The Ultimate Stocking Fillers



Perhaps you’ve been awake for hours waiting in anticipation, or a certain someone has come bounding through your bedroom door. Either way, you’re awake and the big day is finally here… CHRISTMAS DAY!


What is your first thought? Where are my slippers? How long until Christmas dinner? How much did I drink last night? (too much!) I don’t know about you but I have no shame in admitting that my first thought is, “where is my stocking?” And no, not the type to slide your feet inside, but your hand, in order to reveal gorgeous gifts.


The perfect stocking provides a thrilling journey, as you blindly reach inside and pull out a delightful surprise. Journey with me to see what wondrous presents and ultimate stocking fillers this year’s stocking could hold.


The first thing you grasp is the shimmering cellophane of the Montezuma’s Milking Maid smooth milk chocolate truffles, something to gratefully chomp on whilst watching the Queen’s speech.

Price: £6.99


Diving back in, your hands hit a remarkable shape and you are intrigued… it’s the Stay Sixty bottle. This beautifully crafted stainless-steel water bottle comes in three Pantone colours and is sure to add style to any outfit whilst keeping you hydrated.


Price: £29.95


Next up in this year’s stocking is the Marloe Derwent watch, its hand-wound mechanical movements make this beautifully crafted time piece the beating heart of any outfit. How could you say no to such a classic great British design?


From £263.20


Reaching into your stocking with your newly accessorised arm, you pull out the Loewe Klang M1 – brand new, beautifully sculpted Bluetooth speaker. You can have your own little bit of luxury for just £169 and walk around the house blaring out those festive tunes!


Price: £169


When you are starting to think that surely it can’t get much better than this, you pull out the Arthur Arbesser for Silhouette (9909) sunglasses – huzzah! With four stylish colour combinations, these sunglasses are the perfect all-year-round accessory.


Price £250


Next, you grasp something, unexpectedly soft… it’s a pair of Pantherella monogrammed socks. How lavish! These fine gauge luxury socks come in a range of colours so you can keep it festive or cool and classic for comfort all year round.



Price: Men’s from £20, Women’s from £19


Squeezed into the depths of the stocking are the “sweet-sounding and comfortable” B&O play H4 headphones. Available in six colours, these wireless, over-ear headphones with a focus on pure essentials are perfect for when your loved ones get sick of your Christmas classics (as if that would ever happen, right?!)


Price: £249


Your hand hits a box, not ring sized but something even better… Achieve your health and fitness goals for 2018 with the MYZONE MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt. With six mince pie fuelled days left of 2017, the MYZONE belt will be sure to whip you into shape in the New Year.


Price: £129.99


Doing one final swoop to the bottom of your stocking, your fingers brush against one final gift. It is the Ted Baker Ballpoint Pen, an elegant writing device that is perfect for those much deserved thank you letters this year.


Price: £48


And there we have it; this year’s Christmas stocking journey has come to the end. And not a piece of coal in sight! Merry Christmas!


Check our Vic & Henry’s Ultimate Christmas Wish List for further gifting inspiration.

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Meet the Roosters: Victoria Ruffy, founder

Little Red Rooster founder, Victoria Ruffy

Little Red Rooster founder, Victoria Ruffy


As we draw closer to the end of a stellar year for Little Red Rooster, we caught up with founder and partner Victoria Ruffy, to reflect on her career highlights, history and advice for anyone wanting to work in the world of PR.


Hello Vic, let’s start with how you got into PR…


Weirdly, Henry and I both studied art history and both ended up in PR! I wanted to be an A&R girl or an art gallery curator but soon realised both paid me diddly squat. After selling ad space for Debretts magazine I started to apply for PR roles at agencies but was gutted to see the only way in was via unpaid internships. I lived in a flat in Wimbledon Village, so needed to pay the bills.


That lead me to take on a succession of short term jobs. One at record company West One Music and another at music magazine Sonik, until I finally got a junior PR role at Lewis PR. It was probably one of the worst years of my life but set me up to be the ball-busting girl I am today so, in a strange way, I’m glad it happened.


Next I took on my most loved PR role (apart from Little Red Rooster of course) at Cohn and Wolfe and was there for 4/5 very happy years. The company had an amazing culture and I worked with some incredibly talented people. Lots of love for that place and in particular the MD at the time Jonathan Shore.


What excites you most about your job?


As anyone who knows me will attest, I spend my life permanently excited – irritatingly so! Excited about the job I love; working in an industry that has never put up any barriers for me. And, when it did I just tore them down and I still have a job – bonus!


I work with people I love – whether that’s at the coop, with our super smart clients or with the plethora of media who I’ve built epic relationships with – some that have lasted decades. I am proud to say I’ve done this without compromising myself. Probably the reason I could probably never work for anyone else.


The PR industry is changing all the time and that keeps me forever on my toes – the learning is infinite. What gets me up in the morning are the ace brands we work with. Our client roster is something I could only have dreamed of at the start of my career.


What is your most memorable career moment?


The recent Smeg Regent Street store launch. It was an utterly incredible event with all the old guard press and loads of new faces. The Roosterettes were on fire and there are now so many of them! Henry and I did have a little “How the fuck have we done this?” moment.



Smeg CEO Vittorio Bertazzoni (left) at the Smeg London store launch, St James's

Smeg CEO Vittorio Bertazzoni (left) at the Smeg London store launch, St James’s


Describe your happy place?

What you mean not at work? Kidding.


Either 3am spinning around a dance floor listening to the Stone Roses or more frequently these days, drag hunting on my horse Delta. I am horse mad and a bit of an adrenaline junkie so it’s the perfect match.



Describe your work wardrobe?


Er, eclectic? I hope we are asking Henry this question too! Band t-shirts, A-line skirts, ankle boots, a leather jacket or my most wonderful Valentino leopard print coat.


I have a bit of an issue with getting ‘dressed up’ and an outright aversion to ‘Ascot / wedding’ attire. I feel style is an important reflection of who you are and if that’s not aligned you won’t feel comfortable and it will affect your performance.


So, that means my dress for a pitch or an event might be a bit close to the line of what’s deemed acceptable. Hopefully with a big smile on my face and showing I can work my ass off, it no longer becomes an issue.



Austrian eye-wear brand Silhouette at Little Red Rooster's 2017 Summer Showcase

Austrian eye-wear brand Silhouette at Little Red Rooster’s 2017 Summer Showcase


What makes Little Red Rooster different from other PR agencies?


The directors (Henry and I) still actually do PR. We are also super old school in that we highly value real relationships. We’d rather discuss an idea over lunch than send a press release to  5000 and hope we get a result.


LRR is tailored, we are personal and we love what we do. The two words that come up when describing us in pitches, or from clients and staff is energy and passion. If your agency can’t have and be both of these, then frankly, what’s the point?



LRR Senior PR Consultant Isabelle King (right)

LRR Senior PR Consultant Isabelle King (right)


Do you have any advice for someone wanting to work in PR?


Write the CV and covering letter of your life and send it to only the agencies you really want to work for. Spell out exactly why. And when you get there say “yes!” to everything and make as much tea as is humanly possible.


Be smart, be curious, read, research and curate your mind. Nothing is cooler than knowing your shit and making said shit happen.


What’s the best piece of advice I’ve ever been given?


Probably the school PE teacher who said I’d never amount to anything and would end up working in Tesco. Whenever I’ve been told “no”,  I love nothing more than proving everyone wrong.

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The rise of micro influencers: what are they and how are they beneficial for brands?


Broadly speaking we can split influencers into three categories: celebrities, macro-influencers, and micro-influencers.


Celebrity endorsement has been around since time immemorial and we are well used to seeing celebrities promoting brands across all media platforms.


As discussed previously, while celebrity endorsement may work well for a few large brands it doesn’t scale well to the mass market. Two major issues of working with celebrities are that, firstly, they usually charge vast sums of money, making this activity cost prohibitive for most brands.


