The Coop Takes on Clerkenwell


2018 marks the ninth year that Clerkenwell Design Week has been running. Arguably one of London’s most influential design events, Clerkenwell has become a hub of creativity and innovation. Interesting fact, Clerkenwell may only cover roughly 2.5 miles, but holds within it more creative businesses per square mile than anywhere else in Europe. There are now over 90 showrooms and studios that are open to the public during the design week and they draw in a tremendous number of visitors over the three days that it runs.


Here at the coop, we are all about immersing our team in events that will improve their design understanding. That’s why this year our Sam and Emma headed into the hive of activity across two days to explore Clerkenwell Design Week and look out for exciting new installations and studios.



Day 1:

Emma tackled day one and she was on the lookout for eye-catching lighting and furniture studios. The first company that Emma came into contact with was the incredible Danish furniture brand, Mater. Founded in Copenhagen in 2006, Mater’s conscious and ethical design approach mixed with great craftsmanship makes it a hugely exciting brand to find out more about. The occasion actually marked the launch of the new showroom which is positioned near to the Angel end of the design district. We really like the reasoning behind the name, being that Mater means “mother” in Latin. The name is a daily reminder of the company’s small contribution in preventing the challenges “mother earth” faces – wise words from the CEO & founder of Mater, Henrik Marstrand.



Next on Emma’s hitlist was the brand new Allurmuir showroom, which is a truly breathtaking design in itself, product aside. The vast open and minimalist space in the centre of Clerkenwell stood out as being anything but normal. Over the past 10 years the brand has grown, expanding into six continents and over 70 countries. Although the company is now international, its background in bringing personality and diversity to design has not been forgotten. Allurmuir stood out, as one of its key brand messages is “death to mediocrity”. Here at the coop we totally back such an ethos, as we aim to provide anything but mediocracy through our unique “Rooster approach” to PR.



Emma’s last stop of the day was family-run design and furniture brand, Ecrol. Its philosophy is to create contemporary furniture that will suit all spaces whilst sticking to using simple but effective designs. Ecrol works across living, dining, bedroom, and home office furniture. Having started in 1920, it has years of expertise to command attention in such a modern and diverse market. Emma’s trip provided us with the exciting information that it plans to open a showroom in New York in the near future which will be a huge stepping stone into the US market.



Day 2:

Sam’s mission for day two was simple, scout out the best flooring and fabric offerings that Clerkenwell Design Week had to offer. His first stop was the incredible Modus showroom which had been transformed into a pop-up workshop with live product making, focusing on the company’s new “Belt” stool product. The Belt is designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune and is aptly named after it’s distinguishing belt-like handle strap which runs up the side and across the top of the seat. The idea behind the design is ease and portability for a generation who are moving more than ever before. The product was launched at Clerkenwell Design Week and throughout the three-day event was constructed in 30 different shades for a wall display in the showroom. A percentage of the sale from these Belt stools are being donated to Clerkenwell Design Week’s official charity partner, Maggie’s Cancer Charity.



“in modern-day business, having a sustainable outlook is no longer a choice but a necessity. Customers increasingly look at a company’s environmental credibility and choose between products accordingly.” Wise words from one of our favourite finds at this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week, Bolon. Bolon Flooring began in 1949 and it has developed a unique woven vinyl flooring which it is renowned for. Here at the coop, we are all about sustainability, and with the media attention around global warming and plastic wastage, it seems smart for any company to be thinking with their eco-friendly hat on. Bolon has worked with a local recycling plant to develop a recycled flooring. This is made through a unique process that grinds and modifies old bits of flooring into granules that can then be bound and reshaped into a new material, starting the cycle over. Sustainable yet stylish, we can safely say that Bolon really is right up our street.



We couldn’t head to Clerkenwell Design Week without heading over to our client Bang & Olufsen’s dear friend, Kvadrat. Kvadrat is Europe’s leading manufacturer of design textiles, creating high quality textile product for several Bang & Olufsen products including the Beoplay M3, Beoplay M5, and Beoplay A9 speakers. Anything cool enough for Bang & Olufsen is 100% cool enough for the coop, and the stunning showroom didn’t disappoint. It was an exceptionally minimal space allowing the fabrics to be the centre of attention.


The Verdict:

Clerkenwell Design Week never disappoints, however this year stood out as being quite spectacular. The incredible diversity of products, and the creative approaches to showroom aesthetics was truly astounding. From the stripped back workshop of Modus, to the modern minimalism of Kvadrat, the range of presentations from the studios seriously impressed Emma and Sam and we can’t wait to go back next year and see even more exciting new brands for 2019!

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Why freelance journalists and PR professionals need each other


Friends with benefits is one way to describe the relationship between PR professionals and freelance journalists. At Little Red Rooster we know why we need each other – now more than ever – to deliver the best coverage for our clients.



It’s no secret pretty much every media outlet is cutting its editorial teams and this tends to equate to bigger commissioning budgets for freelance journalists, content creators and contributors.


In some cases even the role of editor is being given to a hired hand rather than a traditional long-term appointment added to the payroll. It’s just one way the media world is being turned on its head in the 21st century.



We’ve also recently seen many of our closest contacts in the media choose to leave full-time journalism roles to go freelance for a multitude of different reasons, be it work/life balance, a greater variety of consumer and corporate opportunities, or perhaps a voluntary redundancy offer too good to refuse.


Plenty of PR professionals fall into the trap of only knowing how staff journalists work and can grossly undervalue freelance writers. At Little Red Rooster we realise this is not only detrimental to our relationships with those that have gone self-employed, but also our clients who could be missing out on golden opportunities to reach greater audiences. Here’s why:


PR benefits


Freelancers usually work across several publications, this gives them more reach and the opportunity to spin stories for different readerships. With the right material they can turn one interview into multiple features and that means more coverage for clients and a better ROI.


“Freelancers can be good news for PRs as we can cover a story for several different outlets while staffers are usually limited to just writing for the title they work for,” says tech and science journalist Libby Plummer who has written titles including Wired, Metro, Total Film, and The Huffington Post.


“This is particularly true for out-of-town press events, where we might not be manically filing news pieces or hands-on reviews, but we’ll be able to cover the stories that emerge in the coming days, weeks and even months, for multiple titles.”


A skilled freelancer will have a diverse range of publications he or she can go to with a story pitch (newsflash: more gigs means more money). For PRs this can alleviate the pain of pitching the wrong angle to the wrong journalist because unlike staff journalists, freelancers are far more likely to listen to what you have to say and find a way to make it work.


A freelancer’s livelihood depends on the more they can get published and money is quite the motivator when it comes to producing copy of quantity and quality as well as meeting tight deadlines – another coverage score. Plus, most freelancers have tight relationships with commissioning editors, many of which may prefer working with trusted writers rather than PR agencies.



“One of my most important roles as a freelancer is acting as a filter for the various editors I write for,” says lifestyle, tech and automotive journalist Leon Poultney.


“They know the ideas and invites I approach them with will have been thoroughly considered and suitable for the title, leaving them more time to deal with other matters. Placing a story in multiple outlets from a single trip/event means PRs get more bang for their buck, but it does mean time is money.”


Freelancer benefits


There are many benefits to being a flexible freelancer – working from the bedroom, garden, coffee shop, beach, cocktail bar – but being permanently ‘out of office’ means they don’t have access to the resources readily available at a traditional workplace.


For example, it’s fairly easy for staff journalists to check a PR database and discover which agency looks after a particular brand. In comparison, freelancers are at the mercy of a Google search so impeccable media relations are critical to ensuring our clients are always front of mind.


Whether it’s a face-to-face meeting, phone call or email we hope freelancers will always welcome our outreach because they’re constantly on the lookout for new stories to write in order to bolster their bank balance.


The onus is therefore on PRs and brands to present a well-packaged pitch loaded with newsworthy information leaving freelancers to do as little legwork as possible – aren’t we good.


