrative national newspapers including the Guardian, the Telegraph, the Independent and the Mail. Women’s mags like Stylist, HELLO! Fashion Monthly and Marie Claire were also represented, alongside prominent bloggers and lifestyle sites Martyn White, Kate Watson-Smyth, Shelly Vella and Discerning Gent.



While perusing the stylishly decked out apartment, many of our contacts couldn’t quite believe there was so much on offer – just goes to prove there is far more to Ted than meets the eye!


To find out more about the new collections or request high res imagery or further info, please contact Izzy or Emma on or


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The courage of bold new design


Never has the maxim ‘less is more’ been so prevalent in modern design. Thanks to quite staggering advances in technology modern products are frequently being stripped back of all unnecessary elements, often maximising performance in the process, while also letting the purity of their design shine through. These stripped back models mean bold decisions often have to be made.


Some changes have been controversial, such as Apple removing the 3.5mm headphone jack and utilising the lightning charger port as a headphone input. This decision, and also removing the USB ports on its most recent MacBook Pro, was given a mixed bag of reviews as many felt it was simply an opportunity to monetise these functions as optional extras. However, Phil Schaffer (Apple’s senior vice president) explained the reason for the alterations was, “Courage. The courage to move on, to do something new that betters all of us. And our team has tremendous courage”. Which simply epitomises why the technology and design market forcibly needs ingenuity and experimentalism when they create something new.


Enter the Beoplay P2, stage left. When Beoplay was thinking how to create a speaker with a truly personal aesthetic there was a complete element of courage when the Tap ‘n’ Shake function was conceived. This device has only one button, to turn the device on and off, every other function can be controlled by the touch sensitive face of the speaker and by gripping and flicking the order of the track-list with your wrist. These functions are completely customisable by the user via the Beoplay App.


Obstacles were to be expected during its conception, as when you are nuancing a Bluetooth speaker to have gesture controls; where is the line drawn between deliberate movement and unintentional movement? So, the clever-clogs at Beoplay made the speaker’s controls only accessible when held at a 45° angle, to prevent any unwanted changing of tunes when on the move.



The P2 is a complete anomaly in such a saturated Bluetooth speaker market, it accounts to nobody and is matched by very few for sound quality. The avant-garde nature of avoiding the status quo, as with other market-leaders, shows that the courage is completely justified. However, modern design that draws inspiration from classic themes is just as courageous as bold new statements.


This is something that German television designers Loewe has done with their latest model, the Bild 9. Drawing inspiration from the ‘Roaring Twenties’, Bauhaus and Art Deco glamour, Loewe’s London-based creative director Bodo Sperlein has fashioned a TV that beautifully blends traditional geometric shapes and materials with state-of-the-art 21st century tech. What it shares with P2 is the bravery and boldness to let the striking styling shine through, rather than technology dominating the design.



The fortitude shown by Loewe and Beoplay with their latest designs is one of having the bravery to leave things out. It is the confidence of not having to shout about the undisputed cutting-edge technology within. Brands which have this understated confidence in their products, they’re the true pioneers, courageously covering new ground in design.


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AW17 Interiors Trends


Little Red Rooster has been keeping its eyes on the various interior design shows for AW17 and we are excited to share the season’s hottest trends.


From new colour combinations of pink and green, to marble, ‘raw’ white, bouclé and terracotta; next season’s trends are an exciting bag. That said, what all of these have in common is an air of simplicity and refinement that will elevate any living space or look.


So, how best to style and introduce these trends into your home?


Pink and Green


First up for AW17 is pink and green. While we may have once argued that “pink and green should never be seen,” these shades proved to be the strongest colour combination at Maison & Objet in January.


Blending soft pastel tones is an easy introduction to a pink and green colour palette, and for those feeling brave, go for bold, bright hues. Take it one step further by opting for jewel-like tones of emerald green and ruby red, creating a dark and dramatic impact.





Marble décor is another crucial trend for AW17, the key to which is simplicity. Always ensure the look is clean, crisp and minimal. It’s easy to introduce accent colours – most commonly pinks and blues – but refrain from a pastel overload to keep it looking high-end.


Also important is to avoid too many metallic accessories, as this can cheapen the luxurious aesthetic of the marble. Make sure you mix up patterns and textures – you can often source wallpaper and tiles in the same marble hues, mix-and-match them for variety.




Once the fabric of choice for country bumpkins and most commonly found on a classic Chanel jacket; bouclé is slowly emerging as an interiors trend in its own right. Found on fabrics and upholstery – curtains, sofas, chairs, bedding and blankets – bouclé was discovered on the stands of leading fashion houses at this year’s Maison show – most notably Missoni Home and Roberto Cavalli.