Another problem is that there is often no genuine connection between the celebrity and the product they’re endorsing. Why should a consumer trust a celebrity’s word if they have little or no connection to the brand or product they are promoting?




This is where influencers come into their own and provide real benefits for brands.


Macro influencers are specialists within their chosen sectors. Here at Little Red Rooster we define a macro influencer as someone that has between 100,000 to a million+ followers across their social media or blogging platforms and a dedicated focus on a particular subject.


Most well-known bloggers can be considered macro influencers. It is exactly this notoriety which is the issue with this group. Many now have agents and are operating much like celebrities do, charging large sums of money to promote brands.


So how do brands forge authentic, beneficial and affordable relationships with influencers? Here at Little Red Rooster we believe the answer lies amongst the underground, yet ever growing network of micro influencers.




First up, what is a micro influencer? Little Red Rooster defines them as people who have between 1,000 and 100,000 followers across their social or blogging channels, with expertise or a passionate interest in a specific niche subject.


So why do we believe that working with micro influencers can be beneficial for brands?


There is no doubt that researching and building a relationship with the right micro influencer is extremely time consuming, however the benefits are well worth the effort for the following reasons:


  1. Increased engagement and authenticity

Micro influencers do not have the reach that celebrities or macro influencers have but the audience they do have is extremely engaged and genuine. The reason for this is that micro influencers are small enough to be able to form personal relationships with their loyal followers, regularly commenting and replying to posts and conversations.


Micro-influencers are also authentic. Each operates in a very select niche, focussing on a specific topic, whether that be fashion, interiors, technology, design or health and fitness, for example. As such they are experts in their chosen field and their opinions are taken seriously and are trusted by their audience.




Micro influencers most often reflect the thoughts, desires, likes and dislikes of their followers and it is this which makes them so relatable and is what makes them popular in the first place.


For micro influencers authenticity is their currency, providing another benefit for clients as they are unlikely to sign up to take payment from brands which don’t fit with their ethos and for which they feel no genuine brand love. If they post lots of #sponsored posts or #ads that do not sit well with their raison d’etre, they will quickly lose their authenticity and along with it their authority and following. So, in the world of micro influencers it really does pay to be authentic.


The best activity occurs when a micro-influencer genuinely likes a product and is perfectly happy to write about it in return for the item being gifted, rather than being paid. This is the holy grail of influencer activity which truly benefits both brand and influencer alike and it is this which Little Red Rooster continually strives to achieve for its clients.


  1. More cost effective

 Brands can work with micro influencers for substantially less than the cost of working with macro-influencers or celebrities. The reason for this is that the majority of micro-influencers are (relatively!) ordinary people, who blog or participate on social media alongside holding down regular jobs.




In many cases, brands can work with micro influencers purely for the cost of a free product sample. Alternatively, micro influencers may ask for a nominal fee to promote a brand, however this is in the hundreds of £s rather than the thousands!


Because of the comparatively low cost of micro-influencers, brands then have the option to work with a number of different advocates, helping to spread brand awareness out to a larger selection of followers.


  1. A more targeted approach

 Micro-influencers are recognised by their following for their knowledge and expertise on a particular niche topic. From home audio, fitness technology, interiors and fashion accessories, the list of topics covered by micro influencers is almost endless, so all brands should be able to find suitable micro-influencers who can help to promote their brand, whatever it is they are selling.




As micro influencers closely reflect their following, brands can easily select a range of influencers that appeal to the correct consumer demographic they are going after, whether that be identified by gender, age, interests, social status, or disposable income.


Finally, micro influencers operate across a number of platforms; blogs, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest and as such brands can select influencers which operate on those channels which offer the best return for their specific products.


  1. Friends with (SEO) benefits

 Micro-bloggers create links back to websites which help brands increase their SEO.


If a brand receives a link from a blog which operates in the same niche as the brand itself, then Google will recognise it as being a genuine link and will increase a brand’s Google ranking as a result.


Unfortunately, links from social media have less weighting, however if the link receives lots of click throughs, eventually Google will accept its validity and will bump up a brand’s SEO ranking accordingly.


  1. Increased likelihood of sales

Due to the level of trust and authority micro influencers have amongst their following, if a member of their audiences sees a product review or recommendation that appeals to them, they are likely to click through to the brand’s website or stockist as a committed lead.


As such, brands know that click throughs and leads received because of their micro-influencer campaigns are further along the purchasing chain than leads collected from many other sources.



@taislany wearing @silhouetteeyewear

Interested in harnessing the power of micro influencers to promote your brand? The LRR Collective is our very own little black book of micro influencers which has been extensively researched and selected to work across the full spectrum of fashion, interiors, design, technology and lifestyle sectors.


This carefully curated collection of influencers is an extensive, ever evolving database which Little Red Rooster utilises to cherry pick the correct contacts required for each of our client campaigns and initiatives.


If you would like to find out more, why not get in touch with Vic or Henry here.


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The SS18 trend report: what’s hot and what’s not?


Last season colourful, bright hues such as sunshine yellow and electric pink reigned supreme, denim made a comeback and political, power dressing was the main topic of conversation. SS18 sees a shift to lighter pastel shades, but suits and blazers are still set to remain a wardrobe essential.


Four cities, four weeks, countless shows and plenty of catwalk drama. Following on from one of the fashion industry’s busiest periods of the year, we have collated the top trends displayed in New York, London, Milan and Paris.


SS18 Womenswear – Colours



It seems SS18 wasn’t ready to give up last season’s most talked about colour palette and a cohort of designers are in agreement! From Christopher Kane, Emporio Armani and Gucci’s pastel suiting to the vibrant flush of Molly Goddard’s flowing silks, the catwalks made it clear this apparently ever-popular shade can be worn from day to night, whatever the occasion.



Whilst pink is remaining the colour of the season – for both men’s and womenswear – SS18 is moving away from the bold primaries and favouring pastel tones. The runways were populated with subtler hues, such as the parma-violet explosion seen at Victoria Beckham’s presentation. Tibi and Tom Ford proved pastels don’t have to be girly, with careful colour matching and looser styles bringing a fresh perceptive to a subdued palette.


SS18 Womenswear – Prints and Shape



In the words of Miranda Priestly “Florals, for spring? How ground-breaking!”


However, it seems flower power is fighting back and will be a wardrobe staple next spring. The likes of Loewe, Erdem, Hellesey and Ulla were all spotted embracing florals over fashion month for a suitably feminine, delicate style that is ideal as the months get warmer. Florals were also given an edgier look on the catwalks, as shown by Brock and Ulla Johnson, by pairing daring transparent materials and adding combat boots to offset the prettier colours.



In a stark contrast to AW17, SS18 has suited up and booted athleisure off the runways. However, the trend remains somewhat present, with Tibi’s show giving formal suiting a comfier, contemporary refresh. One thing remains certain; you should own an oversized blazer in your favourite neutral tone come spring.



If you’re one to save the sparkles for the festive season, then that’s all going to change next Spring. In both London and New York, sequins have reigned supreme, in all forms, from blazers, accessories, dresses and trousers. Halpern, Ashish, JW Anderson and Tom Ford were all aboard the sequin train as they playfully mixed bold, primary colours with a diverse range of styles.


From shredded hems at Loewe, to heavy silk fringing and military-inspired feather plumes at Nina Ricci, trimmings are set to steal the spotlight in SS18. Subtle touches they are not – fringing and feathers are very much intended as the star of the show, as evidenced by Marco de Vincenzo’s magnificently tiered dresses. This is a trend for the sartorially bold.



The pencil skirt reigned strong on SS18 catwalks, with Balenciga, Hermes, and Off-White forming entire collections around the garment. It’s evidently clear that 1950’s inspirations are hard at work here but with a feisty update, mixing an assortment of patterns and colours for a moodier style. It seems socks look set to be a key accessory again this season but this time paired with heels instead of sandals.