“It really helps to get exclusive and tailored pitches from PRs,” says Libby. “The guys at Little Red Rooster are great for this, as they take the time to build strong working relationships with journalists, especially freelancers, getting to know which titles we work for and how, so they only pitch us relevant stuff.”


“Trips and events need to be packed with information and PRs should facilitate requests knowing it will assist in creating great content for numerous outlets,” adds Leon.


“I can give a great example of a recent event that provided a nice overview, but failed to go into much detail. The PR department in question took an age to follow up with further requests from a leading tech magazine and have potentially missed out on a large feature and failed to get much in terms of coverage from the trip.”




Chasing clients for information, fantastic photography, spokespeople and expert opinion is just another part of what we do to make a freelancer’s life easier.


Coming through with the goods isn’t just about providing a great service, it’s all part of building and maintaining lasting and trusting relationships we hope will be repaid with thrilling and diverse coverage. This usually leads to even more shouting from the rooftops… well, we are the loudest animal in the farmyard.


Another area where we can be a lifeline for freelancers is covering costs for travel to an event or treating them to things like lunch or drinks. After all, the poor souls don’t have the benefit of being able to put things on expenses or fall back on paid holiday, so sometimes the small things can mean a lot.


Working closely together can offer brilliant benefits to both PRs and freelancers and building personal relationships with journalists is at the very heart of our DNA. The great news is we have the same end goal – delivering outstanding coverage for our clients.


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Polk Command Bar launch




Distinguished American brand Polk Audio launched its innovative Amazon Alexa-enabled Command Bar at the exquisite Mondrian Hotel on London’s South Bank last week.


Voice control is a hugely popular category with both consumers and media at present. And Little Red Rooster is fortunate enough to have a client be the first key player to launch an Alexa-enabled soundbar. This gave us the perfect opportunity to gather the great and the good from the UK’s tech media together to experience the remarkable device first-hand.


And rather than a ‘death by PowerPoint’ presentation, Little Red Rooster wanted the journalists to get a true hands-on feel for the future of home cinema.


Afterwards an informal supper and drinks reception gave our guests the perfect opportunity to get to know key Polk personnel, with the evening culminating with balcony drinks overlooking the Thames at the Mondrian’s Rumpus Rooms.



The Presentation




Journalists from titles including Stuff, The Sun, Trusted Reviews, WIRED, What Hi-Fi and The Independent arrived at Mondrian London and were escorted to the Curzon Theatre for a champagne reception.


Once seated, Polk Audio executives explained how two men from Baltimore with a passion for music had built a brand on the belief great sound shouldn’t break the bank.


Now, 45 years on, the company is collaborating with the world’s largest online retailer and smart home tech pioneer, Amazon, to not only deliver an incredible Alexa-enabled product, but make it available to as many consumers as possible.


Believing a ‘surround sound’ experience is critical to consumers, Polk has outperformed its competition selling 10 million speakers in the past decade. In fact, its acoustics and engineering prowess is felt in 10 per cent of American homes, making them the number one speaker brand in the US.


Meanwhile, voice assistants have quickly made their way from smartphones to smart speakers and in-car audio, and are now being integrated into devices such as kitchen appliances.


It’s predicted that by 2022 over 70 million homes in the US alone will have a voice assistant. Amazon’s Alexa is leading the charge and is already available in 12,000 smart home devices.


With an incredible history and track record as market leaders, a Polk Audio and Amazon collaboration is the start of a new chapter in the smart home theatre.







Following the presentation, journalists were offered an opportunity to get a first look at the Command Bar.


Proving very popular was Polk’s attention to detail by including an Alexa action button that briefly lowers the volume, so you don’t have to shout to be heard.


The integrated microphones on top of the sound bar can control the master volume, mute, bass, sound mode and source selection with the Polk Connect Skill, which integrates voice commands.


The Command bar also supports a variety of Alexa-compatible music services and can even read books from Audible. Additionally, the sound bar supports a full set of home skills to control lights, locks, thermostats and other smart home devices.



Rumpus Rooms and Sea Containers




Following the demo, guests were escorted to the 12th floor of the Mondrian to the Rumpus Rooms rooftop bar where rare blue skies across London town allowed the riverside views to speak for themselves.


After cocktails, guests were taken downstairs to impressive Sea Containers restaurant where they enjoyed a selection of dishes, including Padrón peppers and a rather unique avocado foam. The meal also offered a laid-back setting for journalists to quiz the Polk and Amazon team.


After dinner it’s the after party, where guests were able to head back up to the Rumpus Rooms as things continued into the early hours. What else would you expect from a Little Red Rooster soiree?

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A day in the life of a Little Red Rooster by intern Annie Hill


Being a small town country girl at university can be overwhelming – everyone aspires to work in London and live the big city life. But fast paced and exhilarating can also exhausting and I’m just not sure it’s for me. Being a little fish in a big pond can be daunting.


When I was looking for PR internships they all offered so much potential, but I just wasn’t sure I was comfortable moving into the capital. The prospect of staying in a smaller town, with a close-knit team excites me much more. And I guess that’s where Little Red Rooster comes in. Based close to my university and in the countryside with a team that works seamlessly together and run by Vic… who sometimes brings in her dog, Keef, to work. Frankly, it was my dream.


Tell us a little about your internship with Little Red Rooster PR, what were the main tasks that you were trusted with?


I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I started at Little Red Rooster. I had never done a PR internship before and from what was rumoured about my friends’ placements, I was going to be a professional tea maker, brilliant at scanning and would know Twyford like the back of my hand in no time. This couldn’t have been further from the truth.


After an hour of training with Lucy on my first morning, the reigns were in my hands. I was busy mounting coverage all day, time flew past and before I knew it, it was 5pm and I didn’t want to leave. The team were so welcoming, gave me loads of tasks to keep me busy and some valuable insight into what they do day-to-day. I loved it.


The remaining days were some of the fastest four weeks I’ve had in a long time and some of the best. Worth every early morning whilst my student housemates slept in till 1pm.


The team got me involved in their creative brainstorms, where they discussed ideas of how they could get Greenwich and Proporta more coverage; from leaving portable chargers around London landmarks to personalising passport cases and travel wallets at King’s Cross Station. Being involved in projects like this opened my eyes to the imagination and talent involved in PR.


Another part of my time at LRR was spent organising stock from sunglasses to socks, and sending out samples to journalists or shoots (a pair of socks even went to James Bay’s stylist). I learnt how to edit an editorial status on a Google Document to show what stock was available, as well as what was currently out with journalists, and to document what coverage the team had achieved along with what was in the pipeline for the future.


During my month I helped the team find appropriate slots for their clients and their products by looking through magazines and newspapers at existing articles. For some clients, going to events where journalists will be reporting is the best way to promote their products and target a suitable audience, making them aware of what the brand offers. So, for Adidas Eyewear I collated a list of sporting events they could be represented at.


Getting involved in the everyday tasks that go on behind the scenes at Little Red Rooster showed me that an office job does not mean doing the same thing 9-5 every day. In fact, even under one job description, the possibilities as endless. This realisation made me more certain about my decision to pursue PR because it’s fast paced and always changing, perfectly suiting my slightly barmy personality.


 What have you learnt over the course of your internship?


Organisation is key, do not doubt this. ‘To-do’ lists will be your best friend. Knowing what you need to do will help you feel more in control of your work load and prevents any feelings of stress that could arise. The team are always more than happy to help you prioritise the coverage you need to mount so don’t be scared to ask.


Don’t ever be afraid to ask questions. Some of the team have been working in PR for years, they don’t expect you to know everything. It’s better to ask a question, however simple or stupid it may seem and learn the answer than do something wrong, which could ultimately prove costly.