Try taking minor elements from a traditional bouclé pattern – intricate weaving, a minuscule hint of metallic, warm colour palettes and rich textures – and integrate them into a neutral décor.




Brass accents have long been found in kitchens and bathrooms, but have more recently been found in the home. Perfect for adding both an industrial or luxurious touch, it works particularly well with rich, dark colours for an opulent look and can be subtly paired with marble décor for something more unique and feminine.



Raw’ White


The ‘hygge’ trend may have been and gone but many design principles of the Danish trend remain popular. Think neutral colour palettes with elements of the natural world, such as wood or stone, with a hint of the industrial. For the best result, keep accent colours to a bare minimum and ensure you let in as much natural light as possible.  The key to this trend is mixing simplicity and ruggedness with bright and white spaces and rooms.






Terracotta shades make a surprising appearance in this year’s trend report; perhaps representing a yearning for a warmer climate or another example of global décor trends being introduced to the UK.


Opt for raw, clay-like walls with wooden or metallic accessories and simple shapes and patterns to achieve this trend. Alternatively, introduce the look in smaller forms – tiled floors, unique lampshades or small, decorative objects. One thing’s for sure, terracotta, though surprising, makes a sensual and welcomed final addition to our autumn/winter interiors trend report.



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De-geezering the TV


Introducing the bild 9 – a glamourous art deco design from brand new client Loewe

Today we are hugely excited to launch the bild 9 TV stunning design from new client luxury German brand, Loewe. Crafted in collaboration with renowned designer, Bodo Sperlein, the bild 9 marks a new approach to the way a traditional TV is featured in the home. Such radical designs and future gazing aesthetics make Loewe a perfect new addition to the Little Red Rooster client roster.


The bild 9’s radical aesthetic cleverly combines the worlds of technology and design to create a television that will become the dramatic focal point of any room. London-based creative director Bodo Sperlein has beautifully blended traditional geometric shapes and materials with state-of-the-art
tech to craft a remarkably unique and sculptural television which exudes opulence.



The striking solid steel frame is available in two finishes – Amber Gold and Graphite Grey – shades which have been carefully selected to form a harmonious contrast with Loewe’s futuristic, ultra slim OLED screen. At just 7mm thick, this is slimmer than most smartphones and creates a sense of lightness with an almost ‘floating’ quality. All wires carefully feed through the bild 9’s frame while a fabric cover conceals other cables to ensure a perfect 360-degree perfection is achieved.


In addition to its stunning design, the bild 9’s core is integrated with state-of-the-art technology and an impressive acoustic. Alongside cutting-edge OLED technology mentioned above, the bild 9 boasts HDR and Dolby Vision for truly outstanding picture quality and detail in addition to class-leading sound.


Founder and joint partner at Little Red Rooster Victoria Ruffy comments,


“Winning a brand with such a rich history of innovation excellence and holistic design principles is a real tick for the coop. Our portfolio of clients is now rich with companies which are at the top of the game when it comes to combining luxurious design and the technological wow factor. We couldn’t be more pleased.”


This spectacularly minimalist but striking design is at the pinnacle of Little Red Rooster’s client portfolio; beautifully crafted products fused with the best of what technology has to offer.


The bild 9 will be available in-store at Harrods later this month and prices start from £6,990.


For more information please feel free to get in touch with the Loewe team at

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Is social media more important than PR?


There’s no denying the power of social media in today’s PR industry. Our Henry recently attended a PRCA seminar in which the trade association claimed that by 2019 PR professionals will no longer be speaking to journalists in the traditional sense; instead, opinion formers and ‘prosumers’ who operate in the digital sphere will be the main focus.

This is a rather radical statement to make, but it does open the question of how imperative social media is to a PR campaign in 2017. The media constantly provides us with examples of Instagram influencers being more impactful to product sales than a full-page review in the supplement of a national newspaper. With mobiles and tablets now accounting for more than half of all online sales made in the UK, it seems the current population is more digital-savvy than ever.


Aside from PR, social media allows brands to track and profile their customer – something our client Ted Baker places great importance on. Even major fashion houses are tapping into the power of the social media influencers. Just look at Dolce&Gabbana, which recently invited social stars to take to its runway as opposed to traditional models (as it turns out, most influencers are models-slash-DJs-slash-bloggers-slash-rocket scientists anyway).


With this in mind, research undertaken by marketing agency Five by Five and shared by PR Moment suggests the single most important channel for a PR product launch is social media. A massive 74% of senior marketers questioned for the study prioritised this over classic press and PR, email marketing and sales promotion. James Roles, marketing director at Five by Five, explains: “It is because of its ability, via the creation of shareable content and social engagement, to create a groundswell of interest in a brand before it hits the shelves, in a way that no other channel can match”.