SS18 Womenswear – Shorts



From bike shorts to Bermuda shorts, all the shorts made a play for the limelight at this year’s fashion weeks. The most appealing options include trusty short trousers, high-waisted and worn with metallic blouses at Isabel Marant; hot-pant styles with a distinctly futuristic edge at Paco Rabanne, and a bermuda iteration, cut lean and looking chic when paired with slick double-breasted blazers at Off-White. This is the shot in the leg your summer wardrobe needs now.


SS18 Menswear



Next summer, the ties won’t just be around your neck, they’ll be around your waist. Whilst there were field jackets and blousons aplenty at the SS18 shows in London, one of the most interesting riffs on outwear came in the form of belted mid-length and longline jackets. Mostly using light cottons, waist ties were on show in a variety of wearable colours including beige and navy – as well as a few purples!



…and here it is again! The warm blush rose that seems to be everywhere is set to continue its omnipresence in SS18. However, we will see it expand into other shades, with bursts of eye-popping hot pink appearing at Comme des Garcons presentation. Despite its youthful, playful tone even designers such as Fendi, Valentino and Oliver Spencer sported the colour.



A major trend at both London and Milan Fashion Week was layering. In Milan, Fendi blended corporate wear with sportswear, layering nineties-inspired jackets over shirts and finished off looks with a jacket. Although most people might associate spring / summer as a time for shorts, new fashion collections presented in London reflected upon diversity within the city, including ever-changing climates.



Over the past few seasons check seems to be having a continuous moment in menswear and it’s clearer than ever after shows from Moncler and MSGM it’s becoming a certified staple. The styles varied hugely, from checked pieces with a youthful twist to heavier, outdoor pieces to sophisticated, well-cut jackets.



Another notable menswear trend for SS18, is the oversized blazer, particularly at the men’s fashion presentations in Paris. The likes of Comme des Garcons, Kenzo and Balenciaga took the trend one step further and bravely contrasted the large formal wear with shorts – perfect for spring evenings!



Introducing next year’s hottest styling trick: the shirt tuck. Catwalks over the recent years has seen guys wearing shirts and tees as dresses in homage to hip-hop’s finest, but SS18 is saying good riddance to longline and hello to a new, nerdier way to wear tops.  No doubt inspired by the 90’s dad aesthetic, it has been championed by the so-awkward-it’s-cool brigade comprising labels such as Gosha Rubchinskiy, Prada and GmbH.


SS18 brought us a hugely varied composition of styles, colours and quirks, it will be interesting to see whether pink will remain the reigning colour of 2018 or if another shade can successful steal its crown. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing how runway trends translate onto the high street over the next few months, and in what way bloggers and influencers take inspiration from these new SS18 styles.



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Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but The Container is so delightful: A guide to our new London coop


With Christmas lurking just around the corner, the weather is dark, damp and bleak, but step one toe into our toasty haven that we call The Container and you’ll forget the cold outside. Ok, it’s not exactly a Tardis, but we’ve found we can comfortably fit eight people in this work-space.


So, where is our new crib you ask? We are based on Rivington Street (still in Shoreditch!) and live in a lovely building called Black & White, run by TOG – The Office Group. TOG is a shared work-space group and has over 15,000 members working across 30 buildings, 28 of which are in London, with more on the way. The Black & White Building provides some great facilities including meeting rooms – perfect for our PR summits – co-working areas, events spaces, lounges, and a ROOF TERRACE, which I’m sure will get plenty of use from LRR in the Summer.


Now, I bet you’re wondering what the space looks like. The majority of the walls are painted white, but it doesn’t feel like a student room in any way, because the artwork throughout the building changes every month or so, a mini TOG Modern if you will. Overall, I would say the space is clean cut and organised, with labels for everything if you get lost or can’t find a mug.


Picture – The Container & Roof Terrace


A brief history of Rivington Street 


Before 1906 Rivington Street didn’t actually exist, it was previously one of those patches of green dotted throughout Shoreditch, once called farm-land. Today Rivington Street’s cobbled paths can lead you from Shoreditch High Street to Old Street in a matter of minutes. Along the walk you will find several cafés (and that one odd cat café), pubs, art galleries, bookshops, restaurants and boutiques. So, we urge you if you’re ever free of time and in the Shoreditch area, have a stroll through…you won’t be disappointed.



Picture – Ben Eine’s ‘Scary’ is in the tunnel archway of Rivington Street


Where we go for lunch


Think The Goodfellas where everyone is either called Marie or Paulie, but serving you a selection of pasta dishes, jacket potatoes and Italian inspired toasties. Ok, it’s not all authentic Italian cuisine, but there’s no doubt you’ll get your carby fix in Francos, especially for someone who lives life in the PR lane. Kim and Aggie might have a bit of a mare in here, but I say don’t judge a book by its cover. The most expensive thing on the menu is Pollo Limone priced at £6.20, this devine dive delivers its customers hearty food at its best.


 Picture – Franco’s 


Tunes we listen to


Now we have our own office space, we are free to blast our own music, currently through our B&O Play S3 speaker. There’s a real eclectic mix of music that can be heard emanating from The Container. From Motown mornings to pop classics in the afternoon, and everything inbetween. Some of the LRR team seem to be against the festive music…but we have still managed to sneak it in, since it’s Christmas season in the PR world and we need inspiration!


  Picture – B&O S3 Speaker


After work drinks


Chillin’ out maxin’ and relaxin’ after work you can often catch a Rooster at the Merchant’s Tavern cradling an Aviation – a blue gin based cocktail, garnished with a cherry. Aside from the gorgeous drinks, the food is something out of this world. The spacious dining room beyond the bar area features a combination of tables and comfortable leather-studded sofas, serviced by willing and super-friendly staff. Give this place a visit if you are looking for a fine dining experience or you just want to be Carrie Bradshaw/Don Draper for the night sporting delicious cocktails.


Picture – Merchants Tavern 


So, there it is, a brief roundup of the new London office and the surrounding joints that we tend to hit up. We look forward to you joining us soon!

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Vic and Henry’s ultimate Christmas wish list


As the last glint of gunpowder fades into the night sky it seems Christmas has snuck up on us again this year. If you are stuck for that Insta-perfect present for your loved one – do not fear as our Vic and Henry are on hand with their suggestions for the most lustworthy gifts this Yuletide!


We all love a good cup of tea (and the accompanying biscuit, obvs) and our Vic is no exception. Therefore, what could be better than the Dolce and Gabbana Smeg KLF01 kettle to ensure one can have a cuppa in style?


Price: from £399 – Available from the Smeg London store or Harrods.


Sticking with the Italian theme, our Vic loves nothing more than the the smell of the luxurious products concocted by Officina Profumo Farmaceutica Santa Maria Novella. She has a distinct weakness for Bagnoschiuma Alghe Marine, which is available from the brands’ tiny store located in the gorgeous Piccadilly Arcade.


Price: £55 for 250ml


Some of you may know that Team Keef were the winners in our recent MYZONE challenge. Headed by Victoria who hit an epic 5000 MEPS in the challenge you won’t be surprised to see that she has added these very rock star boxing gloves to the wishlist.


Price: £69.00


Is it really Christmas without any bubbles? After all, ‘tis the season to be jolly. Our Vic says be merry and bright with a case (or two) of Ruinart Blanc de Blanc.


Price: £41


And finally, if you really want to get in someone’s good books this Christmas, why not help them channel their inner Maria Schneider in Last Tango in Paris with this epic shearling-lined suede coat.


Price: £5,135


Next up we have Henry’s Christmas must haves, a list that truly reflects the sophisticated man we know and love, though rarely sighted.


First up, it has to be the imposing and immutable citrus fragrance of the Penhaligons Blenheim Bouquet – our Henry’s favourite pong. An absolute must have for Christmas!