Attention to detail is vitally important in many job roles, but my time as an LRR intern has taught me that this skill is essential to many tasks. Even mundane tasks such as mounting coverage demand precision and the careful following of steps to produce sound results.


Good relationships are essential throughout the whole of your PR journey. Maintaining strong relationships with the companies you intern at opens a plethora of opportunities to you in the future and a ‘foot in the door’ is essential when starting out in PR. These relationships are also invaluable when your career starts, you will require connections with journalists to gain coverage for your clients. Be a people person.


Being in a good team makes all the difference. I always thought that being successful would be easy if you are motivated enough to go out and work for it and yes, I don’t doubt this has a massive part to play, but this month has taught me there’s more to it than that. Being in a team with a group of exceptionally talented and motivated individuals drives your desire to succeed and succeed not just for yourself but for your team.


What advice would you give interns starting in PR?


Be yourself. Every PR agency is different and you will undoubtedly find one that suits you. I did not hesitate to be myself at Little Red Rooster and luckily, I fitted into the coop perfectly. Being myself made my time at LRR all the more enjoyable and I think the same goes when you start your career. Being happy somewhere inspires you to be more motivated and makes you want to get up in the mornings (even when its 6am and the rain is lashing against your window).


It might take many months to find an internship and a company that suits you, but when you find the one, it’ll be worth every early morning alarm you had to endure and every morning you wished you could stay under your duvet.


Get involved, ask for things to do and offer your assistance to the team at every opportunity. Even the simplest tasks such as looking through magazines at potential slots for clients can hugely add to the level of knowledge and experience you need to take on a permanent job in PR.


Read, read, read and read some more. Being aware of many different magazines, newspapers, newspaper supplements, websites and blogs can massively impact your success when trying to get coverage for a product. Knowing a blogger that other people in your team haven’t heard of, but would be suitable to promote a client, can be the difference between your team getting that last piece of coverage to hit target, or not.



In your opinion, how important do you think internships are?


Without my internship at Little Red Rooster I think I would still be stuck in the rut of not having any idea what I want to do with my life. This is typical for many university students who aren’t studying vocational degrees. Internships help you find your calling and eliminate the careers you can’t stand to even spend a week in.


Not only does getting an internship open your eyes and widen your opinions of prospects that you were maybe previously narrow-minded about, it also opens a host of other opportunities for you to gain further experience. Every company runs differently; PR can vary from brands that manage their promotion in house, to agencies that handle an abundance of specially chosen labels. Finding what works for you is priceless to finding a career you’ll love.


Anyone that has been in a position similar to mine knows the struggle of trying to get experience when you have no previous experience, but once you’ve got your foot in the door of one, this becomes much easier. Welcome every offer that you’re given with open arms, you’ll benefit more than you realise.






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Planning the Perfect Press Trip


A press trip might be seen as a free holiday to many an overworked and underpaid influencer or journalist, but planning the perfect one can be a daunting experience for any PR agency.


Clients, PRs and the media share some common goals when it comes to cracking this particular nut; namely a juicy story resulting in awesome coverage, a better understanding of the brand and developing long-lasting relationships with key players at the company. And if it leads to some lasting memories as well all the better.


Companies often focus too much on the here and now when it comes to such shindigs, overlooking longer-term goals. “The biggest benefit is cementing long-lasting relationships with media that add value way beyond the lifetime of a specific event, rather than any stories coming directly from the trip in question,” says Little Red Rooster co-founder Henry Griffiths. “A truly successful jaunt will keep delivering a ROI, often for years, and this is something brands always overlook”.


The Berlin press trip to Berlin Fashion Week with Silhouette Eyewear


Obviously every press trip is different and there is no exact science to their success, but by following a tried and tested framework – with an added pinch of Little Red Rooster rock ‘n’ roll – our aim is always to ensure all parties get a return on their investment, whether it’s time or money.


“A good mix of people you know value the brand you’re representing is a must,” says agency co-founder Victoria Ruffy, referring to the creation of a carefully curated invite list “There is nothing better than having one or two trusted ambassadors on board that you can rely on, but it’s also important to include new people on the trip so you expand the brand to new audiences.”



By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail, so says Benjamin Franklin and the rule certainly applies to press trips. It’s imperative planning begins months in advance to avoid mishaps later down the line.


Cost plays a part here. Most people book holidays early to get the best deal on hotels and travel and a press trip is no different – it’s even more important if a client is on a tight budget.


Plus, by achieving the best balance of cost effectiveness versus comfort it leaves more money for experiential brand activities that can make all the difference to your guests, whether it’s spectacular meals or maybe a music gig… we’ve even been known to attend a Mötley Crüe tribute show on Sunset Strip in LA.


Another factor is availability. The best journalists get booked up, so to snare the best you need to get in there early. You also need to make sure the trip is enjoyable. “We’ve heard horror stories of four-day itineraries where every hour is full and there is no flexibility or downtime,” says Henry.


“Journalists shudder when they see these kinds of plans. You want your guests to come back with some good memories. It shouldn’t be a slog and less is certainly more in this instance”.


“We want to make the whole process as pleasant as possible so it’s also important to factor in things like airport transfers and attractive flight times,” adds Victoria.


“Itineraries should be signed off at the earliest opportunity and shared with journalists so they have a chance to plan other commitments around it. Allowing free time in the schedule is vital too so there’s a chance to relax or open the laptop and get some work done.”


Already this year we’ve taken top-ranking members of the media to the US, Germany, Italy and Austria, and as an agency we’re well versed in delivering on press trip promises once we’ve arrived at a destination.


The Vienna press trip for the launch of neubau’s new collection inspired by Carl Jung & Sigmund Freud


It takes more than organising three meals-a-day, keeping everyone watered and getting the group to a press briefing on time – although that’s a decent start. “Some people may want to head back to the hotel after lunch, while others may fancy another glass of wine or two… and it wouldn’t be very Little Red Rooster to deprive them,” says Victoria.


“But the key is to be flexible to each journalist’s specific requirements and have plenty of options lined up. We often create bespoke itineraries for each guest on a trip, as we know what will interest them”.


As part of the planning process we consult as closely with journalists as we do with clients to achieve press trip nirvana. Jeremy White, executive editor at Wired UK, has attended many LRR trips and we certainly value his opinion. He was part of the reason our visit to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January was done with a difference.


Rather than suffer the exhaustive slog of a Las Vegas convention for an entire week, we based ourselves in LA for some much needed rest and relaxation either side of the show, before hitting the exhibition for a short, sharp 72 hours.


“There is no secret to a good press trip, but it is an art,” says Jeremy. “Small things such as knowing where you are going and why, contact numbers, press releases, media imagery and video all to hand is a solid starting point.


“Shepherding tiresome journalists with a smile and generally a ‘nothing being too much trouble’ attitude means you’re onto a winner. All this is obvious, yet sadly not common.


“What else elevates a press trip is going outside the norm of getting people to an event and making sure they get home by making the trip fun. Factor in time for enjoyment beyond drinks in the hotel.”


“I don’t think many PR agencies would put together the kind of trip Little Red Rooster did for CES,” adds interiors journalist extraordinaire Claudia Baillie. “If it’s a longer trip then some sort of ‘treat’ is particularly welcome, i.e. the chance to go somewhere not related to the company, or somewhere fun, or to do something relaxing.”


Pampering aside, Claudia has some other top tips for PRs putting together the perfect press trip. “I go to Maison & Objet in Paris every year. The Eurostar is early because it has to be, but we’re given a £10 gift card for the coffee shop so we can get what we want in our own time. It’s a small touch, but I really like it and anything thoughtful like that is a bonus.


“Free time is good. I went to Salone del Mobile in Milan and the brand only wanted a day’s worth of commitment, but paid for two nights at the hotel. It meant the second day was free to do as we pleased, which was mighty generous considering the cost of hotels in Milan during the fair.