Social media is certainly a platform LRR and its clients are in tune with. For digital-savvy brands such as B&O PLAY, liaising with social media influencers is a core part of our PR retainer. Even brands with a more traditional PR focus, such as Bisque, Smeg and Ruark, are aware of the power of social media for brand awareness. Over the past year, LRR has been briefed to incorporate a digital focus into its continued PR efforts. Furthermore, for smaller brands and start-ups, such as Smart Polish Pro, building an authentic and credible social media following is key. Smart Polish Pro’s Instagram account has racked up a humungous 85.5k followers, thanks to content shared by celebs such as footballer Daniel Spiller and rally-car TV presenter Alex Legioux.


For LRR, however, one cannot operate without the other. A good PR campaign relies on social media. Social media relies on PR strategy. A project without one or the other does not and will not work; the key is to build an integrated campaign.


LRR has noticed in particular how important social media is to a product launch, as the power of social relies on its immediacy. Look around you on the train or bus and its highly likely many of your fellow passengers are scrolling through Twitter or Instagram to pass the time. By tapping into a network of influencers ahead of launch day, brands guarantee this immediate consumption of a product to its target audience.


In fact, through it’s work with social media influencers Little Red Rooster is in the process of creating its very own ‘collective’ of VIPs (more on that in due course!) In the meantime, LRR has witnessed how successful this is for brands such as B&OPLAY, which benefitted from multiple posts from its own curated collection of social media stars upon launch day. Post-launch, social media continues to give and give through styling opportunities, competitions and those all-important links and hits back to websites.


On the other end of the spectrum, classic print (and even digital) media relies heavily on its audience; it knows that its readers will be interested and already engaged with its content. Fans of Livingetc, for example, have a style they favour; they believe that the products it features on its glossy news pages are the products their home needs. Tech mags such as T3, Stuff or WIRED operate similarly, as these readers are already engaged and have a loyalty to each title. They trust and value it. This is where classic PR comes into its own; PR professionals can target specific titles, however many they may be, and know they are reaching the large majority of a brand’s core demographic. This is how, and why, PR and social media are so in sync with one another. Think of it like Tom and Jerry – they just couldn’t live without each other.

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LRR and The Henley Arts Trail



Credit: Richard Conway-Jones


This year, Little Red Rooster is excited to announce that it is a proud sponsor of the Henley Arts Trail. Now in its 12th year, the Henley Arts Trail is one of the biggest cultural events on the Henley-on-Thames social calendar, having developed into an exciting showcase of some of the finest artistic talent in Henley and its surrounding areas.


Spanning the course of three days over the bank holiday weekend, the Henley Arts Trail will consist of 32 venues across north Henley to Waltham St Lawrence in the south. Over 200 artists will be in attendance, showcasing their work and offering demonstrations of everything from bespoke handmade jewellery, clever carpentry, stunning paintings and impressive ceramic displays.


One of the many artists exhibiting this year is our Victoria Ruffy’s old next door neighbour – musician and artist Richard Conway-Jones. Richard first exhibited his work back in 1987 and has been a firm favourite at the Henley Arts Trail for several years. As fans of innovative, experimental art and design at Little Red Rooster, we love Richard’s collection this year – you can visit his work at his house – ‘The Most Beautiful House in the World’. Seemingly drawing influence from the impressionists, who famously experimented with colour and a unique abstract methodology, his work nostalgically reminds us of the likes of Chagall, Matisse and Picasso who pioneered and ultimately dominated this artistic style. As if we didn’t enjoy his work enough already, he loves our creative director Keef and is a massive Rolling Stones fan!


Credit: Richard Conway-Jones


Our Vic also recommends a visit to Coltman’s Farm in Waltham St Lawrence to see the work of sculptor Dick Budden. Vic particularly loves his bronze garden sculptures especially the golden pear and cherries. You can also indulge in a spot of tea and cake as the Budden’s throw a lovely spread!


Credit: Dick Budden


If cake and tea doesn’t hit the spot then a pint of cider and lunch at The Bell in the same village should do the trick. Another Rooster recommendation.


The Henley Arts Trail will take place this weekend from 29th April to the 1st May. A map of everywhere to visit can be found here. If you can’t make it this weekend, you can follow the event at its Instagram page here.

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Newbie PR Consultant at the LRR Twyford Nest


Lucy brings an Essex mind to the team, and studied English Literature at the University of Reading. Having spent nearly three years working in PR across various food, drink and lifestyle clients, Lucy is hoping to expand her black book of media contacts, and is excited to be thrown in the deep end with a range of exciting clients including Silhouette, Bradshaw Luxury and Victoria + Albert Baths.


We dug a little deeper to find out more about Lucy with some very important questions…..