Price £72


When looking for the perfect boot one does not simply choose any old thing – it has to last a night of dancing at our Christmas party after all! The British-made Amsterdam boot by Church’s has a classic Ebony finish with lovely deep brown, almost burgundy hues. And, comes straight out of Northampton!



Price: £475.21


Now here it is. The present to top all presents. These Art Deco 18ct Gold & Platinum Cabochon Sapphire Cufflinks will do the trick. We’re no Christmas party DJ but a request to Henry’s wife wouldn’t go a miss!


Price: £1,875


Next up on this year’s list are Pantherella’s Hemingway Long Men’s Socks. A traditional favourite and made in little old Blightly! Wear over the calf and be super cosy. Will last for years.


Price: £25.00


And last but not least, it may not be mulled but is it really Christmas without wine? Treat your beau to a bottle (or eight), whether it is Pinot Noir or Burgundy just keep them coming!

Price: £55


And there we have it, this year’s Christmas must haves, a lust-worthy list of all things luxury and classic this Christmas.

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Are You Remote Royalty or a TV Trash Talker?


Take our World TV Day quiz to find out! 


Tuesday 21st November marks World TV Day and having the awesome Freeview Play as a client means we are lucky to have access to tons of interesting data and research.


But do you know TV fact from fiction? Your Dr Foster from your Doc Martin? Play our little quiz below and see if you are remote royalty or a TV trash talker…


  • True or False: 20% of Brits says TV is more important to them than sex?


  • What is Northern Ireland’s favourite TV show?


  • EastEnders
  • Coronation Street
  • The Only Way Is Essex


  • The least popular TV genre according to Brits is news, true or false?



  • What is the most watched TV show so far this year? Here’s a (not so) cryptic clue:


  • What is this character’s name?


  • Fact or Fiction: The average person in the UK spends over a day (24 hours) watching TV each week?


  • Fact
  • Fiction


  • Match our founders Vic and Henry to their secret TV guilty pleasure:


  • Made in Chelsea
  • Antiques Roadshow



  • Who invented the TV?



  • What is the most watched TV episode of all time in the UK with a whopping 24.35 million viewers? Hint: If you were born in the 90s you’ll probably have no clue….


  • What TV show has ‘Dance of the Knights’ as its theme tune?





  • True
  • Coronation Street with a whopping 32% of the vote
  • False! But only just behind quiz shows which is the least favourite
  • Blue Planet II, episode one first broadcast on 29.10.17 was seen by a total of 14.01 million people
  • Eleven from Stranger Things
  • Fact – the average person watches three hours and 32 minutes of TV a day, including recordings viewed within a week of transmission = 24.7 hours per week
  • Henry = Antiques Roadshow, Vics = Made in Chelsea
  • John Logie Baird
  • Only Fools and Horses (BBC1, 29 December 1996): 24.35 million
  • The Apprentice

6 -10 correct – you are officially Remote Royalty!


0 – 5 correct – time to swot up you TV trash talker!


Sources: Freeview, Barb, Sky

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iPhone X: is it worth the hype?



It goes without saying – but we will anyway – the new iPhone, announced in September, was one of the most widely anticipated launches in the world.


With the much-talked-about device now available to buy and hordes of people camping out to get their hands on the newest device, how does it shape up in comparison to previous iPhones? Or indeed to the likes of Samsung and HTC?

Apple isn’t always at the forefront of technological innovation but when it does adopt these new technologies, it does so seamlessly, and the results are impressive.


The iPhone X introduces a plethora of features and a sleek modern design. Boasting a stunning edge-to-edge screen, it’s one of the biggest changes Apple has made to the iPhone’s aesthetic in years. The X will also support wireless charging and employs a super tough, stainless steel finish.


Although previously being dismissive of OLED technology, Apple announced the new screen has this technology on board, giving the model its incredible display.



For the budding David Baileys out there, the iPhone X has dual 12-megapixel rear cameras, with many of the first reviews noting the camera system now competes with the best in the industry, such as Samsung and other Android devices. Most interestingly, Apple’s camera now allows users to create more effectively focused photographs using the background blurring mode, which Google Pixel 2 introduced earlier this year. A review in the Telegraph noted that Apple had now surpassed Google’s own innovation, with the background effect much sharper.


However, perhaps Apple’s most talked about addition is the inclusion of facial recognition technology. This will not only replace authentication for Apple Pay but also be able to detect your face in the dark, using a formula that matches your face for guaranteed accuracy. Even if it didn’t work during the live demonstration, a source speaking to Forbes claims that now Android phone makers are clamouring to copy Apple’s face-scanning technology.


At £1,000, it’s an extraordinary amount for the new iPhone, but it’s a price people are willing to pay!



The new iPhone X can be purchased from your local Apple store or online at


Already have the new iPhone? Check out GQ’s round-up of the best cases, featuring Greenwich, Ted Baker, Proporta and Snakehive.

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The new face of luxury influencers


A growing awareness of the increasing presence and importance of influencers has circulated the fashion and beauty industry for some time. Thanks to the colossal rise of digital savvy influencers such as Victoria Magrath, Estee Lalonde, We are Twinset and Lily Pebbles, among others, the need for a balance between influencer marketing and traditional press office is quickly accelerating.


But what about other industries? Interiors influencers are currently booming – take the likes of Kate Watson-Smyth, for example. And what about the luxury market? Incorporating everything from design and travel to alcohol and supercars, this looks to be the most experimental sector, as a recent report undertaken by Fashion & Beauty Monitor revealed. In fact, the report states that 73% of luxury brands already have an active influencer marketing strategy in place – 65% agree it is an effective one.


Above: digital-savvy Instagram stars such as (l-r) Victoria Magrath, We are Twinset and Lily Pebbles have led to the meteoric rise of fashion influencers


To find out more, our Izzy delved into the report to bring you its key findings…


Budgets are rising


As it says on the tin – luxury brands are now allowing for greater budgets for PR agencies and teams to experiment within the social media stratosphere. 66% of brands questioned expect these budgets to rise “significantly” throughout 2018, encouraging even greater influencer activity. But what does this mean for the brands involved? Budgets don’t often miraculously appear from nowhere. Cuts may have to be made elsewhere – advertising, photography, styling, and so forth. It’s a bit of a catch-22; as budgets rise, so will the cost of partnerships.


Finding the right influencer


The most successful influencer collaborations are down to the identification of the right partnership. Brands understand their audience, and their selected influencer needs to reflect that. There’s no point marketing fine jewellery to an influencer whose focus is budget looks. With this in mind, 44% of brands asked in Fashion & Beauty Monitor’s report noted that this was their greatest concern when approaching an influencer project.


When browsing for influencers, it’s worth brands remembering it’s not just about the numbers. A high follower count is one thing, but how many users engage with their posts? Take a look at some recent snaps – how many likes and comments have they got? And how many times has said influencer responded? This allows brands to estimate the kind of return they may receive.


But when you do get it right? Magic happens. Take Ricki Hall’s longstanding relationship with B&O PLAY, for example. His candid headphone shots regularly receive 4000+ likes from his 342,000 followers. Similarly, Silhouette recently collaborated with JosieLDN – and within just an hour of an image being shared, had garnered over 2500 likes (and counting). It goes for any sector – luxury or not – but be wary of influencers whose followers are in the tens of thousands, but are only receiving 50 or 60 likes per post at most.  Even the most Instagram-phobic of us could achieve that…possibly.


Above: some recent shots from Silhouette’s collaboration with JosieLDN


….or even, finding the right ‘micro-influencer’


A micro-influencer offers brands something slightly different – these influencers have established an exclusive niche for themselves. The attraction won’t be their number of followers, but rather their creative or artistic edge, and their devoted, authentic audience. The end result? An incredibly high return on investment.


Creative control: the ultimate power struggle


The report revealed that one of the toughest challenges brands face when partnering with an influencer for the first time is the process of handing over creative control. 59% admitted this.