The Milan press trip to Salone de Mobile for the launch of the Smeg x D&G Collection


“Flights at a decent hour and transport to the airport is also good. I was asked to be at the airport at some ungodly hour not so long ago and they refused to get me a cab. I’m not a princess, but there was no other way of getting there at that time and as a freelancer I don’t have the luxury of claiming things back.


“Don’t pack an itinerary so tightly that there’s no downtime, because trips where they really want a pound of flesh aren’t fun. I recently refused a trip to New York because it was one night and a full schedule. Some PRs think because they’re flying you somewhere you should be grateful and they aren’t prepared to make the trip enjoyable.”


With a growing roster of incredible clients headquartered across Europe and beyond, plus a jam-packed calendar of tantalising events to take journalists to, we’re hugely excited by the potential for more press trips.


Stellar excursions for our brands Bang & Olufsen and Sound United are just around the corner and the team are already plotting an even bigger and better experience at CES in 2019.


Mastering the art of the press trip is a tricky business, but it helps to have a vastly experienced PR agency to steer the ship. First and foremost Little Red Rooster has the best interests of clients and journalists at heart when it’s time to pack a suitcase, but we’re also guaranteed to inject some fun – something other agencies almost always forget.


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Little Red Rooster wins adidas Sport eyewear



adidas SS18 tempest frames

adidas SS18 tempest frames

 It’s another week and another win at the coop as we are thrilled to reveal that adidas Sport eyewear’s PR account has been awarded to Little Red Rooster. This brings yet another thrilling addition to a roster of exceptional clients.


The iconic sporting brand transfers from its previous relations agency, Dust PR. This new win comes after two years of excellent results from Little Red Rooster for adidas eyewear’s sister firm, Silhouette International.


Perry Moore, managing direction of Silhouette International, commented:


“Little Red Rooster is now a fully-fledged extension of the Silhouette International team. We are incredibly confident they will continue to challenge us and push us to ensure superb consumer relations via PR and influencer engagement. adidas Sport eyewear is a prestigious brand that will fit seamlessly across Little Red Rooster’s fashion and sports divisions.”


adidas will be in great company, joining Little Red Rooster’s roster of sport and fashion clients. This includes the likes of fitness tracker Myzone and a host of sports headphones from Bang and Olufsen and Denon. The coop will be running the brand’s UK press office – managing press relations, influencer engagement and celebrity endorsement of its prescription compatible sport eyewear and snow goggles.


adidas SS18 paycr frames

adidas SS18 paycr frames


adidas Sport eyewear will be managed by Little Red Rooster partner, Victoria Ruffy  with support from new account manager, Jenny Jones, and account executive, Tabitha Grove.


Speaking of the win, Victoria said:


“You could say six is a fix and there is no doubt that we’ve had some serious new wins for Little Red Rooster in 2018. This is down to a team who constantly deliver devastatingly good results. It’s no surprise to us that a substantial amount of our agency’s growth comes from organic wins. Winning new businesses is not just about a slick pitch. It’s about proving you can do the job on time and by exceeding agreed KPIs. That is why we have such a strong portfolio of long lasting clients. We are here for the long haul and not a quick win”.


Victoria Ruffy, partner at Little Red Rooster

Victoria Ruffy, partner at Little Red Rooster

Little Red Rooster’s other sports and fashion division specialists will also assist the adidas team.

adidas Sport eyewear joins an outstanding collection of brands managed by the agency, currently includ Bang and Olufsen, Smeg, Freeview, Pantherella and Ruark Audio amongst others.


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Master Lock House Party


Last Thursday, all American super-brand Master Lock, security connoisseur for over 90 years, hosted an epic house party to showcase its extensive range of gadgets to both press and social media influencers. Little Red Rooster kitted out a traditional yet quirky three-storey Georgian townhouse just a stone’s throw away from King’s Cross station to launch the Select Access Key Safe, explain the legendary heritage of the brand plus allow attendees to relax over a game of beer pong and a slice (or eight) of pizza!


Master Lock

Master Lock House Party

Fun fact, Master Lock founder Harry Soref worked with infamous escapologist Harry Houdini after he met with the company’s architect as he was unable to breakout from a pair of handcuffs. Soref advised Houdini on trick places to hide padlock keys between his fingers and under his tongue during stage shows. The brand is recognised around the world as the authentic, enduring name in security gadgets and Master Lock continues to develop innovative and high-quality products.  A leader in security solutions for sports, home, school, work and travel, Master Lock has recently launched a new wave of Bluetooth padlocks and lock boxes to sync up with the connected home trend.


So, let’s get right into it with the new release, the hotly anticipated Select Access Key Safe! The simple and secure lock box ensures parents and children will never have to hide keys under a doormat or flower pot again. Ultimately, parents who are concerned about their family accessing the house after school or a night out won’t have to worry. With the Select Access Key Safe you can store a large number of keys or access cards as the gadget boasts the biggest internal capacity on the market. Once the correct code has been entered, simply turn the handle to open the storage chamber to access a multitude of keys. Master Lock’s spacious innovation means that only one safe needs to be wall-mounted and combination codes can be easily managed. A flip cover hides the keypad from would-be thieves and also protects the key safe from the wonderful British weather. At the event, journalists were able to appreciate the attack-resilient and heavy-duty nature of the robust box.


Master Lock also provided exclusive hands-on time to both press and influencers for its soon to be released Digital Security Chest. More about this next month on official launch. Watch this space!


U Lock

Master Lock U Lock, best for bikes


To celebrate these launches Master Lock and Little Red Rooster invited a number of key media from the technology, security, lifestyle and design sectors to come along to a colossal house party and put the products to the test in a home and festival environment.




We supercharged the morning attendees’ day with tea, coffee, croissants, fresh fruit and juices. Journalists were treated to an intimate session where they were able to get hands-on with all available Master Lock products, not just the newbies. Proving very popular were the Bluetooth Smart Padlock and Bluetooth Key Lock Box located in the ground floor living room. With both connected products you are able to manage the app with your smartphone and fully monitor who is given temporary/permanent access. Another little gem from the day was the Fire & Water Resistant Security Chest that was submerged in the master bedroom’s luxury ensuite in the freestanding bathtub. The Security Chest protects your family’s most important paper documents, media, and valuables from fire and flood damage. Attendees included BBC Five Live and Country Homes & Interiors.


Trade lunch


After an informative morning session, we readied ourselves for trade journalists from ERT, DIY Week and PSI to arrive for their one-to-one Q+A sessions with the marketing and sales team from both the UK and France, the latter is where Master Lock’s European HQ is located. They were given an in-depth tour of the event space followed by a sit-down discussion about everything and anything Master Lock.


Carry Straps

Master Lock Carry Straps being used to ferry beer from boot to car




The sun was beginning to set on an illuminating afternoon. It was now time to prepare for the party, we kitted out the kitchen area with beer pong and a smorgasbord of pizza. But it wasn’t all about that, the guests were treated to a succession of talks from the Master Lock team about new product releases and the rich history of the brand. The evening session was filled with a variety of press from The Sun, MTV, TechRadar, Saga, Esquire, Pocket-lint, Build It, ITV plus many more. Additionally, a bounty of influencers came, saw and conquered the beer pong plus shared their experiences via social media with a mammoth amount of tagging involved, creating a buzz on the evening. Everyone that attended was treated to a goody bag filled with Master Lock products to take away with them into the night.


Going into the late hours everyone was able to wind down, enjoy plenty of pizza and even have a boogie. You can’t deny Little Red Rooster and Master Lock know how to through a mega house party!

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Picking the right PR agency for the region


The phrase “think global, act local” is crucial for brands picking the right PR agency for the region it wants to operate in.

A local presence in the UK carries extra clout as a key territory punching above its weight globally, especially if you consider the English language and culturally important locations such as London really are our crown jewels.