Where’s your favourite holiday destination?

Ibiza. I go every year, and am never one to miss out on a party, even if I am told I am too old for it now!

Cats or dogs?


Dogs! I think the ugliest grumpy dogs are the cutest – like Lady Di from EastEnders.

What’s the best gig you’ve been to?

Kings of Leon at Hyde Park, although I got soaked in the worst rain ever.

Top 3 albums?

James Bay – Chaos and the Calm

The Killer’s – Sam’s Town

Rihanna – Unapologetic

Top 3 Bands?

The Killers, Kings of Leon and The Spice Girls (NOT ASHAMED).

Who’s your favourite fashion designer now?


Victoria Beckham. I love her dresses and the way they fit. They always look so classy and sophisticated. Even the range of childrenswear she has just launched looks amazing. Plus she is a Spice Girl.

Best location in London for lunch?

I love to go to Balls Brothers Hays Galleria in the summer, because there are always musical performers outside who have an hour slot each, so it’s great to watch lots of different types of music whilst getting drunk in the sun with good vibes – plus the food is amazing.


Favourite cocktail?

Pornstar Martini!

Who’s your most loved and most hated celebrity?

Kate Middleton – not so much a celebrity, but everything she does is just flawless, and everything she wears sells outs in minutes. Plus she tolerated her sister stealing her thunder really well!

Kanye West –I saw him at Wireless Festival and listened to him tell the crowd that he was going to rule the world one day. It went on for about two hours.

Your desert island essential?


My iPhone.

The brand you’d most like to work on?


Mulberry. I literally adore my Mulberry and treat it like a baby, and I really want a Mulberry Bayswater in dark red.


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Salone del Mobile: Part II


Last week, we talked through the team’s exploits in Milan while celebrating the launch of the latest in the series of collaboration’s between Smeg and Dolce & Gabbana, but Salone doesn’t stop there. Once the girls had said their goodbyes to our lovely guests, it was onwards to discover what the rest of the show had to offer.


After a quick pitstop for lunch in the prettiest restaurant imaginable, Vic & Izzy perused the famous Brera design district – the busiest quarter of Milan during Salone. Some of our favourite displays came from Seletti, Edizioni and Kirkby Design, but we also had a soft spot for an art exhibition from Melissa – the famous animal-friendly and ethical plastic used in shoes for over 35 years. This flower wall (pictured below) designed by Francesca Pasquali made us smile!



We then checked into our Air BnB – a cool loft-style apartment in the Navigli region of Milan – before heading out to the launch party of the Dezeen x Ikea Festival in the buzzing Ventura district. There we caught up with several familiar faces from the media world, before heading round the corner for our first pizza of the trip (washed down with the odd beer or two).


From left: Lee Broom’s Time Machine, Carl Hansen & Sons’ Milan Home, designed by Despina Curtis, and Wallpaper*s Handmade project


On day three, we were up bright and early to make the most of our last day in Milan. First stop was Lee Broom’s Time Machine, housed in an underground vault beneath Milan’s beautiful Centrale station. The presentation was quite like no other, and it’s no surprise Lee Broom’s name is on everyone’s lips each year. This time round, an eerie white carousel displayed a wide selection of lamps from the British designer’s latest lighting collection, and the venue’s whitewashed walls provided a blank canvas for the carousel to do all the talking.


We then hotfooted it back to the Brera district, where we checked out Bang & Olufsen’s ‘A New Way With Sound’ presentation. This was one of our favourite displays of the whole trip, and not just because we represent the brand’s counterpart, B&O PLAY! The new collection of speakers, while looking gorgeous, sounded absolutely incredible – and Bang & Olufsen’s presence during Salone goes to show just how much design and technology are intertwined these days.


With a heavy heart it was time to head home. Salone continues to be one of the most significant events in the design calendar. It’s also one of the largest and over three days it’s likely our girls only saw a tenth of what the city has to offer. With this in mind, we’re going to have to send them for a full week next year…. See you in 2018, Milano!

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St James’s Market development


St James’s Market is undergoing a full redevelopment, with the aim to restore the site to its former glory, introducing over 260,000 ft2 of contemporary offices, shops and restaurants centered around a new public square. Set to become the new home of retail in the West End, this landmark £400 million regeneration will be home to Smeg’s flagship store, alongside a variety of likeminded luxury brands.



St James’s Market is a new landmark destination in Central London set over half an acre of revitalised public space complete with a new Pavilion and home to providing world-class dining and retail. Not only will the market be transformed, but it will celebrate its historic identity with a vibrant new destination defined by first-rate public realm and world-class architecture.