Letting go of creative control to a social media influencer is still a big risk for luxury brands, and requires a complete overhaul in mindset and culture. Many high-end brands have indeed worked hard to create their signature style over a period of time – and, let’s face it, no one likes change. This does, however, demonstrate the importance of working with the right influencers who are respectful of the brand, and who can be trusted with creative freedom.


On the flip side, some brands engage with influencers for this very reason. Our very own Bisque and Victoria + Albert Baths recently partnered with our pals at 2lovelygays, who styled their respective products in their quintessentially quirky fashion. Alongside a collective reach of 3,260 likes on Instagram alone, the images created by 2LG have been shared by leading publications such as Harper’s Bazaar and The Sunday Times. Plus, said images create the ‘holy grail’ of content for certain brands: web traffic.


Above: examples from recent collaborations between Bisque and Victoria + Albert Baths with 2lovelygays


So…now what?


Well, there’s no doubt that traditional print media is finding itself competing with the rise of digital influencers. One need only look at the slowly declining sales figures from major publishing houses – and increasing number of Instagram users – to recognise this.


However, for many luxury brands, it could be suggested that those who are still reading mags reflect their incredibly affluent customer base. And, as evident above, the toughest task ahead of luxury brands to select the right influencer – one who reflects your target market, and will reach it – is paramount.


There’s an argument to be had on both sides – nothing quite like sitting on the fence, eh?


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Breakfast with Marie Claire’s Trish Halpin



On Tuesday, we joined Marie Claire UK’s Editor-in-Chief Trish Halpin for coffee & croissants and to delve into her thoughts on the future of Marie Claire and the changing magazine industry. During which we discussed a wide range of topics including how Marie Claire plans to stay relevant in an ever-increasing world of digital platforms, how to get a journalist’s attention through social media and the challenges she foresees in 2018; the year of Marie Claire UK’s 30th anniversary.


Q. Marie Claire has been around for a long time. How do you make sure it is fresh and still relevant to today’s audience?


A. The task of an editor is to understand your brand, your brand’s DNA and to understand how that is moving forwards and changing. Marie Claire is 30 years old next year, in the UK, but was originally launched in France. There are now 46 International issues, the UK was the second or third to launch. Glenda Bailey, who is now the Editor-in-Chief of US Harper’s Bazaar, loved the French version of Marie Claire and persuaded them to launch in the UK. The reason she thought this was so relevant for the UK market was that the content, outside of fashion and beauty, focused on women’s issues and opening-up minds. It is essentially very much focused around women’s issues and was the first magazine to cover FGM [female genital mutilation]. It is these sorts of insights into real issues that makes Marie Claire continue to stand out.


Q. How important do you think it is to get content right in an age when we are seeing a lot of changes in print magazines such as Glamour recently announcing they are printing fewer magazines. Do you think social platforms like Instagram and Twitter are taking over? And how important is it for Marie Claire to cover popular issues?


A. I think magazines like Glamour struggled as, although it is an amazing magazine in terms of its fashion and beauty, its content was maybe not offering anything different [DISCLAIMER: Trish is a self-confessed hater of the word content and its overly-broad use]. What needs to be thought about is what do we mean by content and what is the value of what we are putting out for Marie Claire vs an Influencer or blogger. All opinions are valid, but you can’t all be looking through the same lens. It is so important that Marie Claire sticks to it’s DNA in how we look at issues. Things that we discussed 30 years ago are still relevant but they need to be accessed in different ways.


Q. A lot of brands are opening themselves up to different platforms. How much pressure does Marie Claire feel they need to get involved with that brand diversification and who makes the decision on what is right for them as a brand?


A. The starting point for this is even though print is shrinking, we now have more in print than we ever have before! We are seeing these as opportunities to connect readers to the brand. One thing we are doing, is an exciting project with Ocado and specialty stores in the beauty industry. Beauty is a very protective industry so with our name behind them, Ocado could form that link to the industry. We launched 18 months ago, it is called Fabled by Marie Claire and has a beautiful store on Tottenham Court Road, but it is mainly eCommerce. The store creates a nice way of bringing people into the magazine; as we host events with readers and beauty editors, such as tutorials with skin editors. That relationship, energy and insight is hugely important for us to keep developing as we go forward with our audience.


Q. As a brand what is the best way to get your product placed in Marie Claire and how would you approach that?


A. We get a lot of emails from all sorts of people and it is very hard for editors to get through their inbox each day. It is about trying to find an “in” somehow as they won’t have time to read through all those emails. Tweets can be much better for getting a response, but it does depend on what it relates to. You need to know who you are contacting and why it is relevant to them and you need to give them that information. Journalists receive hundreds of press releases, but to read each one and to work out why it is relevant to them and their brand is a stretch.


Q. How are Marie Claire getting across what issues are important to them without steering too far away from what attracts readers to pick up the magazine?


A. We have just published a sustainability issue, we are very big on sustainability. We wanted to cover it in a way that was a bit less finger wagging and judgemental. We approached Shailene Woodley to be our cover actress as she is an environmentalist who has previously been arrested in the US for protesting fracking. We needed someone who could put that message across from the moment you picked up the magazine and she was really interested in taking part, despite not promoting a new film. Otherwise we just tried to ease into it by asking our readers to consider what they do on a day-to-day basis rather than making a huge life change. For example start by looking at your coffee cup, if we all made a small change like reusing our cup throughout the day, then this would make a big impact overall. We also do a lot around girl’s education, for instance we work closely with a charity who are educating girls overseas by doing things like taking them out of sex work and giving them an education. Marie Claire have a school which offers this to girls and we are passionate about continuing with this charity work.



Q. What do you take inspiration from?


A. I read a lot. I love reading weekend newspapers and I love podcasts, my guilty pleasure is Desert Island Discs. I love hearing about people’s lives. We don’t know famous people, but when you listen to them on the podcast you find out so much. I go down the list to find people I know, but sometimes I pick a random person who might be an incredible scientist and I find that really inspiring.


Q. What do you see as your biggest challenges in 2018?


A. For Marie Claire, 2018 is our 30th anniversary and we want it to be very exciting, we are going to do a few things over the year to celebrate that. We are also bringing out a range of licensed products in the beauty world – so watch out for those. In general, it is the ongoing challenge of making sure our digital offering maintains the brand message and engages with the audience. We will also be working more with influencers and launching a new platform: Marie Claire Verified. Influencers are everywhere now so we have carefully selected 30 that we feel have the same values as us and we will continue to work with them more. I think 2018 will be interesting, post Brexit maybe? and I will look forward to facing more challenges head on.


Q. Finally, how do you think the industry is changing for us in PR?


A. For PR’s the challenge lies in how brands want you to produce content outside of what is in print. It will be finding those new opportunities for brands and representing them over a variety of platforms. The industry is changing rapidly though, 5 years ago I wouldn’t have guessed that Influencers would play such a key role in the industry, I don’t think anyone can predict how things will evolve over the next 5.




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Go east!


With the Little Red Rooster London office residing in East London for almost a year now, we have gradually got to know the area rather well and come Friday we can be found on the dance floor at one of East London’s late night musical offerings.


In this blog, we have carefully whittled down the list of our favourite venues to the chosen few below so have a read, tell us what you think and maybe even see you on the dance floor? Ours is a G&T in case you were wondering.


Village Underground


Located slap-bang in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Shoreditch, Village Underground has to be our first choice. This high-ceilinged, high adrenaline space hosts everything from Channel One Sound System, to house heavyweights, 5-piece jazz bands and everything in-between. In fact, its events calendar reads like a who’s who of the hottest musical talent in the UK right now. If that wasn’t enough you can even attend life drawing classes at this late-night London spot. Couple this with the ex-underground tubes converted into a co-working space on the roof, and you can appreciate the creative melting pot that Village Underground operates as.