It’s a strategy adopted by some of the biggest names in the business. The likes of Nike, McDonald’s and Apple may appear to communicate with a one vision, one logo outlook, but these companies won’t launch a charm offensive on foreign soil without carefully weighing up the impact on local culture, and its impact on them.



Organisations can spend their entire marketing budget on a beautifully crafted global campaign only to discover it means something quite different in another language because they overlooked cultural differences a local agency would surely have identified.


Research by California State University found it would take 83 languages to reach 80% of people around the world, and over 7,000 to reach everyone. While 56% of consumers said obtaining information in their own language was more important than price.


This becomes especially important in an increasingly global market where brands can’t rely on a network of local retailers and high street stores to effectively carry its message to consumers.


“It’s easy to talk up the idea of a global marketplace in terms of selling and shipping products, but when it comes to promotion and PR being local can make all the difference to a successful launch,” says freelance technology and lifestyle journalist, Chris Haslam.


“Sure, global launches have their place with Samsung etc., but when it comes to getting beyond the names on the magazine masthead and appreciating how the media landscape works it will save so much miscommunication and time wasting – from both sides.”


This is one example where Little Red Rooster can step in. We’ve always been a boutique agency with a big picture mentality. By that we mean we consider brands on a local level first and foremost, but never without taking our eye off the global picture.



As our clients have grown and we have expanded as an agency, we’ve been careful to keep that magic going and not lose sight of where we all came from in the first place – never forget your roots, as they say.


Our home-grown clients understand this and have one thing in common: British pride, whether that’s in design, manufacturing, its personality or workforce. A PR agency should be a seamless extension of that operation and based in the same country.


As stated earlier, it’s important to note operating in the UK has distinct advantages from a media reach point of view. The English language has a huge impact when it comes to plenty of our greatest publications being syndicated and distributed internationally.


Several others with huge sway on both sides of the Atlantic, such as The Verge and Tech Radar, are based here and Forbes has just established a new European base in London. We’re home to the world’s luxury and in-flight press too.


Now think about how valuable authentic knowledge about a destination can be when you go on holiday, or visit a city for the first time. Getting a restaurant recommendation from somebody who lives there and knows the area is worth its weight in gold.


It’s one reason why we also attract overseas brands like Smeg, Loewe, Steel, Silhouette, neubau and LPG endermologie, all diligently looking to launch themselves in the UK and Ireland, or improve existing awareness.


The disjointed alternative is hiring a global agency that struggles to grasp the difference between markets, doesn’t get to know teams in each country and fails to forge close ties with its media.


Personal relationships are key in PR and the problem with pan-European agencies or larger is they lack the local presence and senior staff to meet journalists face-to-face. Very often junior team members are pushed under the bus with media relations low on the list of priorities.



This is something another of our overseas clients – B&O PLAY – found out to its cost and since taking over the account in 2016 it’s no secret we’ve been able to assist with incredible growth for the brand here in the UK.


We’ve been begged by clients new, old and prospective to open offices in France, Italy and America and handle PR operations in those territories. It’s certainly something we would consider, but the crucial part from our perspective would be market experience as well as boots on the ground.


“I was speaking to the chief sales and marketing officer of a Swedish audio company who told me partners that know the local market they wish to operate in are vital,” says James Day, technology editor at large at Enki magazine.


“He went on to say that even though we’re from Europe, we are not the same and that despite being from Sweden he’s never even succeeded with a Nordic campaign that works, because the Norwegians, Danes and Finnish are so different.


“I’ve dealt with hugely respected brands who have culled local press and PR operation in favour of a pan-European or global agency approach and it never works, to such an extent that in some cases ties have been totally severed.


“I might be a bit biased about my affection for Little Red Rooster because they’re based just down the road from me, but actually that just goes to extenuate the very point I’m trying to make about the importance of being local.”


Little Red Rooster is based in the tiny village of Twyford, Berkshire, while our London office has an established, experienced team knowledgeable about the capital and its unique ways.


Whether you’re a British brand looking to build your customer base here or an overseas client looking for a foothold in the UK market get in touch, because we’ve got our house in order.


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Case study: Bisque x Mad About The House



As well as being PR pros, we’re also dab hands at managing social media and influencer relations. In fact, we handle the social media accounts for several of our clients. This arm of the business began when Bisque Radiators – Little Red Rooster’s very first interiors client – handed over control of its social media accounts back in 2011. Seven years later, we’re still going strong.



In 2018, Bisque set itself the ambitious target of doubling its SEO rating and once again turned to Little Red Rooster. Between the two parties, we devised a plan to work with former Financial Times journalist-turned UK’s number one interiors blogger, Kate Watson-Smyth (of Mad about the House fame) for a series of sponsored posts with the overarching aim of driving traffic to the Bisque site.



The end result? A 50% increase in social media followers, the most popular Instagram post for both brands in history and, ultimately, a prestigious gong from Pinterest UK at this year’s #BestofPinterest awards.


Head over to our latest case study for the full story.



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Little Red Rooster awarded Bang & Olufsen consumer PR account



We are delighted to announce Little Red Rooster has been awarded the Bang & Olufsen consumer PR account in a major win for the agency.


The highly desirable Danish audio lifestyle brand moves from the incumbent agency, Marlin PR, who have handled the account for the previous eight years. The coop has represented sister brand B&O PLAY since 2016, supporting major growth in the UK.


Speaking on the win, Little Red Rooster partners Henry Griffiths and Victoria Ruffy commented:


“We are privileged to be working with such an auspicious brand as Bang and Olufsen. Both of us are equally delighted to see Little Red Rooster continue to grow organically, gaining exceptional new accounts through the impressive quality of its work. As a team we are enormously proud of our carefully curated portfolio and Bang and Olufsen fits perfectly into this.”


The team has been tasked with consumer PR account management including; running the UK press office, generating thought leadership campaigns, handling hero product launches, experiential events and influencer outreach.


Bang and Olufsen will be looked after by Little Red Rooster partners Henry Griffiths and Victoria Ruffy. It will be led by senior account manager Kayleigh Williams, who recently joined from Hill+Knowlton Strategies where she headed up the LG account.


Kayleigh will also be assisted by other specialists across Little Red Rooster’s tech, interiors and fashion divisions.



Andy Macer, UK director for Bang & Olufsen, said:


“We are very pleased to appoint LRR as our sole consumer PR agency for the Bang & Olufsen brand in the UK and Ireland. The work previously undertaken with us provides all the evidence we need to know they will be an outstanding partner for the complete portfolio. We look forward to working closely with LRR as we strive to become the most desired audio brand in the world.”


As an agency, Little Red Rooster has experienced remarkable growth over the past five years, witnessing a 45% increase in turnover for the last financial year alone. We’ve been hiring too with our consultant count now standing at 20, including four hires so far this year, and a further three joining within the next three months.


Henry Griffiths and Victoria Ruffy, joint partners at Little Red Rooster

Bang and Olufsen joins an impressive roster of clients managed by Little Red Rooster, which currently includes the likes of Smeg, Denon, Pantherella, Silhouette and Freeview.


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Little Red Rooster wins Austrian eyewear brand neubau  


We are delighted to announce our fourth win of 2018, with us landing independent  eyewear company neubau which, inspired by urban culture, designs and manufactures all its products in Austria.


Winning the contract from the incumbent PR agency, Dust PR after having lead the PR for sister firm Silhouette Eyewear since February 2016  is a real win for team Rooster who have now been tasked with relaunching the brand in the UK. This has begun with the launch of a new collection inspired by Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud which we internationally previewed in Vienna with a VIP press trip. The British media launch is set for May.


Sigmund and Carl Collection from neubau


We will run the UK press office and manage influencer and celebrity relations. Little Red Rooster partner Victoria Ruffy will lead the account accompanied by account manager  Emma Younger and account executive Tabitha Grove.