We are super excited to see a new retail concept store for Smeg later this year, offering the perfect setting to house a stunning collection of the brand’s iconic and state of the art appliances. Also appearing with stores are Jigsaw, ASOS and leading restaurants Salt Yard, Anzu and the double Michelin-starred Aquavit. In fact, our Victoria Ruffy recently lunched here and was blown away!


Stay tuned for further information when the Smeg store launches later this year!

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Salone del Mobile: Part I


Each April, Milan is transformed into the design capital of the world for Salone del Mobile; the largest interiors and architecture exhibition on the planet. Our Vic and Izzy were Little Red Rooster’s eyes on the ground once again, seeking out the latest and greatest the show has to offer. For those not in the know, Salone comprises an astonishing 22 halls at Rho Fiera and a further five districts in the centre of town, jam-packed with displays, presentations and exhibitions – and our girls were ready to pound the pavements in style.


This year, thanks to Smeg announcing its partnership with Dolce & Gabbana, team LRR were joined by five top journalists across the print, digital and social media spectrum: Vogue’s Sam Rogers; HELLO! Fashion Monthly’s style editor Rachel Story and Thea Darricotte, executive editor at Conde Nast Traveller. As well as the UK’s number one, award-winning interiors blogger Kate Watson-Smyth and fashion influencer and model Ella Catliff, of La Petite Anglaise fame.



After jetting into Linate airport and being greeted by the blazing sunshine – temperatures in Italy hit the mid-twenties – we were whisked off to our luxury residence, the NH Milano Touring Hotel. We were then treated to glasses of fizz after some initial group bonding – just what the doctor ordered following a busy morning travelling!

It was then time to get our gladrags on, as we were soon ferried to Milan’s stunning Metropol for the D&G launch, the iconic venue of its runway shows. The venue is an absolute belter; a former cinema, a long, glossy runway divides theatre-style seating underneath the illusion of a starry sky. The initial entrance to the venue is somewhat unassuming, but step behind the floor-to-ceiling velvet red curtain and it’s a different story.



The catwalk was lined with traditional Sicilian market stalls, each one dedicated to an item from the collection (including kettles, toasters, stand mixers, citrus juicers, slow juicers and coffee machines). Traditional breads, cakes, Limoncello and citrus juices were on offer as guests made their way down the runway towards the spectacle at the end, where party-goers were invited to get ‘hands on’ with various products from the range. You could learn to make pasta just like mama used to, using the pasta-rolling attachment on the stand mixer, or squeeze your own fresh, healthy juices via the citrus and slow juicers – all while dressed up in traditional Sicilian fare. We had so much fun getting to grips with the products – plus, by posting to Instagram and using the dedicated hashtags #dgsmeg and #dgsicilyismylove, you were in with the chance of winning an item from the collection. We couldn’t believe it when, upon our return, we discovered that our very own Kate was crowned the winner!



Following the Sicilian spectacle, we made our way to a rustic restaurant just around the corner, where we enjoyed a delicious four-course spread of courgette and blue cheese parfait, classic beef lasagne, veal wellington and hot chocolate fondant with hazelnut ice cream. Needless to say, there were several stuffed bellies round the table that night.



The next morning, we headed to the grand opening of Smeg’s flagship showroom in central Milan, which can be found in the heart of the Brera design district. The new store is a clean, crisp display of all items found in Smeg’s product portfolio, while the shop window is adorned with a trio of hand-painted FAB28 fridges from its Dolce & Gabbana Frigorifero d’Arte collection.  It was then time to say farewell to our guests, who were headed back to London; our girls however were staying on in the city to check out what else Salone had to offer. Come back tomorrow to check out what they got up to!

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It was all hands on deck for the Victoria + Albert Baths team at LRR last week, as we prepared for a very exciting launch event.


Leading luxury bathing brand Victoria + Albert paired up with world renowned design experts Conran + Partners to work on an exclusive collaboration. The result of which is an exquisite addition to the firm’s eponymous Victoria + Albert collection.


Presenting… the Eldon!



Conran + Partners has established itself as a household name, composing some of the world’s most desirable hotels. Drawing on years of design expertise, the firm opted for a contemporary back to wall style, lavished with the curious curved lines of a freestanding bath, all immaculately finished with pipework hidden beneath a tap deck.


The event was held at The Conran Building – the former home of designer Terrence Conran himself – overlooking Chelsea and the south of the river. The sun was shining, drinks were flowing, and some of our favourite journalists were on their way for a fabulous evening showcasing the bath.



With the entire evening themed around bathing, journalists could visit the aromatherapy bar and create their own bath oils, picking from a selection of 11 scents.



Original sketches of the Eldon were laid out for all to see, highlighting the precision and passion that went into the collaboration.