Oval Space


Tucked away in the backstreets of bustling Bethnal Green, residing under the shadow of the now disused Hackney Road gas works, somewhat of an East End landmark, is multi-purpose art and music venue Oval Space. Famed for their Saturday PM-AM parties, Oval Space has become an institution on the London club scene. For those looking to throw themselves in at the deep end with this particular venue we recommend seeing Nina Kraviz who will headline on November 3rd. Enter at your own risk however, this one will be nothing short of a techno fuelled charge into a night of un-adulterated hedonism.



Blues Kitchen


Although a damn right delicious Louisiana and BBQ restaurant first and foremost, Blues Kitchen is much more than just chicken wings and chatter. At night, the bar area is transformed into a live music mecca with everything from Soul to Swing on the menu. With no need to pre-book tickets, this venue is a perfect option for those ‘two pints down the pub turned night out’ spontaneous kind of ones.





Think more Berghain than business district with this Surrey Quays gargantuan event space, which lies just over the way from Canary Wharf in this area of east London that’s better known for business parks and multi-plex cinemas… Until Printworks opened its doors that is. Housed in what used to be the Metro and Evening Standard printing facility, this 2500 capacity venue is immaculately done up as downright warehouse perfection. Pulling in the very best of House and Techno line-ups, Printworks has already solidified itself amongst the very best of the industrial playgrounds of Berlin to Brooklyn.


Note: Printworks operates only in the day with its parties finishing at 11pm so technically you can be home at a reasonable hour and be fresh for the following day… technically.




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B&O Play x NTS Radio at Frieze Art Fair


At Little Red Rooster we are lucky enough to work with some amazing clients, who have an understanding of the wider context when creating an exceptional brand. More than just products, we work with people who build brands and tell stories.



One of the best examples of this is B&O PLAY, so much more than an exquisite audio company, they are a cultural mover; curating events and engaging with an audience beyond the product. This year B&O PLAY have partnered with Frieze and NTS Radio for an international series of activities, which culminated as part of this year’s Frieze Art Fair VIP calendar. In conjunction with NTS Radio, the Danish audio stalwart hosted a series of extraordinary musical performances, featuring the likes of underground sensation Dean Blunt.



To mark the evening, we gathered a very select group of opinion leaders from the music, design, fashion and tech industries for a small get together and celebration of the brand. A meeting of like-minded, culturally engaged influencers that we dub the ‘Collective’. The room was full to the brim with the talent, inspiration and ideas that will help B&O PLAY continue to develop as the leading lifestyle audio brand in the world.



Transforming the downstairs of Electrowerkz nightclub, attendees were treated to a delectable dinner – in surroundings that married urban industrialism and sophisticated style in a way that only B&O PLAY can – before taking advantage of VIP access to NTS Radio X B&O PLAY, Parallel Visions.






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LRR takes on LDF

Blog, Interiors

Every September, the design world comes together for London Design Festival – a celebration of both new and established brands from the world of interiors. Alongside a selection of high-profile shows – such as Decorex, 100% Design, Designjunction and the London Design Fair, London plays host to a series of smaller events and exhibitions in its various design ‘quarters’ – Chelsea, Brompton, Bankside, Mayfair and Clerkenwell, amongst others. This year, various members of the Roost hit the mean streets of our capital to bring you their highlights…




Decorex is one of LDF’s longest-running shows. Each brand exhibiting undertakes a rigorous process of application before their stand is accepted; meaning visitors can guarantee that every time they step through the marquee in the grounds of Syon Park, they are truly seeing the ‘best of the best’. Traditionally recognised as the home of fabrics and wallpapers, this year Decorex hosted its widest selection of brands to date – including our very own Bisque Radiators!



Bisque’s stand resembled a sweet-shop of choice; its iconic Classic in a vast array of colourways lined the back wall, while a selection of new Volcanic and Matt Black finishes sat alongside a range of brushed brass and warm copper tones for those after a slightly more subtle shade. Furthermore, Bisque was demonstrating its unique colour-match service on its stand, where it can partner to leading paint brands such as Farrow & Ball and Little Greene. Plus, Bisque’s mascot was out in full force and it seems Pinchy the Lobster proved incredibly popular throughout the day!





Later that week, our Izzy flirted with the best of West London’s design districts. A particular highlight came from Chelsea, where The Rug Company celebrated its 20th anniversary by presenting a unique selection of designer collaborations to mark its impressive milestone. The British brand partnered with leading designers – such as Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith and Alexander McQueen – to bring a fantastic fushion of fashion and design, with each rug drawing inspiration and mimicking exact prints seen on each brand’s latest respective catwalk collections. Our Izzy was rather partial to this floral Alexander McQueen design, which included a poignant tribute to the late designer alongside its display.




The Warehouse Home Apartment


Next up, our Emma headed east to check out Warehouse Home’s airy, loft-style apartment situated in Perseverance Works – which we were immediately in love with! The large, Victorian windows soaked the open space in light, effortlessly complementing the apartment’s midnight blue walls and dark varnished wood furniture and patterned flooring.



Taking pride of place, greeting visitors at the apartment’s entrance, was a cream FAB5 and a FAB30 from Smeg. The retro styling looked flawless against the contemporary, chic design of the space – proving that Smeg doesn’t just suit country homes, but can also suit those a more modern space, without looking out of place. A KLF03 kettle and TSF01 toaster also kept guests fed and watered throughout the day.


We were particularly a fan of the gorgeous ‘bedroom’ set up; a Heal’s Furniture bed frame was laden with cleverly mixed neutral hues and pastel coloured furnishings, including a exquisitely tactile, silk bedspread from Once Milano which beautifully offset the harsher elements of the stone-effect paint and darker walls. We also couldn’t help but notice the industrial style lights from DCWeditions, which added a seriously cool design statement!


Whilst taking in the apartment, we also spotted one of our own from Ruark Audio on display, sitting flush on a modular style cabinet from USM Furniture. How good does the R2 look here?



100% Design


Last but not least, our Lewis travelled to Kensington Olympia to peruse the design delights of 100% Design.  The largest and longest-running design trade event for industry professionals in the UK housed a plethora established and emerging brands from the worlds of kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and workplace.


Brands that particularly caught our eager design eye included trippy plasticine lighting made from Stephen Johnson Design and avant-garde furniture from Portuguese brand Stabord. We were also particularly taken by pieces from Ciara O’Neil. Made from corrugated polypropylene, essentially a super flexible lightweight plastic which look like paper, the lighting fixtures are skillfully hand-crafted and come finished in a wide range of natural fabrics.



Of course, a visit to 100% Design wouldn’t have been complete without visiting our friends at Smeg. The luxury Italian kitchen manufacturer’s stand was kitted out with the latest products including the stunning Dolce&Gabbana SDAs plus the quirky Dolce Stil Novo hobs and pan stands.


To top this all off a DJ was positioned high atop a foliage covered centre point playing some of the greatest disco and Motown hits with a modern twist. Lewis couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon looking at the latest in lighting and listening to the likes of Luther Vandross.


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Feeling blue


Navy blue – it’s the surprising colour of the moment. That colour that is naturally synonymous with those straight-edged, dull school uniforms is suddenly the personification of luxury, glamour and decadence. Whilst we are busy lusting over it, we hope it’s here to stay.


Whether you’re thinking of dressing yourself with this new shade, teaming it with lavish gold accessories in your bedroom – Little Red Rooster’s got you covered.

Greenwich Horo iPhone X Leather Folio Phone Case, £95, B&OPlay P3, £149,, Silhouette Adventurer Aviator, £180,



Marloe Watch Company – Cherwell Watch, £249,, Bisque Classic in Iridescent Finish, from £408,, Flynn Textured Scarf from Mr Quintessential, £125


Pantherella Camden Merino Wool sock, £13.50,, Astell & Kern AK70 mkii, £599,

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Exertis exclusive highlights


Last week, Exertis Unlimited and Little Red Rooster hosted the bi-annual Exertis Exclusive press event, showcasing a spectacular array of lifestyle and tech premiers in time for the Christmas holidays.