Speaking of the win, our Vic commented:   


Victoria Ruffy, partner, Little Red Rooster


“A fourth win for Little Red Rooster in 2018 underlines the exceptional growth the agency is experiencing, with a huge 45% turnover increase in the last financial year. We are enormously proud of the carefully curated portfolio of brands we work with and neubau fits perfectly into our fashion division joining the likes of Pantherella and Greenwich to create an incredibly desirable collection of brands. Working with such a modern and sustainably aware company is the ultimate home goal.”


Perry Moore, managing director, Silhouette International, explained:


Perry Moore, managing director, Silhouette Eyewear


“The Little Red Rooster team wowed us with the outstanding press coverage, account management, creativity and successful influencer engagement figures they delivered for our sister brand Silhouette over the course of 2016/17. It really was without hesitation that we brought them on board to reinvigorate the approach for neubau.”


neubau eyewear joins an impressive roster of brands managed by the agency, which currently includes Smeg, B&O PLAY, Pantherella, and LPG endermologie amongst others.


Sigmund and Carl Collection from neubau

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We keep the coop fit with cool incentives and motivation


The saying ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ has never been truer, according to a new study finding a clear connection between brain and brawn. While this might not be true of everyone – Chris Hughes of Love Island fame we’re looking at you – the truth is the University of Manchester has stated something we’ve known for a while, so at Little Red Rooster we keep the coop fit with cool incentives and motivation from Myzone activity trackers.


We don’t just adore Myzone as a client, but because the system acts as a digital gym buddy displaying in real time how much effort is going into each workout. All staff are gifted a device, which comes in the form of a heart rate tracker chest strap that connects to a smartphone app, and because every session shows up on the app we also get to have a nosy at how heavily everyone is grafting to sculpt those guns.



We jest about the ‘guns’ part of course, but by setting colleagues a points target to achieve every month it helps the team stay fit and happy. Most importantly we all have fun doing it and Little Red Rooster foot the gym bill. However, if they fail to reach their gym goals we cut their cardio creditline (evil laugh).


Rather than calling it a no brainer, we’d prefer big brainer, as the benefits of exercise for employees and the connection to cognitive development are there for all to see. Put simply, bosses should encourage staff to get fit because it keeps the mind sharp and ready to the tackle any challenge.


Don’t just take our word for it – Isabelle King from our Twyford office is firmly on board. “I’ve never particularly been a gym-goer because in your early 20s the thought can be intimidating and you’re still far more self-conscious than you ought to be,” she says.



“But you soon start to realise the importance of keeping fit for a healthy work/life balance and it can actually leave you feeling far more energised and ready to tackle the day ahead. It’s even rarer for an agency to encourage you to do so, which is why their support is significant.”


If you’re wondering how we suddenly got so fanatical about fitness, look no further than founders Henry and Vic. The pair strapped on a Myzone heart rate sensor some while ago and soon found themselves in serious competition with each other to score the most points – it turns out ski trips, horse riding and even dog walks with our creative director Keef are great for working up a sweat… who knew?


Not content with competing against each other, things were soon extended to encompass the entire team and the Myzone Challenge was born. Naturally, pitting ‘Team Henry’ against ‘Team Vic’ in a battle of the rooster offices meant the rivalry was, shall we say, friendly but fierce. After all it’s no different when the team are trying to land coverage of the month.



A Victory for Team Vic (the clue is in the name I guess) ensued and the winners were awarded £1,250 to donate to a good cause of their choice, eventually going to a fantastic local bereavement charity for children called SeeSaw.


To counter losing a few pounds on the scales, there is the opportunity to gain some in your back account instead. Step forward Lucy Pritchard from our Twyford office who bagged herself £100 for putting in the effort during the quarter. “We have to get 750 points minimum on Myzone to keep our gym membership,” she says. “Sometimes it’s achieved in a few hardcore sessions, but other times it takes numerous gym trips to even get close.


“Each quarter we have a competition where whoever has the most points wins a prize. Might I just add I won the first one. The competitive aspect motivates you to get more points and the fun of trying to be top dog pulls the whole team together.”



The Myzone system allows you to workout anywhere at any time by saving all activity data to the chest strap sensor, so even if Little Red Rooster has the gym fees covered the great outdoors can be your playground too, which came in very lucky for Thomas Reed from the London team.


“The points target can be a walk in the park (quite literally) or sometimes be a right slog,” he says. “Last month, when work and personal life was especially busy I barely had time for the gym and ended up running around Twyford on the final day of the month to hit it.


“I’m heading to the US next month for a three week holiday and using Myzone has been a big motivational help in reaching my ridiculous target of a six pack in two months. Results to follow.”


Good luck with that one, beefcake.

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Little Red Rooster takes Milan!


It only feels like a few months ago we were pounding the streets of Milan to launch Smeg and Dolce&Gabbana’s ‘Sicily is my Love’ collection (catch up on all the action from 2017 on our previous LRR blog) yet here we are again, back on UK soil after a whirlwind Italian getaway to unveil the fruits of the brands third partnership: Divina Cucina.


This year, our Salone veterans Vic and Izzy were joined by fellow Roosterette Emma alongside a bevvy of VIP’s from the worlds of design and fashion: Sam Rogers (Vogue), Lily Worcester (ES Magazine), James Day (technology editor-at-large of new interiors glossy Enki and Cloud, the uber-luxury title for members of the Air Charter Service), as well as leading influencers @iamchoquette and @littlebigbell.


The gang were greeted by sweltering Italian sunshine, with temperatures soaring to the mid-twenties. Upon arrival in the city, we were treated to a delicious al fresco lunch before an afternoon of relaxation courtesy of Little Red Rooster’s latest recruit, French beauty brand endermologie (check out our recent post for more info). Each of our guests enjoyed their own bespoke ‘Glow’ facial treatment, ensuring their skin was perfectly plump and polished before the evening’s festivities.



Before long, it was time to get our gladrags on and head to Milan’s famous Metropol for the ‘Divina Cucina’ launch. The Metropol is one of the city’s oldest theatres, and now plays host to Dolce&Gabbana’s catwalk shows. As always, the event proved a real showstopper. The latest collection, which comprises Smeg’s iconic Victoria range cooker and matching accessories in a selection of gorgeous prints inspired by Sicilian artwork, adorned the central runway while large, cinema-size screens documented the laborious journey each appliance undertakes, outlining the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail which goes into each and every step of its production. Party-goers tucked into Dolce & Gabbana’s very own range of pasta (sold exclusively in Harrods), all washed down with plenty of prosecco – naturally.


After an evening mingling with Milan’s high society, the next day saw the group exploring its infamous design districts. As well as the traditional Salone fair – held on the outskirts of the city – the design districts house a series of pop ups and installations from both established and up-and coming brands. We particularly loved the inaugural textiles launch from Spanish fashion giant Loewe (the other Loewe in our lives), which saw cheeky prints infiltrated with spots and stripes in an array of dreamy technicolours; sumptuous outdoor beanbags from fabric brand Gloster; and the dainty glassware ranges from Swarovski, whose sophisticated, elegant designs perfectly complemented the palatial surroundings of Milan’s central Palazzo Serbelloni.


We also paid a visit to Wallpaper*’s infamous Handmade exhibition, which this year centered on a theme close to our own hearts – mindfulness and wellbeing. The star of the show had to be Marc Ange’s outdoor ‘Sunbrella’, which no doubt proved incredibly useful for escaping the blistering Italian heat.



Soon enough, it was party time again – on this occasion, however, to celebrate the unveiling of Bang & Olufsen’s latest portable speaker, the P6. Once again, Bang & Olufsen partnered with renowned Danish designer Cecilie Manz to craft another inimitable, stunning speaker to add to the brand’s roster. On display throughout Bang & Olufsen’s main Milan showroom, we found delicately styled velvet and different textures to offset the speakers sleek design.