Throughout the night, the Victoria + Albert team were welcoming guests and chatting to journalists about the Eldon. The LRR team even managed to enjoy a few bath themed cocktails – choosing from Bubble Bath, Spring Soak and Limestone Liquor, all rustled up by the ‘flairologist’ behind the bar.


All in all, the launch event was a massive success, with a high turnout of key journalists eager to learn more. Plus, we managed to get Tim Rundle, Design Director at Conran Partners, in the bath. Huzzah!



🇮🇹Made in Italy🇮🇹


Iconic Italian appliance brand, Smeg, joins forces with world renowned fashion powerhouse Dolce&Gabbana to unveil the second instalment in the companies’ ‘Made in Italy’ collection. Epitomising the passion and heart of Italy, the new range will feature a selection of Smeg’s small domestic appliances, each carefully designed to celebrate the rich Romance heritage of both brands. The unique collection, titled ‘Sicily is my Love’ will be showcased for the first time during Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Each item in the collection is expertly adorned with archetypal Sicilian motifs; radiant gold lemons, bold bright cherries, and resplendent splashes of colour, inspired by the coasts and landscapes of southern Italy and Mount Etna, encased by ornamental friezes and decorative floral and leaf patterns.

The effervescent design links back to Sicily, the home of Dolce&Gabbana, commemorating the province’s culinary delights and traditional dishes, with each collection boasting an entirely unique pattern.

The renewed collaboration not only strengthens the longstanding partnership between Dolce&Gabbana and Smeg but further cements the ever merging relationship between fashion, design and technology. It comes following the incredible global success of last years ‘Frigorifero d’Arte’ refrigerator collection, which transformed the brand’s revered FAB28 fridge into a monumental work of art for the home.


The first examples of the ‘Sicily is my Love’ collection will be previewed as a concept during Salone del Mobile 2017, at an exclusive event hosted by Dolce&Gabbana at Milan’s Metropol, the distinctive venue that hosts the brand’s runway shows each season.


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Mum’s The Word!


With Mother’s Day fast approaching, many of you may be in a last-minute panic of what to buy for the number one woman in your life. However, fear not, we have a range of different goodies that can be put on the to-buy list. Ranging from presents for mum’s who can always be found in the kitchen, to gym bunny mummies, to those who are looking for classy presents that are easy on the wallet.



If your mum is the type to be found glued to the kitchen, why not invest in Smeg appliances? The Smeg SMF01 Stand Mixer is a fantastic way to make your mum’s life easier. It is an award-winning appliance that can help accomplish almost any cooking challenge, and comes in an array of gorgeous pastel colours. At £349.99, itcan be complimented with a meat grinder, slicer and grater attachments. This incredibly versatile machine is guaranteed to keep kitchen headaches at bay!




Alternatively, the CJF01 Citrus Juicer comes at a lighter price of £109.95, and declares war on peel, pith and pip. This appliance will allow mum to craft different kinds of citrus fruits with zero effort. With a motor utilising a built-in pressure sensor, this is a miniature marvel that any mother would love to have. Without stopping there, it is also dishwasher safe and features an impact-resistant Tritan TM lid.




At a lower price tag of £199, and more compact, there are the Beoplay H5 wireless earphones come in charcoal sand, black, moss green, and dusty rose. If your mum is always in the gym, we have stunning headphones to add fashion to her workout! B&O PLAY provide class to music lovers who live to move. Whether out running, in the gym, or even just relaxing at home, these earphones provide built-in dynamic profiles that change to suit your surroundings.



The new SS17 collection really is stunning! The elegant over-ear Beoplay H4 headphones come in at £249, with a choice of sand-grey, tangerine or charcoal grey.





For those mums who enjoy looking after their gadgets, why not gift the Greenwich collection, which starts at £50. Each product in the range is expertly hand-stitched, and designed from only the best materials; the soft bull hide ensures class as well as durability. To add a personal touch, each accessory has the option of being engraved with a personalised message, a unique and special Mother’s Day gift if we don’t say so ourselves.




If you are looking for the perfect present that won’t break the bank, why not consider Ted Baker tech accessories, or the most classic of presents; a pair of Pantherella socks. Starting at £24.95, Ted Baker’s latest collection of cases, inspired by its clothing lines, continues to establish the brand as the makers of must-have fashion accessories. The classic flip-back cover has been given a crafty upgrade – a concealed internal mirror for your eyes only. Available in various distinguished designs, Ted’s latest collection ensures that accessorising is an easy feat.




Alternatively, one can never have too many socks, HJ Hall can provide the daintily patterned Hearts Softop socks £6 that can be styled or worn for comfort. These socks contract vertically without falling down and leaving comfort marks.