This season saw revolutionary gaming, lifestyle and travel tech launched in the stunning Oui 2 Rooms with guests from the world of interior design, tech and lifestyle. Here is Little Red Rooster’s round-up of the night’s highlights:


DROPMIX Music Mixing Game



DROPMIX became the life of the party with its cutting-edge technology that combines physical and digital play. The DROPMIX board played through the iPad app and the Jarre AeroBull Speaker as press battled out their mixes on Clash mode with everything from Ed Sheeran’s Sing to Franz Ferdinand’s Take Me Out.



Jarre AeroBull Chrome Speakers



As a homage to their popular bulldog speakers, Jarre Technologies displayed the newly released Limited Edition Chrome Gold AeroBull’s in HD1 and XS1. The speakers will be available only in Harrods to herald in the Chinese New Year of the Dog in a modern and luxurious fashion.


littleBits Droid Inventor Kit



Counting down to this year’s biggest blockbuster release, Star Wars Episode VIII, littleBits was building a momentum with their Droid Inventor Kits. The R2D2 bots performed adventures through the littleBits app with customisable stickers, getting everyone stuck in with littleBits uniquely creative approach to digital engineering.



Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm



Nanoleaf Aurora found its voice with the Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm. The lighting system which allows you to seamlessly control your smart home through your app and voice control, now connects to your music system streaming as light show as you play your favourite party mixes. We want to use ours to up the ante when we are Clashing it out on DROPMIX!




 Us Rooster’s love our tech and nothing makes us happier than keeping it stylish and practical. These suave keyboards from Brydge match up with your tablet to create a the laptop feel without the bulky weight on your back for when you’re on the go.



Astell & Kern



Last and in no way least was the stunning new flagship audio player from Astell & Kern. The A&Ultima SP1000 is the perfect gadget for audiophiles on the go. All the Rooster’s in the coop are writing really polite letters to Santa this year in hopes he leaves us a generous surprise under the tree.

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The Italian’s are here! Little Red Rooster launches Smeg’s global flagship store


Smeg, the Italian icon renowned for combing technology with style, has opened a luxury flagship store in the heart of central London on 14 Regent Street, St James’s. Last week the family-owned company and Little Red Rooster hosted a roaring party attended by over 150 media and famous faces to celebrate the landmark moment.



Launching on the eve of London Fashion Week and a few days before London Design Festival, it was no surprise that the brand’s joyously colourful SDA and fridge collaboration with Dolce&Gabbana took centre stage.


Big names from the world’s of fashion, interior design and music descended on the store to explore the impressive 6,000-square foot space. Attendees included fashion designer Alice Temperley MBE, BBC Radio 1 DJ Chris Stark, singer Tallia Storm, actor Christian Vit, TV presenter George Clarke and many, many more. Guests were also treated to a pizza making masterclass by Italian chef and restaurateur Gennaro Contaldo, as well as stunning performance from critically acclaimed flautist Andrea Griminelli.



The store is nestled in the heart of luxury brand territory alongside fashion powerhouses such as Burberry and Louis Vuitton. While most of the rest of the white goods industry is firmly entrenched on Wigmore Street, Smeg has decided to contradict what is expected of it as a kitchen appliance manufacturer and position itself in the redevelopment of St James’s Market.



The flagship three-storey immersive space boasts the largest single pane glass windows in London as well as seven-metre-high ceilings. Smeg’s ground floor is a sprawling retail space with a beautiful living wall and featuring the brand’s most famous and colourful products, while the first floor acts as a mezzanine level with design lounge and meeting space. Paying tribute to Smeg’s heritage, the basement floor contains an impressive theatre for cooking demonstrations, with tiered seating and of course Smeg’s incredible range of large domestic appliances: fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, hobs and range cookers


Guests at the launch party were able to sample rustic parmesan, mustard and balsamic jelly from Smeg’s family farm Montecoppe and wine from a nearby vineyard that Smeg has partnered with, all situated in the famous Emilia-Romagna region. The produce will be exclusively available to purchase from the recently opened store.



But don’t take our word for it, the Smeg flagship store is open to the public and the friendly staff will be on hand to help perfectly match you with your next kitchen appliance. There will also be a string of interior design talks, music performances and cookery classes in the run up to Christmas so please keep your eyes peeled for more exciting news from the iconic Italian brand. The Italians are here!

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Victoria + Albert Baths host exclusive trend forecasting event in association with Colour Hive


Last week, Victoria + Albert Baths hosted an event in partnership with the colour and trend experts behind Mix magazine – Colour Hive – at its London showroom in the Design Centre at Chelsea Harbour.



First up, what is Colour Hive? Colour Hive is a London based creative agency recognised internationally for its accurate colour and trend forecasting solutions for the design industry. Colour Hive forecasts its trend predictions well into the future rather than scouting for ideas already on the high street. It enables them to formulate the right trends at the right time, enabling companies to keep on track, streamline and create focused product ranges. The company publishes a magazine monthly, Mix Magazine, on the latest trends and colour forecasts and remains the only design magazine focused in this area.


In the last 5 years, trends predicted by the team have emerged in interiors, architecture, fashion and general every day products. These included ‘Burst’, ‘Beast’ and ‘Play’.


Colour Hive has identified four key trends for AW18/19. The four trends are Rapture, Beyond, Filter and Control. Rapture and Beyond were both used to create stunning lifestyle displays in the windows of the Victoria + Albert Baths Showroom (head down to the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre during London Design Week to check them out!)


According to Colour Hive, Rapture is about personal belief in an age of uncertainty. This trend is about finding meaning and delight in the natural world and having an interest in our natural roots. We will see an increase in both artsmanship and craftsmanship as a result. The Rapture palette has rich, earthy tones, grounded by the darker colours with an ochre and burnt orange adding warmth to the palette. Raw and untouched materials will be key alongside carefully crafted materials such as transformed fibres, carved woods and stitched and dyed textiles with a high level of care. The key colour here for AW18/19 will be pumpkin orange – which us roosters are very excited about!

Beyond is about recapturing sensory experiences though new eyes, becoming superhuman and leaving us more aware and in tune with our environment. The palette is extremely versatile with light pastels, bright neons and an earthy brown. We will see iridescent effects, moulded and embossed materials and anything evoking a sense of depth. Colour Hive predicts that the pale lilac within this trend will be 2018’s colour of the year so watch this space!


Filter focuses on the positive outcomes of the challenges our planet is facing. We will be turning the negatives of climate change and pollution into positives. Taking inspiration from mould, dust, smog etc leads to the creation of colourful visuals. The palette consists of a bright yellow, shades of brown, green, khaki, stone, tan and a vibrant red/orange to highlight.


Finally, Control looks for answered to some of the challenges we face in knowledge, skills and intelligence. We see an increase in evidence-based and expert research that we know we can trust. There is a synthetic feel to the colour palette here, with bright yellow, red, pink and a deep green and dark grey to maintain stability. A vital material will be gridded structures, bringing modularity and order to through fully engineered and planned design.


Six key colour groupings to look for in 2018, will include new neons and powdered pastels (much to the joy of our Nicole Marsden!), a green revival, default primaries, cool mist blues and enriched earthy tones.


To find out more about these predicted AW18/19 trends, please head to the Victoria + Albert Baths showroom, 3rd floor, North dome at the Chelsea Harbour Design Centre during London Design Week to speak to the experts themselves!

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Best in show: Maison et Objet, September 2017


Paris’s Maison et Objet design fair is a global showcase for emerging and renowned homeware brands.


Held twice a year, the September edition is the little sister to the main show in January but still holds its own in terms of setting trends and showcasing new talent. Here’s Nicole and Vic’s Little Red Rooster’s round up of the best in show.