In classic Bang & Olufsen fashion, guests were greeted with a deconstructed version of the speaker, showing of the intricate design of the model and acoustic capabilities both of which Bang & Olufsen is renowned for. Circling the party, we bumped into the 2 Lovely Gays, French for Pineapple, the team from ICON and Blueprint magazine who were also enjoying the evening’s festivities.


After the party, it was time to wind down for the remaining roosterettes, with a busy morning ahead exploring the other districts Salone de Mobile had to offer.


Our first stop was to another of our clients, Victoria + Albert Baths, which was exhibiting a whole range of new products at this year’s show. The stand showcased the British brand’s new washstand collection – the first of its kind in its repertoire – once again created in collaboration with Italian design duo Meneghello Paolelli Associati. V+A also hosted an exclusive cocktail reception on the Thursday evening, where it invited key customers, press and designers to its luxurious showroom for a closer look at the new designs.


Also on the agenda was the Ventura Centrale district, which once again opened up the beautiful abandoned warehouses underneath Milan’s Central Station and offered up a mixture of eclectic design from both emerging artists, such as Stephen Hürlemann, and David Rockwell, the established designer of Nobu’s restaurants and other ventures.



Visiting a series of installations across the warehouses, we were especially bowled over by a number of them. First of these was SPREAD, Haruna Yamada and Hirokazu Kobayashi for Haru stuck-on design – bursting with vibrant blocks of colour and significant iconic references to the likes of Robert Burns, Edvard Munch and Leonardo Da Vinci. The various displays embodied how colour embraces another element of interior design by having an impact on the ambience of a room and also our mood – for instance, yellow instantly projects happiness and kindness; “colours are the deeds of light”.



Next up, we experienced a visual ode to American Design to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Surface magazine, who teamed up with celebrated architect and designer David Rockwell to create “The Diner” which took us on a journey of retro-style fabrics and textures mixed with contemporary lighting scheme, to create a fully functional but intimate setting that offered a distinct twist on quintessentially American design.



A distinctly different experience was AGC Group’s Soundscape installation, which completely took our breath away! Its ground-breaking concept simultaneously breaks up the idea of single-functioning products and also represents sound as it is – an invisible element. Soundscape presented new possibilities for glass, using it as a speaker as opposed to a simple house fitting with ACG’s transformative technology to recompose audio that elegantly descends on its listener. Us roosters were most definitely floored by the Japanese brand’s display!


Salone definitely never disappoints us at Little Red Rooster, with our appetite for beautiful fashion, design and technology this year’s trip to the show was the perfect mix for us – we are already itching for our return visit in 2019!





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Little Red Rooster takes on Vienna with neubau



Following Little Red Rooster’s great work on Silhouette, the leading Austrian rimless eyewear brand, we have since been tasked with running a project for its sister brand the young ecologically-conscious neubau, which is inspired by the creativity of Vienna’s urban district – think London’s Shoreditch.


To celebrate the neubau’s first ever special edition collection launching next month, neubau wanted to make a whole lot of noise about the launch and support it with as much social media and press coverage as possible.


Inspired by the life, times and style of two renowned psychoanalysts Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, it seemed fitting to spend a couple of days soaking up the places where both these historical figures lived and produced their ground-breaking work.



We were joined by three journalists from key titles that best represented neubau’s demographic: LOOK, one of the UK’s most popular women’s weeklies, Cloud, a new luxury mag for private jet owners and Pause, a digital online title which favors up-and-coming, urban brands – all perfect for neubau. Each of our guests received a set of neubau frames beforehand, ready to wear on our interactive tour of the city later that day.


Upon arriving in Vienna, we were greeted by beautiful blue skies (perfect for sporting our new sunnies!) and headed straight to our hotel, the impressive Grand Ferdinand which sits in the heart of what used to be one of Vienna’s most affluent districts.



The weather firmly on our side, we began our interactive tour of Vienna on a specially-hired, vintage-style tram visiting Café Landtmann, a regular haunt for Freud and a host of other prominent writers and artists of that era. Next was the University of Vienna, followed by Vienna city hall before finally ending our tour at the Sigmund Freud Museum, previously home and office to the psychoanalyst.



After a nose around the museum, guests were given time to view the new collection and try the frames on – ready for their surprise gift! A three course sit down dinner of Viennesse-inspired dishes using quintessential ingredients then followed, washed down with cocktails inspired by the life and times of the collection’s namesakes. Our favourite was the definitely the Carl – which mixed coffee and ice with rum.


The next day, we arose for a leisurely breakfast in the hotel’s gorgeous rooftop restaurant and enjoyed a feast of meats and cheeses, pancakes, eggs, croissants and coffee amongst sweeping, stunning views of the city.


To round off the trip with our guests, we used the last of our free time to sample Vienna’s number one delicacy – Sacher Torte – which could only be done in its place of origin, Hotel Sacher. Following a whole 24 hours hearing about the delightful cake, we were not left disappointed!


The new collection launches in the UK next month. For more information, please get in touch with the team at

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The world’s most stylish range cooker from Dolce&Gabbana and Smeg


Fashion powerhouse Dolce&Gabbana and luxury Italian appliance manufacturer Smeg have teamed up once again to release the third instalment of a uniquely colourful and chic partnership; ‘Divina Cucina’.


Fresh from the heart of Southern Italy, the new range, meaning ‘divine cuisine’, will this time feature two distinctly different sets of matching Victoria range cooker and extractor hood plus Smeg’s iconic FAB28 fridge. All three appliances have been exquisitely crafted in celebration of the rich Italian heritage shared by both brands. The complete set allows discerning homeowners to create the design-led kitchen of their dreams.



The first spectacular set is inspired by Italy’s celebrated maiolica ceramic pottery with a print in shades of ocean blue and pearl white. Each dreamy appliance has been decorated with depictions of Mount Etna, the picturesque ruins of the Greek temple of Castor and Pollux in the Valley of the Temples, plus imagery steeped in mythology.


The second design tells the story of ‘Divina Cucina’ through delicious illustrations of golden yellow lemons, prickly pears, bright red cherries and classic Sicilian decorations that are framed by triangular geometric shapes known as Crocchi. The delicate floral motifs are inspired by vegetation and landscapes of Southern Italy. Sicilian puppet theatre and traditional hand-painted carts have played heavily in the creation of this second print where the dominant tones are fiery red and orange.



While strengthening the longstanding partnership between Dolce&Gabbana and Smeg, the third collection further cements the close relationship between fashion, design and technology. It comes following the incredible global success of 2016’s hand-painted ‘Frigorifero d’Arte’ refrigerator collection and last year’s equally striking ‘Sicily is my Love’ small domestic appliance range featuring citrus juicers, toasters, kettles and many more.


The luxury ‘Divina Cucina’ collection has been meticulously crafted with family and the art of authentic Italian cooking in mind. Alongside a ‘Made in Italy’ ethos, the partnership is based upon both brands’ deep respect for family tradition and the importance of maintaining local roots. These extraordinary pieces of art have been made possible thanks to Smeg’s vast experience in design and manufacturing quality kitchen appliances plus Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana’s heritage and creative flair.



The first examples of this new ‘Divina Cucina’ collection will be previewed as a concept during Salone del Mobile 2018 at an exclusive event hosted by Dolce&Gabbana at Milan’s Metropol, the distinctive venue which hosts the brand’s fabulous fashion runway shows every season. Essentially, Smeg’s new design-led range cookers will be sharing an iconic space previously strutted around by the likes of Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Cindy Crawford.



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What does Instagram Shopping mean for brands, consumers and influencers?


Instagram has always been home to the odd nagging annoyance from not allowing links in captions to chronological news feeds, but we’ve got no complaints about it’s new ‘click and buy’ service allowing you to buy products featured in photographs… or have we? We decided to take a closer look at what Instagram Shopping means for brands, consumers and influencers.