If you are looking for something a little more special and unique, why not opt for the Pantherella monogrammed socks £19, which are guaranteed to make a bright statement, lending to a perfect gift for your loved ones.


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Meet our new Junior PR Consultant: John Rotter


2017 kicked off with a bang here at Little Red Rooster and it hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down, with new clients aplenty and office expansions to boot, the coop continues to grow. The very latest addition to our London cacophony is new Junior PR Consultant, John Rotter.


John joins the Roost after completing a gruelling three years of an Advertising and PR degree at Middlesex University. His love of Drama and Theatre Studies at school became the foundation of his current passion for creating meaningful stories and engaging with people. He’s thrilled to be working on the diverse range of brands that we look after here in the roost.


We thought we’d catch up with him and find out what makes him tick…


Where’s your favourite holiday destination?

jasdh aj

Pula, Croatia. There’s sun, sea and an abandoned fort. Plus, amazing music festivals too.


Do you prefer dogs or cats?


This is a question that most people will tip-toe around and stay on the fence. Not me. Dogs. Not even close. Cats make me sneeze and hate me. For all the love I try to give them, all they provide me with is pain and suffering.


What’s the best gig you’ve been to?


Jamie T at the Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth 2015. He’d disappeared for 4 years prior and just did a three leg tour without promotion. I felt privileged to be there.


Top 3 albums?


Stone Roses – Stone Roses
Jamie T – Panic Prevention
Frank Ocean – Channel Orange


Top 3 Bands?


Stone Roses
Ian Dury & The Blockheads


What’s your favourite fashion designer now?


It must be Jonny Banger’s brand ‘Sportsbanger’. It was described best as “scumbag chic”, which makes me love it for the oxymoron alone. His designs are either nuanced rehashes of famous brands, commentary on pop-culture or ironic humour. I think the fact he stands as an ambassador for the DIY culture just makes his pieces even more relatable.


Best location in London for lunch?


Brick Lane Beigel Bakery, just because of their incredible Salt Beef Sandwiches. Trust me, the beef melts in your mouth like Salmon!


Favourite cocktail?


Old Fashioned


Who’s your most loved and most hated celebrity?


Action Bronson – Not only is he an incredible rapper, he’s also a chef! Whenever I watch his videos, it’s either him throwing someone 10ft from the stage into the crowd, or he’s concocting an exquisite dish with Mario Batali.

Donald Trump – He’s literally just a celebrity. It’s like Piers Morgan becoming Prime Minister.


Your desert island essential?


VHS copy of Mike Bassett England Manager. VHS player and TV optional.


The brand you’d most like to work on?


Oculus Rift, because Virtual Reality is the future and I’d love to be able to show off its potential across a broad range of media that it could influence – advertising could be the most effective it has ever been!


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Beoplay SS17 Collection


Winter is officially over today, as B&O PLAY announce the launch of its Spring/Summer collection for 2017. Four recognisable, much-loved products have been given a fresh new update featuring modern colour-ways. Now your audio will take on tangerine and sand tones that have subtle vibrancy resonating the ambience of summer.



The four classic products, designed by Jakob Wagner and Cecilie Manz, will show you how to make a fresh start this season with true, authentic, and long lasting materials. So pack up your winter coat and let the world’s leading lifestyle audio brand for young, urban creatives show you how to accessorise to stand out.



As with all of the B&O PLAY range, beneath these stylish new colourways lies the signature Bang & Olufsen sound, representing the culmination of impeccable sound and beautiful forward thinking design.



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Victoria + Albert Baths collaborates with Silken Favours exclusively for Design Week


Victoria + Albert Baths is thrilled to announce its collaboration with Silken Favours, created especially for Design Week. The luxury British bathing brand has created a one-off window display with the one of a kind fashion and homeware brand using inspiration from V+A’s South African manufacturing premises, where it proudly makes its unique QUARRYCAST® material. The display includes the infamous Shropshire slipper bath in one of the recently launched coloured finishes – matt black – with the Jungle Leopard Wallpaper from Silken Favours.



Having recently celebrated its momentous 20th anniversary, V+A is thrilled to support home grown British talent by partnering with Silken Favours. Vicki Murdoch, creative director and founder of Silken Favours takes a playful and warm-hearted approach to her subjects, which range from kittens riding unicorns to flying pigs. Finding her inspiration in the natural world, Vicki uses traditional intricate pen and ink techniques, evoking pretty yet trippy imagery that is both otherworldly yet reassuringly familiar. Innovative in its own right, Murdoch’s techniques mirror the unique process V+A takes when designing and manufacturing its baths.




Meanwhile, the perfect lines of this superbly designed Shropshire slipper bath, together with its compact dimensions, make it of particular appeal for smaller bathrooms. The Shropshire freestanding tub is the perfect way to bring classic Victorian style into your home, coordinating with the quirky style of Vicki’s jungle themed wallpaper.