Tom Dixon gets scientific


British designer Tom Dixon, famed for his lighting collection, moves into the kitchen and dining room with the launch of a range of laboratory-style glassware, designed to make the process of preparing hot drinks look like alchemy. Dixon unveiled the Bump collection for the first time at Masion&Objet. Designed to showcase the process of boiling, steaming and pouring liquid, the collection is based on the types of glassware used in laboratories.
However Dixon wanted to put his own playful spin on these archetypal forms, creating double-skinned designs in shades of grey and pink.


Tasty Seletti


The Seletti brand is always guaranteed to delight and they did not disappoint.


A sofa shaped like a hot dog and a burger-like chair were among Studio Job’s latest designs for Italian brand. The food-themed pieces were part of Studio Job’s Un_Limited Editions collection for Seletti which were launched at the show.


As with actual hot dogs and burgers – described by Seletti as “iconic images of American pop culture” – the sofa and chair are each made up of a number of components. The Hamburger chair features a bun-like seat, with cushions designed to look like a patty, a tomato and a gherkin.The Hot Dog chair has much the same – but in place of the circular patty cushion is a long sausage embroidered with a squiggly yellow pattern to look like mustard.


Both pieces mark Seletti’s first foray into upholstered furniture.


Brilliant Bussoga

Here at Little Red Rooster we love discovering emerging talent and our pick of the bunch from the event has to be Josef Bussoga’s stand out kitchen tile designs.


Bussoga’s debut collection features a range of striking designs from mustard yellow and teal day of the dead motifs through to evocative bikini prints that look as though they were inspired by Lucie Bennett’s iconic line drawings.


Sadly this Spanish brand has not yet arrived on our shores but we hope they make it across the channel sharpish!


The fantastical world of Rory Dobner


Delving into the wonderful world of Rory Dobner is always a magical experience. We’ve been a fan of the brand’s witty, whimsical and deeply British designs for aeons. It’s no surpise then that when our girls passed by the stand it was utterley jam-packed with the world’s best buyers eager to check out the newest products. Stand-by for exciting news regarding LRR and Rory Dobner soon!


Stoned Marble


Our Vic has been a huge fan of Dutch brand Stoned for a while – it’s not to do with the name, honest guv’. At this years’ Maison the team launched a brand new collection of pink marble products including candle sticks, coasters, chopping boards, mugs, vases, bowls and marble rocks.


The marble is of Turkish origin and is sourced from the Aegean Coast and the Turkish countryside. Every piece is unique and durable developing a wonderful character with age. They cut and polish the marble  in their workshop in Amsterdam creating unique designs like side tables, boxes, bowls, book ends and trays.





Finally you know us Rooster’s cant beat a bit of tech so it as naural we j’adored the Beatnik Chair created by Donar and on display at the Slovenian Design stand. Featuring incredible immersive sound through the design of a cocoon like chair it’s top of our luxury lust list.





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The best in back-to-school stylish essentials


Even though it feels like summer never really got going, September has certainly arrived and that dreaded back-to-school feeling has returned, even if we graduated long ago.


Like the masses, you probably weren’t prepared (we assuredly weren’t!) but have no fear! We have you covered with the best in quality back-to-school stylish essentials for the whole family, from the kitchen to the classroom.

The great breakfast rush has never looked so stylish with the iconic matching kettle and toaster from superior kitchen appliance brand Smeg. A perfect mix of retro and contemporary design, these fundamental kitchen staples will add a dazzling touch of nostalgia to any kitchen. The stainless-steel kettle has a large 1.7 litre capacity, enough to cater for up to 6 cups of drink – ideal for a larger family or shared student home. The 4-slice toaster has results so good, you’ll want to toast every morning, and the robust quality build means there will be no more worries about under cooked or burnt toast.


SMEG KLF11RDUK Kettle & TSF02 4-Slice 2-Slot Toaster, £109.99 & 139.95,


British leather accessories designer Greenwich has unveiled another exquisite addition to it’s portfolio of beautifully made, luxury leather accessories. The HORNBY laptop case is fashioned from the finest German bull hide leather, the same leather that can be found on the interior of a Bentley. The case consists of three full leather card slot compartments, so business cards and documents can all be kept securely together. The interior boasts an Alcantara suede-feel material with a high-end aesthetic. Finished with an understated gold-zip, the HORNBY embodies understated luxury and suave office style.


Greenwich HORNBY Laptop Sleeve, £359,


Add some pizzazz to your pencil case this September with Ted’s charming stationary collection. The delightfully exquisite selection features divine studded brogue A5 notebooks lined with a citrus bloom print and a selection of sleek premium ball-point and fountain pens in stunning chrome and matte effect. The quality design promises to stand the test of time and user-ship, meaning these treasured tools are reliable for everyday use, ready for inspiration to strike at any time.


Ted Baker Stationery, prices start from £14.95,

The American super-brand has been producing locks for over 90 years and the founder of the company even helped escape artist Harry Houdini devise his notorious performances. The Master Lock U-Lock features a 10x4cm wide hardened steel body for maximum strength and reliability, yet only weighs 1.3kg. The 16mm diameter double locking shackle is 27cm long, octagonal shape and made of hardened steel, offering maximum resistance to prying, cutting and sawing. The disc key cylinder prevents picking. The Limited Lifetime Warranty provides peace of mind from a brand you can trust.


Master Lock Criterion Bike Lock, £63,



Pioneer of rimless eye-wear, Silhouette, has launched a stunning collection of unisex full-rim frames, perfect for the ever popular geek-chic look. Each frame is crafted with Silhouette’s unique SPX material and is blended with the brands minimalist mix of titanium, which gives the frames a beautifully sleek look, while remaining extraordinarily hard-wearing and flexible. Available in an array of gentle colours including brown, crystal and magenta, each pair can also be fully customised with brand new colour accents including rose gold and brass to suit your personal style.


Silhouette Dynamics Colourwave Fullrim, prices start from £190,



Amp up your study session and experience Bang & Olufsen’s signature sound with the simple, stylish and exceptionally comfortable H4 wireless headphones from B&O PLAY. Available in four plush neutral tones and crafted with premium materials including lambskin leather and stainless steel, these headphones have up to 19 hours of battery life and use Bluetooth for uncompromising wireless sound – perfect for when you are on the go. You can also enhance your B&O experience with the free App.


B&O PLAY H4 Wireless Headphones, £249,



The dinky desktop speakers that pack a powerful punch; Ruark Audio’s MR1 Mk2 speakers have been designed for both hifi fans and design aficionados alike. Thanks to a new Soft Grey finish and British-sourced fabric grille, Ruark Audio’s next-generation speakers look better than ever before, and thanks to Ruark’s thirty-year audio heritage, sound incredible too. The MR1s make a brilliant sound system for TVs, but in particular they are the perfect partner for the recent resurgence of turntables – making you the most popular guest during Fresher’s Week.


Ruark Audio MR1 Mk2 Speakers, £329,

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Millennial Pink – the colour that refuses to fade


What is Millennial Pink? Well we aren’t really sure, but we know it’s our new obsession! Quoted by the Guardian as ‘sort of a grapefruit shade of apricotty salmon’, Millennial Pink can be several sweet shades of Instagram-worthy pale pink. Some say it originated with Wes Anderson’s movie The Grand Budapest Hotel, others say it’s Pantone’s Pale Dogwood. Whatever it is, it’s here to stay, from Ted Baker’s delicious AW17 handbag essentials to the stylish statement shades from Arthur Arbesser for Silhouette eyewear, here’s how you can get a slice of the timeless candy colour.


Manicure Set £35, Glass Water Bottle £22, Lunch Stack £26, all available from

Silhouette Arthur Arbesser sunglasses £250, Pantherella Poppy socks £11, Ted Baker SHANNON mirror folio case £34.95

Beoplay S3 speaker £268, Smeg citrus juicer £109.95, Ted Baker ballpoint pen £40 & brogue notebook £13


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