The new tool is designed to increase the online sales of brands advertising on the picture-sharing platform by letting them tag products in organic posts. Users can tap on a tagged post in their feed to buy the item directly from the brand’s website in arguably the most significant update to the social network since Instagram for Business launched in 2016.



According to Instagram, over 200 million people visit a business profile everyday and two thirds are people who don’t yet follow that company. In the past month there have been over 180 million interactions between businesses and people on the platform and since launching Shopping in the US last year, half of all active daily users now follow a business selling through the site.



In Britain, the number of Instagram users now amounts to 23 million, including both individual users and businesses. Despite being just seven years old, the platform boasts over 800 million global users, including 25 million businesses and 2 million advertisers – those are some big numbers.


It’s not the first time ‘click and buy’ tech has been used to entice online shoppers into direct sales. In fact we worked with Ted Baker on a “fashion first” shoppable movie called Mission Impeccable two years ago. The multi-channel campaign included storefront websites such as as well Ted’s own site and YouTube.



A few Instagram Shopping stipulations to be aware of; Brands can sell goods but not services, so think clothing, tech, and homewares etc. rather than hospitality and travel. Up to five items can be tagged per single-image post or 20 for a multi-image post. Brands can also access shopper insights, including a “tap to reveal” function and “shop now” click data for every post.


For brands, including many Little Red Rooster clients, it creates a potentially lucrative new revenue stream on a popular platform. As with all social networks, we work closely with our clients to ensure outreach carries the right message and increases engagement with relevant audiences – Instagram Shopping would be no exception.


Another consideration for brands is the quality of its product pictures as items for sale on Instagram will largely sell on a ‘love at first sight’ attraction. From the first day of working with a new client we stress the importance of having brilliant images available for the media – add Instagram Shopping into the mix and great brand photography becomes increasingly important.


Instagram says Shopping offers users an intuitive “visual storefront” to explore new products from the brands they follow. For many consumers – us included – it’s an exciting and convenient new opportunity for retail therapy on a social network we know and love, especially when it comes to discovering trends, seasonal or otherwise.


So brands are happy, so are consumers (even if their bank balance isn’t), but what about so called influencers? Well for a start they’re being blocked from using shopping tags for brand posts. A spokesperson for Instagram tells us the only way round this is if they have their own line of merchandise.



The clampdown on social media celebrities doesn’t end there after the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) warned they could face tougher rules on how they advertise products in Instagram posts. The regulator says online ads on any social network must be “obviously recognisable”.


Influencers across several platforms have already broken regulations by blurring the lines between editorial and adverts. ASA chief executive Guy Parker said: “Social influencer and native advertising might be relatively new but the advertising rules haven’t changed – people shouldn’t have to play the detective to work out if they’re being advertised to.”


Some Instagram celebrities have come under ASA scrutiny for posting thinly disguised ads on the network. They include former reality TV personality Stephanie Davis who shared a photo of vitamins from lifestyle company Convits along with a promotion code.



At Little Red Rooster we have a clearly defined way of working with influencers and bloggers. We’re aware this rapidly growing area is becoming saturated and if our clients decide to go down that route we advise them carefully on how to navigate the bewildering choice of personalities, fees and what results they can realistically expect.


It’s clear Instagram Shopping could have a considerable effect on brands, consumers and influencers with winners and losers on all sides, but we think it’s an exciting move forward by the social network with bags of potential for brands to build their audience even further.


If you’d like to get in touch to discuss how to promote your brand on Instagram get in touch here.


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LPG endermologie celebrate the brand new CELLU M6 Alliance at Harrods Wellness Clinic


LPG endermologie, France’s best kept beauty secret, celebrated the UK launch of its brand new tenth generation technology, the CELLU M6 Alliance, with two days of exclusive appointments at the prestigious Harrods Wellness Clinic this week.



Although hugely popular in its home country of France and globally, with over 300,000 people enjoying endermologie on a daily basis, LPG has finally brought its fight for natural beauty to the UK with a vengeance.


The two day event gave an array of press and influencers the opportunity to enjoy endermologie’s all new non-invasive and non-aggressive three-in-one skin fitness solution. The new and improved technology improves the skin from within: smoothing uneven areas such as stubborn cellulite, fighting resistant fat and firming the skin with an entirely redesigned patented head. The CELLU M6 now combines a motorised rollerball with suction technology to provide the most bespoke sessions yet, offering each individual an entirely unique treatment.



The CELLU M6 Alliance acts as the perfect alternative to artificial cosmetic surgery. LPG’s fight for natural beauty focuses on being the best version of yourself and improving yourself from within. After all, what’s the point of eating organically and attending weekly yoga classes to then fill your body with harmful poisons?


Ever passionate about what they fight for, we were lucky enough to have the endermologie team fly over from France for the occasion, hosting one-on-one discussions with both press and influencers. Being amongst the first to enjoy the new treatment, attendees were able to have any questions about the CELLU M6 answered straight from the horse’s mouth from Nelson Philippe – grandson of LPG’s founder, and now Chief Executive Officer of LPG.



As a team who all receive a copy of Caroline de Maigret’s How To Be Parisian on their first day at the coop, LPG and endermologie make the perfect partner for Little Red Rooster’s first ever beauty client. Enjoyed by the beautiful French women we all aspire to be here in the UK, along with the likes of Zinedine Zidane and Cristiano Ronaldo who prove male grooming is certainly alive and kicking, we could not be more excited to introduce the clinically proven treatment to the British audience.



The hugely successful event at Harrods saw the likes of journalists from The Times, Vanity Fair and Country & Town House, to name a few. We were also lucky enough to have some well-loved names here in the UK, such as Frankie Gaff and Victoria Clay, jump at the chance to experience the new CELLU M6.


Whilst everyone’s feedback from their treatment mentioned their struggle to stay awake due to how relaxing and pleasurable they found the experience, all attendees were immensely impressed by the new technology and were able to see visible results after just 40 minutes in the Wellness Clinic’s beautiful treatment room. Those who were fortunate enough to have experienced endermologie’s previous technology raved about the CELLU M6’s redesigned head and its ability to specifically tailor sessions to individuals, accelerating results.



The all new and improved endermologie CELLU M6 Alliance is available at wellness centres, spas and gyms around the country, including the Harrods Wellness Clinic and the renowned KX Spa in Chelsea. A full list of stockists can be found here.


For more information about endermologie, please contact






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Designed without compromise: Ruark introduces the MRx


Here at LRR, we firmly take the view that good design is essentially timeless, and none of our clients exemplify this better than Ruark Audio. Recognised as the quintessential English purveyor of stylish sound systems, Ruark’s approach to design is to get it right in the first place – then to ever-so-slighty tweak external industrial design while making dramatic internal technological changes.


2018 sees the family-run British audio brand’s first completely new design in over five years, and as you would expect from the audio firm, it’s something rather special.



The MRx embodies the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail that are hallmarks of all Ruark models and further demonstrates the brand’s ongoing process of industrial design. The juxtaposition of sleek, clean, real wood or soft grey exterior with the textured, British-sourced fabric creates a speaker that is truly exquisite. Its beauty lies in its simplicity – both in its sophisticated design, but in its ease of use, too.



The same attention to detail carries through to the technology inside, making MRx a class-leafing performer. Sonically, Ruark has worked tirelessly to create a system which will exceed expectations, producing an expansive sound that makes music all the more enjoyable. For those who like sound throughout the entire home, the MRx also benefits from multi-room capability; simply hook it up to the company’s existing R2 or R7 models and you’ve got yourself an entirely Ruark-connected home.


The end result? A wireless speaker system which combines Ruark’s timeless mid-century styling with its most technologically advanced sound capability to date; which will enhance both a single room and an entire family home; and whose sound quality belies its compact size and defies expectations.


For more info please contact


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