Head down to the Design Centre in Chelsea Harbour this Design Week to check out the display for yourself and take a look around the Victoria + Albert Baths showroom: 316/317 North Dome.


For further information, please visit

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Evolution of Brand Design


Class is permanent they say, a phrase that came readily to mind here at the roost with the recent launches of Ruark’s MR1 MkII and BEOPLAY’s Beolit 17.


Ruark’s latest luxurious little gem proves that great design never needs to change too drastically; rather the form factor simply evolves. The company launched its first compact audio design, the dashing R1 radio, back in 2006. Yet its beautifully crafted and finished models are still instantly recognisable as Ruark. The technology inside has seen dramatic developments, but the beauty of their design remains a pivotal part of their brand identity and only makes subtle advances.



As for B&O PLAY’s Beolit 17, the form speaks the same design language as Beolit 12 (2012) and Beolit 15 (2015). In fact, the iconic Beolit series first launched in 1939. While advancing its latest Beolit model to keep up with certain technical developments, the Beolit 17 really exemplifies how much value there is in having a firmly rooted history of simple design.



This is a commonality that’s shared across most successful brands. Seeing the latest Porsche fly past on the road (always under 70mph, officer) we’re left with the same excitement that we would’ve had as a young child (quite a long time ago for Henry). What is just a hulk of metal manages to have an emotional connection thanks to a form we know and love that is also instantly recognisable.


The same can be said for brands like Omega, Chanel and even Leica, all of which share the category of ultimate desirables. Once these luxury brands reach the heights that they’ve set themselves, with their impeccable design, they know that it’s unnecessary to try and reinvent the wheel. Their modern pieces are simply nuances on a proven design language.


The above should be gospel for any brand that’s trying to make inroads into the luxury market. To be able to resonate properly with your target market, there needs to be a clear visual message that the brand is trying to achieve. Once you have that connection, people will recognise and hopefully respect you.




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Smeg, the iconic Italian manufacturer of luxury appliances, has launched the latest addition to its range cooker collection; the stunning Portofino.


In what we feel is Smeg’s freshest design yet, the Portofino will come in eight mediterrean inspired finishes: sunshine yellow, olive green, deep red, burnt orange, classic stainless steel, anthracite, black and white. Each design represents the bright shades of towns and villages along the Italian Riviera. The Portofino is practical too as the 90cm design neatly fits into the kitchen.





Silhouette Eyewear
has launched its new Summer 2017 Silhouette Sun collection, and the aviator is back.


Fashionistas everywhere are now donning XXL aviator style frames with thin wire rims – for the boys, a la Christian Bale in American Hustle, or for the girls, a la Alexa Chung.




The collection features five stunning new designs, all of which feature the very best high-tech titanium and protective SPX®+ that blocks 100% of UVA, B and C rays, offering the very best armour from the sun. Silhouette lenses offer excellent visual clarity and have an anti-reflective and water-repellent coating.


Silhouette eyewear has accompanied astronauts into outer space on 35 missions, has traveled around the world with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, and is worn by a number of big names in entertainment, business and politics.

All products in the collection are available at



Little Red Rooster adds to its fashion roster with Silhouette Eyewear UK


We are delighted to announce we have been appointed the UK PR agency for Austrian eyewear brand, Silhouette.


Silhouette is best known for its iconic rimless eyewear – worn by our very own HRM The Queen – an Austrian based company, Silhouette has brought ground-breaking design to the optical world for the past 50 years. Its mission? To create the most beautiful lightweight eyewear with materials of the highest quality, constantly innovate and push the technical boundaries of eyewear design.



We will be the creative driving force behind both the general eyewear and sunglass collections, providing strategic planning, press office and creative campaign support in the UK, with a focus on increasing the quality and quantity of coverage for the brand, while increasing brand awareness in the UK.


Speaking of the win, Victoria commented: “A second win for us in as many months marked an incredible start to 2017 for the agency. Working with such an exciting, authentic and creative brand is particularly significant for Little Red Rooster, as it focuses on expanding its fashion division within the agency”



Karen Parsons, head of marketing at Silhouette eyewear, commented: “We were captivated with Little Red Rooster’s determination and pure excitement towards our brand. They understand what we want and how we want to grow in the UK in 2017. Little Red Rooster bring passion and a mean black book of contacts and experience tot he table – we look forward to seeing what we can achieve in the months to come”


Silhouette eyewear joins an impressive roster of brands managed by the agency, which currently includes Ted Baker, Pantherella, HJ Hall, Smeg, B&O Play, amongst others.


For further information on Silhouette please get in touch with the team on 01189 9602128 or



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